100 L’OR Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules

9.6 out of 10
9.6 out of 10

Can you use other capsules in a Nespresso coffee machine?

If you own a Nespresso coffee machine then it would be natural to think that you have to use Nespresso’s fine selection of “Grand Cru” coffee pod’s.

Nespresso make no mention of anything else on their website and why would they? If you don’t buy their coffee capsules then they don’t make any money. The coffee machines only make up a small proportion of their profit so they need you to buy the coffee so they can maximise their profits.

it’s a bit like your home printer. Maybe you have HP or Canon or one of the other popular brands. They go out of their way to make you believe that you should be using the original cartridges that are made by the same company that manufactures your printer. So your HP printer requires HP ink cartridges. It doesn’t and you are free to choose a compatible cartridge made by someone else if you want to.

Exactly the same principal applies to Nespresso coffee cartridges. You may think automatically that you have to stick to using the Nespresso original pods and capsules but the reality is that as a consumer you can do whatever you want!

Nespresso will romance you with their fine selection of coffee and don’t get us wrong, the coffee that they provide is high quality, great tasting coffee.

But, should you wish to explore other avenues there is a huge number of alternatives for you to pick your way through.There are literally hundreds of different types to consider.

Why would you consider buying anything other than the original pod’s? Going back to the printer cartridge example, why would you but a replacement HP printer cartridge that was not HP branded?

The answer is of course very straightforward – price.

When it comes to choosing that replacement ink cartridge you can easily save up to half what you would normally spend on the original but there is always a compromise and in the case of

 Although the answer is straightforward the solution is a bit more complicated.

Which Nespresso replacement capsules are best?

When it comes to choosing that replacement ink cartridge you can easily save up to half what you would normally spend on the original but there is always a compromise and it’s the same with compatible coffee capsules as it is with compatible ink cartridges – the compromise is quality.

 What you need to ask yourself is how much you are willing to give on quality to make some savings on price.

That’s easier said than done as there are plenty of charlatans out there that will sell you a replacement Nespresso capsule for as little as 11p or less. These ultra cheap alternatives come with one big drawback which is a bit of a deal breaker – they don’t taste very good.

So how do you go about finding the right balance between paying less than you would for a Nespresso original but without compromising too much on quality.

The first piece of advice is to avoid the very cheapest. they can only be that cheap because to sell it to you at that price, they will themselves have to compromise on the quality of the coffee.

And remember, the reason you got a Nespresso coffee machine in the first place is because you wanted a good cup of coffee. Some of the cheapest compatible capsules taste worse than a cup of instant.

Almost all of the compatible pods available are made by companies that you have never heard of but with the  L’OR Nespresso capsules you can have the best of both worlds

Here is the funny thing – L’OR is owned by Jacobs Douwe Egberts who themselves own Tassimo which are one of Nespresso’s biggest competitors but Nespresso cannot stop them from selling their own compatible capsules that fit into any Nespresso machine.

Because Jacob Douwe Egberts are already a huge international coffee brand you can be assured that their Nespresso capsules are going to be a decent quality.

You will save around 30% compared to the Nespresso one’s and you can be assured of a good quality product at the same time!

They do of course taste different but it doesn’t mean that they taste worse, it’s all about personal preference which is why you get a range of different flavours and strengths to choose from with the L’or range of capsules.

If you are looking to save money but don’t want to compromise on quality then these compatible pod’s are well worth a try.

The variety pack is a good place to start so that you can test out which one best suits your palette. They range in strength from 8-12 and you can then buy them individually once you work out what your favourites are.


These will only work with Nespresso coffee machines.