Barista & Co Coffee POD & Capsule Holder

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

If you are looking for something classy and also a little bit different that will compliment your coffee machine then the Barista & Co steel cage will work perfectly with any machine that takes pods or capsules.

Most of the pod holders that are out there are revolving stands or drawers which are absolutely fine and do the job but they tend to be what everyone uses to keep their coffee pods in.

If you want something that is going to stand out from the crowd and will create a point of difference then this is well worth considering.

If you are fed up going into the cupboard to pull out the pod or capsule that you want and they end up taking up too much space in the cupboard because maybe you have 3 or 4 different types that you like to switch between and it’s a hassle to get out the one you want without everything falling all over you then this will be what you are looking for.

Barista & Co are one of our favourite companies because they only do coffee related products. If your whole business focuses on just one product type then it is clear that they have a passion for coffee and when you have a passion for something it tends to bode well for the quality and design of the products offered.

They somehow find a way to make something look beautiful that everyone else makes just look ordinary AND they do it at a good price as well.

A good example is with milk frothing pitchers. Most other companies just do bog-standard stainless steel milk heating jugs but with Barista & Co they find a way to make it functional AND look excellent. Here is an example of one of their milk pitchers that we love.

This pod holder delivers the same thing. It does what it is supposed to which is hold all of your coffee pods and make them clearly visible for you to grab and insert into your coffee machine but they have also managed to create a design that will make you want to keep it on the work surface because it is a kitchen accessory that will look good in any kitchen as well as holding your capsules.

Don’t be deceived by the picture that makes it look bigger than it actually is which is a good thing because although you want to be able to grab a pod quickly you don’t want it dominating valuable work surface space.

This steel cage strikes the balance perfectly holding at least 80 Nespresso original pods. 8 sleeves of pods should be plenty for you to choose from at any one time. If you are using the Nespresso Virtuo capsules then it will hold less but still in the region of 20-30 and roughly the same if you have a Dolce Gusto or Tassimo coffee machine

The space for holding the capsules measures in at 13.5cm square but the height is increased to 16.5cm when you include the feet that the cage sits on.

This is a really well made and stunning looking coffee gift item that will work well in any kitchen