Chinya Milk Frother

10 out of 10
10 out of 10

It’s not easy to choose a brand you have never heard of so how do you know if the Chinya milk frother is good enough at such a budget price point?

There are 7 factors when it comes to heating and frothing milk that need to be weighed up to determine if a milk frother is going to be suitable.

As well as heating the milk you need to know that it is going to deliver on milk temperature and milk texture.

How good is it compared to other methods of frothing milk like using a handheld frother?

How convenient is it? Can you just get on with making your coffee and then come back a few minutes later for perfectly heated and frothed milk ready to be added?

Or do you need to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t overflow or you need to stop it early because it goes overboard on the froth level you want?

Is the milk hot enough or is it too hot for your liking?

How much milk can it hold? What if you like a large latte? Can you heat enough milk in one go?

How easy is it to clean and maintain?

At this price level, it is not hard to choose a milk frother that falls short so we explain why this frother scores so highly and represents really good value for money.


Coffee tastes MUCH better when you use hot milk instead of cold milk. In the UK most people still drink instant coffee and just add boiling water to a spoonful of coffee granules and then top it up with cold milk.

If you are buying a milk frother for yourself or as a gift for someone else then even if you drink instant coffee this milk frother will improve the flavour of your coffee massively.

You only need to press one button and then by the time you have boiled the kettle and poured the water into your cup the milk will be heated and frothed ready to add to your cup.

Try adding a little extra coffee, less boiling water and more heated, frothed milk for a much tastier coffee.

If you are using a coffee machine that takes pods such as a Dolce Gusto coffee machine or a Tassimo then you can get rid of the milk pods completely and use this Chinya milk frother for far better results.

If you like cappuccino or latte then use espresso pods instead and add heated or frothed milk because fresh milk is far better than the powdered milk that comes inside the coffee pods.

This milk frother is an extremely convenient way to improve the quality of your coffee with no hassle.

Ease of use

It’s about as easy as it gets to use. Pour in the milk and press the red button to heat your milk and if you want frothy cold milk for milkshakes then press the blue button.

For hot milk it will stop automatically when it gets to 60 degrees so no need to press the button more than once or anything like that.

The frother sits on a base that swivels 360 degrees so it will fit into any corner or tight space and will work just as well if you are left-handed or right-handed.

Milk heating and frothing

There are two whisks provided with the frother that just magnetically sit at the bottom of the jug and are easily switched in and out depending on whether you want to heat your milk or heat and froth.

To make sure you don’t add to much milk and risk it overflowing or spilling over the edge add no more than 300ml of milk for heating and no more than 150ml for heating and frothing.

There are two lines inside the jug that show the maximum levels for milk heating and milk frothing.

Milk temperature

When you order a milk-based drink in a coffee shop like Starbucks or Costa they will normally heat your milk to 60 degrees Celcius.

At that temperature, milk is considered to be hot but not too hot that you can’t drink it. Some people like it a bit hotter and some a bit cooler, it just depends on your personal preference.

You should never heat milk for coffee above 70 degrees because at about 75 degrees milk starts to burn and will lose most of its flavour and will ruin your drink.

At 70 degrees it is very hot and you’ll have to leave it for about 5 minutes before you can start to drink it anyway otherwise you’ll burn your mouth.

This Chinya milk frother has been engineered to heat milk to 60 degrees which is just right for drinking hot coffee straight away.

You are not going to be able to gulp it down because it’s going to be hot but you will be able to take small mouthfuls and enjoy it at a good temperature without having to blow on it or take small sips.


It’s important to follow a few simple steps to keep it in good shape and if you do then you will get a number of years good use out of it.

It has a non-stick coating to make sure that no hot milk sticks to the base of the jug but it’s very important to give it a quick clean as soon as you have poured the milk out of the jug and into your cup.

It’s tempting to let small amounts of milk or froth sit in the jug whilst you drink your coffee and clean it out an hour or two later.

That will work fine for a few months but if you do that ongoing then you will find that milk sticks to the bottom of the jug and it takes longer to clean.

If you run it under the tap as soon as you have poured the milk out of the jug and give it a quick wipe with a kitchen towel that is literally all you will ever have to do and it takes under 10 seconds.

If you do that each time the frother will stay in perfect condition for a good few years.


A really good great value for money budget milk frother that scores highly on all the factors that matter despite its low price point.