Dolce Gusto Compatible Coffee Pods Review

  • By: Scott
  • Date: May 17, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.


These Dolce Gusto compatible coffee pods taste better than the original ones and cost about 1/3 less. What’s not to like?

These compatible pods come in a pack of 96 which contains 48 servings of Latte:

• 48 x coffee pods
• 48 x milk pods

If you have already invested in a Dolce Gusto coffee machine then you will have quickly discovered that although the machine was a good buy and relatively inexpensive the cost of the pods can prove to be pretty expensive especially if you are drinking multiple coffees every day.

If your drink of choice is a cappuccino or latte then the cost can rise dramatically because you need to use a milk pod as well as a coffee pod and if you have three of those a day then the daily price can rise to the price of a latte in a coffee shop on the high street!

Dolce Gusto is owned by Nescafe so it is easy to get fooled into thinking that you are getting a high-quality coffee for the price they charge for the original pods but unfortunately this is not the case.

What you are paying for mostly is convenience and also a bit towards the cost of the machine because you paid out so little for it in the first place.

Convenience is definitely a significant benefit – pop in a pod, shift the lever to one side and in under a minute your coffee is delivered. But is it worth paying the prices that they are asking?

The answer is probably not and there is no reason why you should not put them to the test. You certainly do not have to use the original Dolce Gusto pods and there are plenty of alternatives out there for you to try.

When you buy the originals, to a certain extent you are paying for the brand and the marketing that goes behind it so you pay a bit more than the fair price.

The companies that manufacture the compatible replacement pods do not have the marketing costs to build into the price of the pods so they can pass that saving on to you.

You do however need to be careful that you don’t buy the super cheap ones because then the quality of the coffee is lower and there is no benefit – you are just paying less for something that is not as good.

You can strike the balance you are looking for by buying a pod that represents a decent saving on the originals but not so much that you get a poor quality product.

These pods have been reviewed by many happy customers already with the vast majority commenting that the flavour is actually better than the Dolce Gusto original capsules.

A good way to try these out is to do a blind tasting. You will be amazed by how you judge something when you know what it is – you automatically think that it is better.

Get someone else to make 2 coffee’s – one with these pods and one with the Dolce Gusto pods and then taste them both without knowing which is which.

We are pretty sure that you will not think that either is bad and you could easily pick out these compatibles as being better than the originals.

A really good tip for making coffee with a Dolce Gusto machine is to consider ditching the milk capsules and use fresh milk instead and add that to an espresso to create your own cappuccino or latte.

You get two benefits from doing that – It is cheaper than using a capsule and it also tastes better as well.

If you are looking for the same convenience that you get with a coffee pod for your milk the best option is to get a milk frother. You can choose from manual or electric and it is better because the capsules use powdered milk that have zero taste compared to fresh milk.

If you have never tried compatible pods before or you just fancy trying something different we think you will be pleasantly surprised by how good these are.

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