Coffee Gator Cafetiere 1000ml

10 out of 10
10 out of 10

If you are looking for the mother of all cafetière’s then the Coffee Gator Cafetière fits the bill.

This is a company that puts all its energy into coffee related products. They don’t get diverted by a large range of products and put all of their focus on making the best coffee products out there.

If drinking coffee from a cafetière is your brewing method of choice and you are upgrading to another one then this is going to be right up your street.

It’s not the cheapest so if you are getting a cafetière for the first time then you may want to try out a cheaper one first to see if making coffee this way suits your taste.

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If you have already bought into the joys of making coffee with a cafetière then this is going to appeal because it offers a lot more than a standard plunge down coffee maker and is well worth spending a few extra pounds on.

Bodum do some great cafetière’s and they are rightly the brand that everyone has heard of when it comes to premium quality cafetière’s but sometimes you do pay a little more than you need to just for the brand name.

If you spend a little more time doing some research then you can sometimes find a little nugget that is not that well known but offers really good value for money. The coffee gator cafetière falls into that category.

Features and Benefits

Straight out of the box you can see that it is made of high-quality material. It feels strong and sturdy yet is lightweight at the same time weighing just 1kg.

The handle feels comfortable to hold and the lid fits snuggly and securely to the main body of the cafetière.

One of the disadvantages of a standard glass cafetière is that the coffee can go cold quickly.

If there are two of you and you want a couple of cups of coffee each then by the time you pour the second cup it can often be lukewarm at best.

The coffee gator cafetière acts like a Thermos Flask. It has a thick stainless steel outer body that is thicker than all other cafetière’s we have reviewed and then to make sure it retains the heat they have made it a double-layered stainless steel wall.

Most of the time you will want a second cup within about 30 minutes of the first and by that time with most other cafetière’s the coffee will have gone cold.

We found with the coffee gator that after 30 minutes the coffee was as hot as the first cup and after 45 minutes it was still warm enough to be acceptable. This is extremely rare for any cafetière and well worth taking into consideration if you like to brew 6-8 cups for 2 or 3 people.

The plunger is spring-loaded so you get a smooth seamless action when pushing down compared to other less expensive cafetière’s where the column on the plunger can move from side to side when pushing down.

The one we are reviewing comes in a matt grey which looks stunning against the shiny chrome stainless steel lid.

If you fancy something a bit more whacky it comes in 6 different colours with the pink or orange making a great gift for someone.

It has a 1 litre capacity which is good for about 6 cups of coffee at a time.

If you have owned glass cafetières in the past then at some point you will most likely have broken or smashed one by accident resulting in the need to replace it way before it would have needed changing.

That is not going to happen with the coffee gator cafetière. You can drop this to the floor as many times as you like without damaging the coffee maker. The floor is more likely to get damaged than the cafetière itself.

Attention to detail can be missed on some of the cheaper cafetière’s and you have to be careful with things like the design of the spout.

It can be really annoying when you get drips onto the table or worksurface after pouring due to a poorly designed spout, especially when you have to tilt it at an extreme angle to get the last of the coffee out.

Coffee Gator have thought of that and the spout not only looks good but it won’t drip even when you are trying to get the last drop out.

With cheaper products, the filter doesn’t always trap all of the coffee grounds and it’s not pleasant when you end up with some of those in your mouth.

There are two filters in this cafetière to make sure that no ground coffee ends up in your cup. All of the sediment will be filtered out but all of the important coffee oils and flavours will be let through to ensure maximum taste.

A nice little touch as well is that they throw in a small container for you to store your coffee.

This works great because it enhances it if you are buying it as a gift for someone but if you are grinding your own coffee beans then you can grind a bit more and store a few days’ worth in the container saving you the time of grinding more often.

We think this is a fantastic product but don’t just take our word for it though, many thousands of these have been sold and the vast majority of all the people that have purchased it absolutely love it.


This cafetière has been made to last and it will outlive a lot of the cheaper alternatives on the market many times over.

Sometimes the most expensive can be the cheapest in the end. It’s not super expensive but you are paying around double what you can expect to pay for a decent cafetière.

What you are getting is a super durable, really good looking coffee maker that will keep your coffee warmer for longer and will last you for years.

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