AICOK Blade Coffee Grinder 

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

This coffee grinder gets a 10/10 rating from us (which is rare) because it does a similar job in terms of grinding coffee beans as some of our other recommendations but it is better because it is also convenient to clean.

Unlike most of our other blade coffee grinders, you can remove the bowl where the grinding takes place and it separates completely from the base making it super easy for you to take it over to the sink, give it a quick rinse and you are good to go again.

You will never need to move the entire unit or unplug it which is a big plus compared to some of the other blade grinders that are available at a similar price.

Blade coffee grinders are most suitable if you are on a budget and/or you want to grind your coffee for a cafetiere or a filter coffee machine.

The reason being is that blade grinders chop your coffee beans which means that you will not get an exact fineness of grind which is more suitable for espresso machines.

The best coffee grinders for espresso machines are burr grinders that crush your beans instead of chop them but they are more expensive so if price is important but you still want to grind your own coffee beans to achieve maximum freshness and flavour for your coffee then the AICOK blade coffee grinder is about as good as it gets.

Overall Score 10/10

Design 10/10

For a coffee grinder at this price, you would expect the focus to be in functionality and less on good looks so it was a bit surprising to see that they have paid particular attention to some really good design features as well.

The whole body is finished in stainless steel with a plastic transparent lid that also controls the activation switch which is very cleverly positioned to the side of the bowl so that you can see what is going on inside at all times.

A well thought through design that we would be happy to keep out on the worksurface next to our coffee machine ready for daily use.

At 15cm wide and 25cm tall it’s a compact appliance that will not take up much space.

Functionality 10/10

The best feature is the removable bowl that literally lifts out and pops back in for ultra-simple cleaning.

A lot of blade grinders are activated by pressing down on the lid but we really like that this one has the activation switch on the side so that you can look directly into the bowl to see how the grinding is going without your whole hand obscuring your view.

It will hold up to 60g of coffee beans at a time which is easily enough for 8 cups in one grinding cycle so unless you have a really large family or you drink a huge amount of coffee one grinding cycle per day should do it for most people’s coffee drinking habits.

The higher the number of “watts” that power the motor the quicker the blades will spin and the longer lasting the grinder will be. This blade coffee grinder comes with a 200w motor which is more powerful than other grinders at this price.

The bottom of the base grips the work surface well so that it will not move around during the grinding process.

The fact that the manufacturer offers a two year guarantee rather than the standard one year gives you peace of mind that it won’t break down in the first couple of years and if it does you will get a replacement.

This is a well built machine that feels sturdy and durable and we suspect that it will last well beyond the two year guarantee period.

Ease of use 10/10

Simply add your coffee beans, pop the lid on and press down on the switch at the side of the grinder.

We recommend grinding for a few seconds at a time so you can see where you at without grinding too fine by mistake.

The bowl pops straight onto the base but the activation switch is attached to the lid ensuring that you cannot turn it on until the lid is firmly in place so no chance of accidentally chopping a finger of.

This is a very easy to use grinder and extremely convenient to maintain and clean with the removable bowl

Value For Money 10/10

You can pay more for a blade grinder that does the same job as this one but does not have a removable bowl making this a great purchase for the price.