How To Refill Tassimo Coffee Pods




How To Refill Tassimo Coffee Pods

Coffee is an amazing drink that many of us cannot live without. It can make you feel comforted or even make you feel alive and ready for the day. 

With so many people drinking coffee often, it makes sense that coffee machines continue to develop so we can get our daily dose of coffee with ease. 

Tassimo coffee systems are just one of the examples of how coffee machines have developed. Tassimo machines work by using coffee pods into them like many other coffee machines do. 

There is one thing many customers of Tassimo coffee machines want to know how to do, and that is to refill the coffee pods.

Those of us who have owned coffee machines are very aware of how expensive coffee pods can get. This is especially true when you try to buy the newly released coffee pods. 

So to help you out, we have created a guide on how to refill Tassimo coffee pods. We are going to walk you through each step of the process, so you can save money and enjoy your Tassimo coffee machine. 

What Are Tassimo Coffee Pods?

Tassimo coffee pods are the pods that are specially designed to work with Tassimo coffee machines. 

Tassimo is a company that has been designing coffee machines for quite some time. The first Tassimo coffee machine was introduced in France in 2004.

The coffee machines were originally developed by Kraft Foods but in 2008 it was announced that the Tassimo machines would now be developed by Bosch. 

Going back to Tassimo pods, they are what you put in Tassimo coffee machines or coffee machines that are compatible with Tassimo pods. 

A fun fact about Tassimo pods is that they are actually called Tassimo discs or T DISCs. T DISCS are not just limited to making cortado coffees or espressos, but they also make a wide variety of drinks. For example, with T DISCs you can make lattes, hot chocolates, or even green tea. 

Equipment Needed To Fill The Pods

Before we get started looking at the step by step process on how to refill Tassimo coffee pods, you need to make sure you have all of the equipment you need. 

The first thing you need to have are empty Tassimo T-DISCs as this is the pod you will be refilling. 

Make sure to have a knife or something else you can use to cut the pod such as a scalpel. Next on the list of things you need is some aluminium foil, which will be used to help repair the pod. 

It is also important that you have some double sided tape and some ground coffee. This can be any brand. This is what you are going to refill your Tassimo pods with.

Steps To Refill Tassimo Coffee Pods

Steps To Refill Tassimo Coffee Pods

Before we walk you through the steps on how to refill Tassimo coffee pods it is important that you are aware that should you follow these steps it should be done with you taking responsibility.

Whilst refilling your Tassimo coffee pods is an option, we must state that the best advice we could give you is to purchase official Tassimo coffee pods, rather than refilling. 

Step One

The first thing you need to do is to take the empty Tassimo coffee disc and take off the cover of the T DISC.

Step Two

The next step is important as it ensures that your Tassimo coffee machine is able to read your Tassimo coffee pod. 

For this step, you need to cut the barcode carefully with the knife or scalpel. Make sure to keep the cut of the barcode safe as you will need it later.

The barcode is what the Tassimo coffee machine reads to know the right amount of water to pour and the correct brewing time for that coffee.

Without the barcode, your Tassimo machine will not be able to make the coffee properly. 

Step Three

Now that you have cut the cap off the Tassimo coffee pod it is time to clean it thoroughly. Cleaning your Tassimo coffee pod ensures that no leftover residue spoils the new coffee you are going to fill into this Tassimo coffee pod. 

Step Four

Once you have cleaned the Tassimo coffee pod, you can start to fill it with the ground coffee of your choice. 

As you are filling the Tassimo coffee pod with the new ground coffee, you need to make sure it is filled to the brim of the pod.

It is also important that the coffee is pressed and packed down into the Tassimo coffee pod. This is similar to making an espresso puck, for an espresso machine. 

Step Five 

Take the aluminium foil and use it to cover the coffee pod. This foil is going to act as a new cover for the pod. 

It is important to follow the shape of the old cover on your Tassimo coffee pod. This will help you place the barcode in the correct place when it is time. 

Step Six

Now your aluminium foil cover is on, you can stick your barcode onto the cover. To do this, use double sided tape to stick it on the cover. 

It is vital that the barcode is taped to the new aluminium foil cover in the exact same position as the barcode was on the old lid.

This is so the Tassimo coffee machine is able to read the barcode and make your coffee accordingly. 

Step Seven

Load your refilled Tassimo coffee pod into the coffee machine and start making coffee as you normally would. 

It is very likely that you will not get the results you want straight away, so it is best that you adjust the pod cover when necessary.

If you find the water is leaking out, then you need to adjust your lid to make sure it is sealed properly. If the coffee machine is not reading the pod then the barcode needs to be moved. 

Tassimo Reusable Discs

Alternatively, if you want a simple option for refilling Tassimo coffee pods, then there is always the option of purchasing the reusable discs. 

There are now discs that are compatible with Tassimo coffee machines that can be reused by simply washing them after each use.

These reusable pods might be a better option if you want to refill your Tassimo pods long term. However, if you only want to refill your Tassimo pods for a short period of time, then doing it yourself might be more convenient for you. 

Final Thoughts

Refilling your Tassimo coffee pods has never been easier. This method will allow you to refill your Tassimo coffee pods quickly and efficiently, so you can continue to enjoy coffee from your Tassimo coffee machine. 

However, this method is not a long term solution and there might be more efficient options for you such as purchasing a reusable Tassimo coffee disc. The method above will allow you to save money on Tassimo coffee pods temporarily. 

We hope that this guide has helped you feel more comfortable and confident about refilling your Tassimo coffee pods.

Please share this guide with others who might be interested in learning more about how to refill Tassimo coffee pods. Thank you for reading!

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