Andrew James Stainless Steel Cafetiere 1000ml

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

How do you choose a Cafetiere when there are hundreds of different styles and prices that range from a few pounds to a few hundred pounds?

Probably the most important measure is how happy are the people that have already taken the plunge and already bought one of these.

Many thousands have been sold over the last few years and around 96% of all the people that have bought one are extremely happy with it and would recommend it.

You will be very hard-pressed to find any product across any category that has that high a level of customer satisfaction.

This is a proven winner over time.

 Bodum are the market leaders when it comes to Cafetiere’s but they specialise in glass versions. They are very good quality but you pay a premium for the brand name so if you are looking for something a bit different at a more budget pricepoint then the Andrew James Stainless steel cafetiere is a very shrewd option.

What are the key things that you need to take into consideration when you are deciding on which is best for you?

What style are you looking for? There are two very distinct types of cafetiere  – Traditional and Modern. Traditional ones tend to be glass and the modern ones tend to be made of stainless steel

With a glass cafetiere they are unlikely to last for very long because over time it’s bound to be dropped or knocked over and will chip or break because glass does.

If you are super careful then you may be able to avoid a breakage but one of the most common reasons for people switching to stainless steel from glass is that the glass one broke (sometimes more than once!).

Another benefit of a stainless steel cafetiere is that it will keep your coffee hotter for longer because some will come with double-walled insulation (like this Andrew James one) and glass will let heat out quicker than stainless steel does.

Capacity is the other thing that always throws people. When choosing a cafetiere never look at the cup size that is displayed in the description, always look for the amount of liquid it will hold in ml.

It has become common practice for manufacturers to display the size in “number of cups” so 3 cup, 6 cup, 9 cup etc. If you buy based on the cup size you will always be disappointed because it will be smaller than you think.

There is no industry standard for the size of a cup and in the UK we like to drink our coffee in mugs a lot of the time so as a general guide a “3 cup” is only good for one large mug.

The best advice here is to avoid the smaller sizes and stick to the 1000ml versions which tend to give 5-6 good sized mugs full of coffee and more if you are using smaller cups.

This Andrew James cafetiere does come in 2 sizes – 350ml and 1000ml so unless you are only making coffee for one person most of the time we would recommend the 1000ml version which this review is for.

The shape and the finish is definitely a more modern design but in a very stylish way that would be suited to most people’s tastes and the shiny chrome finish is tasteful and makes it stand out.

The double-walled insulation is an excellent feature and will keep your coffee drinkable warm for a good half an hour after brewing so that’s a definite plus over a glass version.

If you are using pre-ground coffee then try and stay away from coffee that has been ground very finely for espresso machines as this is less suited to this type of coffee maker.

Cafetiere coffee gets brewed for around 4 minutes before its ready so using more coarsely ground coffee will allow the flavour to come out more and will provide an all-round more enjoyable coffee experience.

You are taking all the guesswork out of the equation if you decide to go for this one because it has already been bought by thousands of people that approve of its quality and usability.

Surprisingly for this price they have also included a measuring scoop for adding the ground coffee to the cafetiere and when you are done adding the coffee the scoop then doubles up as a clip to keep the remaining coffee fresh and also keeps the scoop in the perfect place right with your coffee!

 It doesn’t just come in a plain non-descript box either. Andrew James has realised that this will also work as a great gift so it comes packaged in a nice presentation box ready for you to treat yourself or pass straight to the lucky recipient and it makes it look a lot more expensive than it is.

For the price, this is about as good as it gets.