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Lavazza Super Crema Coffee Beans (1kg)
  • A special feature of this coffee is the beautiful and long-lasting foam from which its name “crema” comes from.

Lavazza is renowned worldwide for its coffee. Brands come and go and trends and fashionable for maybe a few years so how do you know if you can trust the Lavazza Super Crema Coffee Beans to deliver on your expectations?

Time can certainly be an indicator and with Lavazza, you are dealing with a company that has been making coffee since 1895. Fads are temporary but class is permanent.

Lavazza would not be able to survive across 3 centuries if people did not buy their coffee and keep coming back for more time and time again.

They have a worldwide reach with offices throughout the world but they stay true to their origins in Italy and roast the majority of their coffee beans in Italy with one manufacturing plant in France

They produce a range of different coffee blends to suit all tastes and palettes.

As you would expect Lavazza take their coffee very seriously and treat the beverage as a sensory experience that is much more than a caffeine kick first thing in the morning.

It’s not just about what you taste but what you see and smell as well. Like a fine wine, a good espresso can have aromas that set different blends apart from others and if made correctly you will have a beautiful golden crema that sits on top.

Look and smell and enjoy before you even put a drop in your mouth. Coffee is very much a personal thing when it comes to taste so you should try a range of different intensity’s and blends to find the one that works best for you.

If you are going through the discovery process or you just feel like trying something different, the Lavazza Super Crema is well worth a try.


This is a medium to dark roast bean that leans more towards dark than medium but it is not oily.

Two different bean types are combined to produce the Lavazza Super Crema which is split 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta and are sourced from Indonesia, Central America and Brazil.

The general perception is that Arabica beans are of a higher quality than Robusta and you may be led to think that you should stick to beans that are “100% Arabica” but that is simply not true.

Arabica beans do tend to have a sweeter and fruitier flavour to them but Robusta tends to produce a stronger cup of coffee so when blended in the right way the combination can create just the right balance for a sweet, smooth, strong cup of coffee.

Body & Aroma

This bend has notes of dried fruits and honey and has an intense but smooth and creamy taste.

The “super crema” description certainly holds true and if made correctly will form a larger than average light brown crema that sits invitingly on top of the dark black espresso ready to be enjoyed as it is or will work just as well with milk added to create a cappuccino or latte.


We would grade this as a 6/7 on a scale of 1-10 as it’s not overly strong but definitely leans that way making it fine to drink at any time but will help give you a kick start to the day first thing in the morning.


As long as you have a coffee grinder these coffee beans will work with any type of coffee machine. Keep the grind fine for espresso and more coarse for filter coffee or cafetiere to maximise the flavour and only grind them just before you make your coffee to keep the maximum flavour intact for as long as possible

This coffee will work well no matter the type of coffee machine that you are using. Whether you have a pump espresso machine, a bean to cup coffee machine or a filter coffee machine you will be able to enjoy the rich and full flavour of Lavazza Caffe Espresso.

Lavazza’s most well known coffee is probably the Qualita Rossa but you can find that these days in most supermarkets.

if you want to try something that adds another dimension you may pay a few pounds more for a kilo of the Super Crema but in our opinion its worth it.

Lavazza Super Crema Coffee Beans (1kg)
  • A special feature of this coffee is the beautiful and long-lasting foam from which its name “crema” comes from.

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