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The AeroPress coffee maker is a one of a kind unique product that is definitely the most convenient way to make a QUALITY cup of coffee.

This is not a cafetiere nor is it a stove top coffee maker. There is no plug and no electricity required yet it will take you about 60 seconds from start to finish to produce a beverage that will induce a reaction every time you take a sip from your cup.

This coffee maker has revolutionised the coffee industry since it was invented in 2005 by an American called Alan Adler.

The vast majority of people make a single cup of coffee 90% of the time. There are of course times when you will want to brew a pot and for that there are plenty of options but most of the time you settle for second best with a cup of instant because it’s just too much hassle to do anything else.

Even worse than that you might go to a coffee shop and spend £3 on an Americano or a Latte because you just want to have one decent cup of coffee.

With the AeroPress coffee maker you can now brew yourself a single cup of coffee in the same amount of time that it takes you to make a cup of instant coffee but you now get to enjoy coffee shop quality any time of the day for a fraction of the price (about 90% cheaper) of a coffee shop.

It has literally taken the world by storm and is sold in more than 60 countries across the world.

It has the highest possible level of customer satisfaction that we have ever seen and it’s very easy to see why. This coffee maker makes a great cup of coffee at low cost in 60 seconds.

It is extremely simple to use and takes just a few seconds to rinse under the tap before its ready for use again.

It is super easy to use as well. Here are the exact steps you need to take to make a great cup of coffee with the AeroPress and some extra tips to get the very best out of it:

  • Add a filter to the base and attach to the base – 5 seconds
  • Sit the base on top of your coffee mug – 2 seconds
  • Add Coffee – 1 scoop is perfect (the scoop is supplied with the AeroPress or you can just use 1 heaped tablespoon). Use coarsely ground coffee as this will give you a better flavour than very finely ground coffee that is best for espresso. The best way to do this is to grind your own from whole beans. This is much easier and cheaper than you think. Here are some cheap blade coffee grinders for you to check out. – 20 seconds
  • Once the coffee is added give it a bit of a shake to make sure that the coffee is evenly distributed across the base of the AeroPress as this will ensure that the water passes evenly through the coffee. – 2 seconds
  • Add water. The number of cups indicator is a little on the low side so add water up to around the 1.5 mark for one cup/mug. If you want 2 cups then add 2 scoops of coffee before adding water to the 3 cup mark. – 10 seconds
  • Stir the coffee (stirrer provided) to get the coffee mixing well with the water – 10 seconds
  • Insert the plunger and apply light pressure until the plunger has pushed all of the water into the mug – 20 seconds


To clean you just unscrew the base and pop the filter and used coffee puck into the bin. Rinse the AeroPress under the tap and you are good to go again.

You will need to buy some filters and you have two choices here. Paper Filters or a mesh filter. Paper filters need to be discarded after each use and are best bought in a pack of 700 that will probably last you for a year and work out at less than 2p per filter. Here is the 700 pack of AeroPress filters

If you prefer to use a permanent filter then here is an AeroPress mesh filter that can be reused over and over again.

The above instructions are the standard way to make a coffee using the AeroPress coffee machine but another very popular way is called the “Inverted Method”. It’s also very simple. Just turn the AeroPress upside down with the plunger already inserted and follow the exact same steps – add coffee and water, then you screw on the base and flip it over to plunge.

Whether you use the standard or inverted method the result will be a richly flavoured coffee that does not have the bitterness that can be associated with other coffee brewing methods like filter coffee machines that take a lot longer.

The coffee you are left with is going to be concentrated and not dissimilar in strength to an Espresso so if that’s how you like then it is ready to drink.

If an Americano is your drink of choice then there is nothing on the market with this level of convenience and at this price that will do a better job. Just add water. It will also work very well with milk and sugar added to taste.

One of the best things about the AeroPress is that it is made of plastic which makes it perfect for travelling. It comes with a bag that you can store it in and the accessories it comes with make it really easy to bring with you wherever you go.

It’s particularly good if you work in an office. It’s about the height of a standard ruler at 28cm tall and 13cm in diameter so its going to fit fine into a drawer or a bag for transportation without taking up too much space.

In our opinion, the AeroPress coffee maker is the quickest and easiest way to make a great tasting cup of coffee without any hassle or any plugs. Its made of sturdy, strong plastic so won’t be breaking any time soon and will certainly last for years rather than months.

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