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The single most important thing that makes up the flavour of your coffee is the quality of the coffee beans. These single-origin beans are a high-quality coffee bean that is far better than anything you will find in any of the high street coffee chains.

Probably the most impressive thing about these coffee beans is that they are hand roasted to order.

To find a supplier of high-quality coffee beans that will wait until your order is received before they roast them and then get them out to you within a few days is very rare but that is what you are getting here.

This company is so passionate about providing you with the best possible coffee for the price, they add significant costs to their business in order to provide you with the best coffee experience.

Someone will literally roast your beans on the day they get your order which will enable you to enjoy them almost immediately after roasting.

You cannot underestimate how much freshly roasted coffee beans affect the flavour of the coffee. You should always try and get beans that have been roasted no more than about 1 month ago and also look for the produced on or roasting date on the packaging.

You will almost never find a roasting date on any coffee beans that you can buy in the supermarket unless you go to Waitrose or M & S. Most bags of beans have a use-by date of 1 year or more from the date you are shopping. There is of course nothing wrong with them but in comparison to these beans, they are worlds apart.

These coffee beans may look expensive but how important is it for you to thoroughly enjoy your coffee rather than just go through the motions each day to get a caffeine fix?

If you want drinking coffee to be an experience then you can argue that these beans are not expensive at all. They may be twice as expensive as some of the mainstream coffee bean brands like Lavazza or Taylors of Harrogate but they are simply not comparable and you WILL notice it in the flavour.

People do not think twice about spending £3 or more for a very average cup of coffee in Starbucks or Caffe Nero but may be a little reluctant to spend more than £4 for 250g of coffee beans in the supermarket.

500g of these beans will make approximately 50 cups of coffee so you paying a fraction of what you would pay in a coffee shop for something that is 10 times better which makes these beans great value for money.

Good life will grind them for you to the correct level of fineness according to the type of coffee machine you use but we would recommend buying the whole beans because coffee starts to lose its freshness the minute that it gets ground which is why the coffee shops will always grind your beans just before the coffee is made.

There is an awful lot to like about these beans. They are 100% Arabica which is by far the better bean compared to Robusta and they are produced organically meaning no chemicals and no synthetic fertilisers are used as part of the growing process.

The processing mills are Rainforest Alliance certified meaning that they meet very specific standards for sustainability, the environment and more.

The only downside of buying a coffee as good as this is that it is going to be very difficult to go back to whatever you were drinking before because this is definitely going to be better – much better.


These are a medium roast single-origin Costa Rican bean. Most coffee beans will be a blend from a number of different countries but it makes a difference to know that these beans come specifically from Finca La Pira in Costa Rica.

Body & Aroma

A wonderful fruity, fragrant aroma makes it hard not to take in a whiff every time you are in the vicinity!


This is a medium intensity coffee made to savour and enjoy without overpowering


Suitable for all coffee machines – just make sure you grind them according to the type of coffee machine that you are using. A coarse grind is best for cafetière and a much finer grind for espresso.

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