Coffee Bean Tasting Bag – 10 Packs, 10 different countries

9.97 out of 10
9.97 out of 10

Not sure what kind of coffee beans you like? Can’t find the right gift for someone? Do they like coffee? If so, they will love this coffee bean tasting bag with 10 different types of beans from 10 different countries.

This works brilliantly if you want to sample different types of bean and different roasts without the expense of buying a big bag only to find you don’t like it and have wasted your money.

It will also work perfectly as a gift for anyone that loves coffee. Forget the socks or slippers, this is something that they will really enjoy and is a little bit different.

Coffee beans taste best when they are freshly roasted so although these beans come from all over the world it is reassuring to know that they don’t actually get roasted until they are in the UK where they are hand-roasted in small batches to ensure the best possible flavour.

Some of the countries that these beans come from are:

Ethiopia, India, Kenya, South Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, Columbia and Costa Rica.

This works particularly well as a gift because it comes in a small sack which looks like a miniature version of a large coffee bean sack and contains 10 x 60 gram packets of coffee beans that are all individually labelled with the country of origin stamped on each packet

You also get a booklet that talks you through each coffee in details explaining origin, flavour and textures you can expect from each blend.

Because each packet contains coffee beans and not ground coffee it can be ground and tailored to whichever coffee machine you are using.

This tasting coffee set is suitable for cafetiere’s, filter coffee machines and all types of espresso machines and bean to cup coffee machines.

Each type of coffee works best with a different type of grind so use a coarse grind for cafetiere’s and a finer grind for espresso machines.

If you normally just buy the beans you get in your supermarket then this is something different that will allow you to taste coffee that you normally don’t have access to and if you go on to discover that one particular type from a certain country strikes a chord with you then you can seek out beans from that country for ongoing use.

This is like a wine tasting for coffee where you get to try a range of different blends, flavours and roasts to tantalise your taste buds and provide you with a sensory experience for a very reasonable price.

The 60 grams of beans inside each packet will be good for at least 7 cups of coffee and with 10 packets you can enjoy around 70 cups of coffee in total.

A lot of the 1kg bags of one type of bean will cost the same as this tasting set and this way you get to try 10 different types.

So whether you want to treat yourself and try something different to what you normally buy or want to treat someone else to something that they will get genuine pleasure from this is a perfect way to an all-round better coffee experience.