DeLonghi Eletta Bean To Cup Coffee Machine ECAM44.620.S





Design 10/10

This semi automatic bean to cup coffee machine is a step up from Delonghi’s entry level Magnifica range.

From a design perspective it’s a very classy looking machine finished in a combination of black and stainless steel.

We would describe the black as a kind of highly polished “piano” black making it very pleasing to the eye and also cleverly done to make it easy to keep clean with a simple wipe over with a cloth.

The stainless steel elements of the design work perfectly with the black and would compliment any kitchen.

The clean lines and modern feel make this coffee machine an attractive addition to any home

This is a stylish, modern, contemporary designed coffee machine with clean lines which would look good on any worktop surface.

At 36cm tall , 46cm wide and just 26cm deep this is a compact machine that will fit on even the narrowest of work surfaces.

Functionality 10/10

Coffee from this machine is produced using an electronic digital display. Although very simple to use you need to make sure that you are comfortable using this kind of device versus a manual device such as the DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM4200

Before we get into the detail it is worth mentioning a neat little function that speeds up the process of making a coffee when you have the least amount of time (such as first thing in the morning).

All you need to do is enable the “Auto-start” function once for your desired start time and then the machine will be ready for immediate use. This will save a couple of minutes over the normal time that it takes for the machine to fire up if you turn it on manually.

One of the complaints we hear often with various different coffee machines is that the temperature of the coffee is often not hot enough. You wont have that problem with this device as the drink temperature is customisable with 4 different temperature settings. Enough to cater for any palette.

The control panel on the front of the coffee machine is clear, simple, and straightforward.

An interesting function allows you to see how many coffees have been produced in total which over time will enable you to realise the excellent value for money of owning this coffee machine versus spending £3 a day in your local coffee shop.

It won’t take long before you have recovered the purchase price of this machine and some.

No matter how you like your coffee this machine has you covered. One button on the front of the control panel allows you to choose from Extra mild, Mild, Standard, Strong or Extra strong. Dependant on your selection this will grind the appropriate amount of coffee ready for the water to be delivered.

You then have 5 different options to choose from in respect of the amount of water that is delivered. Short, standard , long or extra long. One of those should work for most people but there is also a “my coffee” option which allows you to choose exactly the amount of water you want with every coffee if none of the defaults work for you. Delonghi have got everyone covered here.

Once you have had a play around with the strength and water delivery settings you will soon have found what works for you no matter whether you like a strong espresso or a long weak Americano.

That’s how you set it up for any black coffee drink but what if you want a Cappuccino?

The steam wand on the front of this machine is powerful and effective ensuring you can achieve just the right consistency of milk for the perfect Latte or Cappuccino.

It is personal preference as to whether you want to froth the milk yourself. This machine has a steam wand for manual frothing but if you want to go for a fully automatic one touch coffee then the Delonghi Eletta ECAM 44.660.B also comes with a milk carafe which requires zero effort for coffee preperation.

The machine will also warn you if water runs out or you need to empty the used coffee grounds.

Ease of use 10/10

The DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM.44.620.S is all about one touch.

Once you have the coffee strength and water delivery pre-set as you like it (as detailed above) all you need to do is press one button for the coffee of your choice. It really is that simple.

For that reason it gets a 10 for ease of use. It could not be easier.

You can even change the coarseness of the coffee grind if you wish by changing the dial in the hopper that contains the coffee beans. The finer the coffee the more intense the drink.

From a maintenance perspective there are not many parts that require cleaning but looking after your coffee machine will ensure the quality of coffee is maintained and ensure you get the maximum life from the machine.

Clean the water container at least once a month and replace the water filter once every couple of months.

Descaling is very important no matter how hard or soft the water is in your area so be sure to set the water hardness level when you first take delivery of the coffee machine as this will determine how often you are alerted to descale.

Quality of coffee 10/10

The quality of coffee is directly linked to how good the coffee beans are that you put into the machine. Not all coffee is the same!

Whatever suits your taste best you can be assured that this coffee machine will deliver a high quality cup of coffee to compare to any coffee shop.

Value For Money 9.5/10

This is one of the most highly rated coffee machines we have reviewed.

For a pre programmable digital display bean to cup coffee machine that delivers every possible drink imaginable to a high standard it is difficult to fault.

You will be very hard pressed to find a better machine for the money.

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