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These are the 9 best value for money coffee cups and glasses available in the UK today.

A combination of design, ease of use, price and originality are the criteria we used to narrow it down to the best of the best.

We have included 3 of the very best reusable coffee cups including a phenomenal collapsible reusable coffee cup that is stunning value for money.

There are 4 double-walled coffee glasses that look amazing and are sure to be the topic of conversation every time you make someone a coffee with them but they won’t break the bank either.

For everyday use, there is a set of six Latte and Cappuccino glasses that are super cheap and ridiculous value for money so we just could not leave them out.

Finally, there is a great little espresso glass perfect for getting your coffee measuring just right and it can double up as a standard shot glass as well for when you want to go for something a little stronger and it also works brilliantly as a gift.

All of these coffee cups and glasses combine perfectly as a treat for yourself or as a gift idea for any coffee lover.

The Best Reusable Coffee Cup

The Best Reusable Coffee Cup

This is the Rolls-Royce of reusable coffee cups but you can buy it for the price of a mini. This cup does everything that you could possibly want and more. Some of the features are:

  • Keeps your coffee at the same temperature you poured it in at for at least 5 hours
  • Cylindrical, modern design that is easy to grip with one hand
  • Available in 5 stylish colours
  • 450ml high capacity container
  • One-touch operation & access
  • 100% leakproof

If you are fed up with your coffee getting cold by the time you buy it and get to work then this reusable cup will solve that problem. It will hold enough liquid to accommodate a large latte and it will be as hot as the second it was made when you get to work even it takes you a few hours to get there.

If you prefer to make your coffee at home and then perhaps drink it in the car but you normally the coffee splashes all over the place and it’s hard to drink without spilling. Not anymore. Drink from this cup without even taking your eyes off the road for a second. Press the button on top to release the lid and drink from any angle – one-handed.

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Reusable Coffee Cup Thermal Insulated Non-Leak 

Reusable Coffee Cup Thermal Insulated Non-Leak 

This cup has many of the same features as our other cup above but comes in a slightly different design, costs a bit less and will actually hold slightly more liquid. Sometimes these things come down to personal preference and it just depends what you works best for you so that you can do a personal comparison of the best thermal cups out there.

Some of the best things about this reusable cup are:

  • Really cool design available in 6 different colours
  • Very Durable and sturdy. It will not break if dropped
  • Totally leakproof. You can turn it upside down in your bag and it will not leak
  • Thermally insulated so will keep the drinks hot (or cold for hours)
  • Just 23cm tall but will hold 480ml of liquid which is enough for the tallest of Latte’s
  • One button lid release

This cup is packed with some great features that you would normally only find other much more expensive products which makes this tremendous value for money.

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The Best Reusable Collapsible Coffee Cup

The Best Reusable Collapsible Coffee Cup

If a standard reusable cup feels like it might be too big for you then the solution is to go for one that folds down when not in use. This brilliantly designed cup folds down so that it will fit into your pocket when there is no liquid inside and you can also use it in multiple different heights depending on your drink of choice.

Here are some of the things you get with this cup:

  • Folds down to just 6.5cm when not in use
  • Strong and durable silicone construction
  • Risk-free money-back guarantee

This is a very versatile cup at a great price.

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Best Cheap Latte & Cappuccino Glasses

Best Cheap Latte & Cappuccino Glasses

Sometimes you are just looking for something that is cheap that works. If you live in a bustling home that loves coffee then these everyday budget latte glasses will do the trick.

  • Look good
  • Hold 385ml of coffee
  • No disaster if one breaks!
  • Super cheap

These are excellent bog-standard latte glasses that look like they are worth more than the very competitive price they sell for.

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Bodum Double Walled Thermo Coffee Glasses

Bodum Double Walled Thermo Coffee Glasses

Bodum is known for their expertise in coffee products albeit more in the cafetiere realm than glasses but these are beautifully designed glasses from a trusted brand. They are a bit special but won’t break the bank

  • Each glass is blown manually by mouth
  • Double-walled stunning design
  • Thermo insulated keeps drinks hotter for longer
  • Available in multiple different sizes

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Delonghi Doubled Walled Cappuccino Glasses

Delonghi Doubled Walled Cappuccino Glasses

Delonghi is the market leader in coffee machines so they certainly know a thing or two about their market and these glasses fully compliment their brand reputation. A wonderful design that will enhance your coffee drinking experience everytime you get them out.

  • Maximum capacity 190ml. great for cappuccino
  • Double-walled keeps drinks hot
  • The base will stay cool so no need to worry about ring marks on tables

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Double Walled Floating Coffee Glasses

Double Walled Floating Coffee Glasses

These glasses are also double-walled but they are a little bit special because they have a more unusual design for the inner layer that creates a floating illusion for the coffee inside. These are a bit of a show stopper and will always be the topic of conversation when anyone comes over for coffee.

  • Unique design
  • 200ml capacity
  • “Floating” liquid inner layer

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Judge Double Walled Latte Glasses

Judge Double Walled Latte Glasses

If you want something a bit more substantial with handles these Judge double-walled glasses will fit the bill. A lovely curved design with thick walls and a meaty handle give these a mug like feel but in delicate glass form.

  • 275ml capacity. Good size for latte
  • 2 walls of glass will keep drinks hot
  • Great as a gift for coffee lovers

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Espresso Shot Glass

Espresso Shot Glass

We finish with a fun yet very practical espresso shot glass that is perfect if you want to get your shot size just right or works great a gift. Measure lines show you the perfect quantity of coffee for each drink type

  • Measure lines for ristretto, single espresso and a double espresso
  • Great as a gift
  • Doubles up as a standard shot glass

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These are our favourite coffee glasses. We hope we have helped you to find your favourite as well.

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