60 Nespresso Coffee Capsule Revolving Holder Stand Rack 

9.9 out of 10
9.9 out of 10

The same thing happens to everyone. You take ages to work out the best Nespresso coffee machine to buy but it didn’t dawn on you that you would need to find somewhere to store the coffee capsules.

First of all, you put them in a cupboard but quickly realise that it is a pain to find the one you want and annoying to store them in the cardboard tube that they come in.

You bought the Nespresso machine in the first place because you wanted convenience and now you are burdened by the inconvenience of scrabbling around for the pod’s every time you want a coffee.

There is lots of choice when it comes to coffee capsule storage holders but we recommend staying away from the very inexpensive ones as they can be a false economy.

It depends what you are looking for of course but if you have invested a decent amount in a Nespresso machine which will last for a good few years then it’s a good idea to consider a few extra pounds on a good capsule holder that will last as long as the machine.

The cheaper ones may look ok but if the built quality is inferior then they tend to be very hollow and light which can lead to them falling over.

Also, beware of any that do not have a felt base which could lead to scratching of the surface you keep it on.

This one is not the cheapest but it is a good, well built, high-quality product that solidly constructed

Finished in a beautiful high gloss chrome it will not look out of place next to your Nespresso machine

It has six columns which hold 10 capsules in each column making a maximum capacity of 60 pod’s in total

The best feature of this capsule holder is not immediately obvious.

Although there are only 6 columns it would be a mistake to think that you can only store six different flavours onto the holder at any one time.

This storage rack holds up to 12 flavours which are easily accessible at any time despite only having six columns.

How? Because you can take access a capsule from either the top OR the bottom of any column.

This is a great feature which you will not get on many of the cheaper capsule holders on the market. A great space saver.

It also spins at 360 degrees which ensures that any capsule is at your fingertips without so much as having to move a muscle

The base is also wider ensuring stability and no wobbling that you may find on some of the cheaper options.

A nice felt base will also ensure than you don’t scratch the surface that it sits on.

These are some of the little things that you pay a little extra for that are not immediately obvious at first glance but well worth considering.

This is a funky little add on to your Nespresso machine which will work brilliantly as a gift for someone else as much as it is a necessity for all your favourite Nespresso Grand Cru’s