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White Lined Espresso Shot Glass Measure for Coffee Espresso Machines – 85ml – by EDESIA ESPRESS
  • Lined espresso shot glass for measuring coffee volume. With a total capacity of 85ml you can extract a double shot and still have enough space for the crema

If you know a coffee lover that has everything then this espresso shot glass is an excellent low-cost gift to take their espresso creation skills to the next level.

The most popular coffee machines at the moment are fully automatic bean to cup coffee machines and they do not always deliver espresso in the correct volume for the perfect espresso.

When the coffee is delivered into your cup you have no idea if you are getting the correct amount or not.

This shot glass will allow you to measure the exact amount of coffee and whether you need to adjust the settings on your coffee machine in order to get the coffee delivery just right.

Latte is one of the most popular coffee drinks that is often made in a glass which is too tall to fit underneath the coffee delivery outlet in a lot of coffee machines so you need a short glass for the coffee to go into initially and then the espresso gets poured into the larger Latte glass.

The perfect single espresso contains 30ml of coffee and a double espresso 60ml of coffee. A lot of the default settings on coffee machines will commonly deliver 40ml for a single and 80ml for a double and that’s the expensive ones that have a pre-programmed default.

There are 4 lines on this glass that allow you to keep an eye on the volume of coffee being delivered with 2 of them being the important ones that you will want to use – the 30ml line for a single espresso and the 60ml line for a double.

The total capacity is 85ml which will allow for a generous crema to top the perfect double espresso.

Cheap espresso machines require you to start the coffee delivery by pressing a button and then stop it manually when you are happy that you have the right amount of coffee in your glass or cup but you can’t know if you have the right amount of not if you don’t measure the volume of coffee.

With this espresso shot glass, you can stop the flow of water when the coffee gets to the 60ml line ensuring a great espresso every time.

It will also allow you to take it to the next level as well because not only do you need to have 60ml of coffee for a great espresso but if you want to get a perfect espresso then you need to get 60ml in 25-30 seconds.

If you can achieve that then you will get a flavour from your coffee that you never even knew existed because any over or under extraction will be eliminated as will any bitter or sour flavour and you will be left with a beautiful strong, smooth and delicious espresso.

Who knew you could get so much from an espresso measuring glass! It also weighs 300g which feels strong, sturdy and durable in your hand.

If your double espresso is being delivered in less than 25 seconds then it will be bitter and watery so you need to add more coffee and/or tamp it down and compress it so it takes the water a little longer to pass through the coffee and gives you a fuller flavour.

If it takes longer than 30 seconds then you have too much coffee or it’s tamped down too hard making it difficult for the water to pass through and you will end up with a sour flavour.

A little bit of practice with the coffee amount, grind size and tamp pressure combined with this espresso shot measuring glass and you will be creating espresso like a professional barista in no time.

Whether its to help you get your coffee just right or for it’s for someone else, this works brilliantly as a coffee gift at any time of the year.

White Lined Espresso Shot Glass Measure for Coffee Espresso Machines – 85ml – by EDESIA ESPRESS
  • Lined espresso shot glass for measuring coffee volume. With a total capacity of 85ml you can extract a double shot and still have enough space for the crema


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