Doubled Walled Coffee Glasses x 4 – Unusual Design





Rink Drink x4 220ml Double Walled Glass Tea Coffee Cup Set – Double Wall Insulated Latte Glasses
  • Tempered Glass Construction – Incredible thermal shock resistance; won’t crack under extreme changes in temperature

There are coffee glasses and there are coffee glasses. These will delight and excite and titillate your senses.

When you drink from these glasses it will enhance the overall experience and pleasure that you get from drinking coffee into an event that you will savour each and every time.

If you want to drink your coffee from a glass that looks the absolute business then you will not be disappointed with these.

It’s unlikely you will have seen anything quite like these before as they are a combination of double-walled thermal designed in a certain way to make it look like the liquid inside is suspended and floating within the inner wall of the glass.

Double-walled glasses on their own are lovely but what makes these particularly unusual is that the design creates an illusion of 2 glasses in 1.

Boasting a very modern design for the outer wall it gets even more interesting as you get to the inner wall that holds the liquid.

These are guaranteed to become the topic of conversation as soon as you put these in front of any guest and if you are not careful they may even be talked about more than the coffee itself!

Made from high-quality borosilicate glass they will not break or crack when exposed to quick changes in temperature and are certainly more resilient than ordinary cheap glass but do not come at the high price you may expect for a product of this quality.

One of the main benefits you get from double-walled glasses is that they will retain heat for a lot longer than normal glasses due to the thermal effect that is generated from the outer wall to the inner wall.

So if you like to take your time when you drink your coffee but often find that it gets cold before you finish then these double-walled coffee glasses are definitely the way to go.

Worried about the marks that hot liquid in glasses can make on your expensive furniture? Not with these glasses. Cool to the touch even with boiling water inside you can put them straight down onto any table because the liquid in the inner wall is far enough away for the heat to get anywhere near the edge of the outer wall so no table mats required.

If you already have a good coffee machine or you know someone that does and you want to add some glasses to match the machine then these will make a perfect gift or why not treat yourself to something that will bring a little bit of pleasure every time you make yourself a coffee.

Each glass will hold around 200ml of liquid which is perfect for a double espresso or a cappuccino.

If you prefer a latte then you can take a look at these Judge double walled glasses that hold 275ml

These are dishwasher safe but we would recommend hand washing as it’s not worth risking damaging something as beautiful as these in the dishwasher. A quick rinse out with some soapy water is all it will take.

They are 9cm tall and the compact design will easily double stack in most cupboards.

You would normally expect the price of these to mean you should only use them for best but they are surprisingly good value for money and sell at a price point that makes it more than realistic for them to be used every day.

Perfect as a treat for yourself or a gift for any coffee lover.

Rink Drink x4 220ml Double Walled Glass Tea Coffee Cup Set – Double Wall Insulated Latte Glasses
  • Tempered Glass Construction – Incredible thermal shock resistance; won’t crack under extreme changes in temperature



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