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This is the perfect gift for any coffee lover or for yourself if you would like to nurture a plant and harvest your own coffee beans.

Anyone that loves their coffee may already have all the gadgets they need to make a great cup of coffee like a tamper and a thermometer and a milk pitcher and of course a good coffee machine but you can be pretty sure that they will not have a coffee plant.

Although this is a bit of a novelty item in respect of growing coffee it is a fabulous high quality indoor plant that will benefit any area of your home that needs brightening up a bit.

Its definitely a coffee plant and it certainly has the potential to produce coffee beans but you will need to nurture it and be patient as well because it can take 3-5 years to produce some beans and that’s if you look after it well and take care of it.

You can expect this plant to be very well packaged, well watered and in perfect condition when it arrives with lovely deep green leaves ready to go straight into a pot of your choice. It’s a relatively young plant but you can expect it  to be around 5-7 inches tall when it arrives.

How to grow a coffee plant

You don’t have to grow this plant to the point where it flowers and starts to grown the coffee cherries that contain the coffee beans, you can just keep it as it is and prune it every couple of months. If you look after it well you will get many happy years from this plant but you won’t get any coffee out of it if pruned on a regular basis.

However, if you like a challenge and you want to see if you really can grow your own coffee then by following these guidelines you will give yourself the best possible chance of producing some beans that can be roasted and turned into a cup of coffee.

Keep the plant in a bright room but not in direct sunlight because they like the light but not sunlight all of the time.

They don’t mind variations in temperature but will not survive in temperatures below freezing so don’t keep it on the windowsill where it could be subjected to cold drafts.

The Spring and Summer months are when you can expect the most growth and you can add some light fertiliser to help it achieve its maximum growth potential.

Also keep the soil moist but not wet. Watering once or twice a week will be fine.

Keep an eye on the height that it is growing to and repot it after a year and then after 2 years into a bigger pot to help facilitate its growth.

This is the part we like the best. If looked after correctly you can expect your coffee plant to grow to 6 feet tall after a few years. At this point just keep looking after it and keep your fingers crossed because this is the point where you can expect to see it growing some of those lovely coffee cherries that have coffee beans inside.

If you can’t wait 3-5 years for your coffee plant to produce some beans then we can recommend a selection of great coffee beans that are available immediately!

This plant is from the Arabica variety which is the most popular kind of coffee plant closely followed by Robusta. Arabica coffee beans are used by some of the largest coffee brands such as Lavazza so if you do end up harvesting some beans from your plant you know they are going to be a good variety.

If you normally drink instant coffee then you will almost certainly be drinking freeze dried Robusta because it is cheaper and generally speaking anyone that drinks instant coffee is not that bothered by flavour.

Robusta beans are also higher in caffeine and caffeine has a bitter taste so the higher the caffeine content the more bitter tasting your coffee will be. Always look for Arabica beans over Robusta because the flavour is significantly better.

You are going to be getting a sweet, zesty and fruity flavour with Arabica but Robusta is more Earthy and bitter.

Many people have already purchased this plant and have commented on how well packaged and how healthy it looks.

Whether or not you actually end up getting any coffee out of this plant will depend on how well you look after and nurture it but either way it’s a great gift for any coffee lover and at worst will brighten up any room with its lovely deep green colour.


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