Dolce Gusto Coffee Pod Holder x 36

9.95 out of 10
9.95 out of 10

A very well constructed coffee pod holder made specifically for Dolce Gusto capsules.

Dolce Gusto pods are a very different shape to some of the other coffee pods such as Nespresso or Tassimo and they are bigger as well which makes it more difficult to get a holder that actually does a good job of holding the capsules properly in place.

Be careful of some of the cheaper versions that can be a bit wobbly because they are made of poor quality materials to keep the price down and will be prone to breaking much more easily but most importantly a lot of the Dolce Gusto holders struggle with keeping the capsules in place and you will find that they will fall out of the holder when you take one out.

The design of this pod holder not only looks good but is specifically made to ensure that all capsules are held firmly in place and cannot slip out or fall back into the middle.

Each column has metal that is folded around each side of the column securing the capsule.

This capsule holder will last you for years and you will probably go through a couple of Dolce Gusto coffee machines before you will ever need to consider replacing this holder.

If you want something that is going to last you for years rather than months then it is well worth spending a few extra pounds to get something you know is going to stand the test of time.

Features and Benefits

6 Columns. Each column will hold 6 capsules for a maximum of 36 in total. The capsule on the bottom of each column is tilted towards you so that you can easily see what it is and when you pull it out the capsule above falls into position ready for the next time you want that flavour.

If you like drinks that require two capsules like a cappuccino for example then a nice way to add the capsules is to alternate the coffee capsule and the milk capsule so that you can pull one out straight after the other from the same column keeping the other columns free for other varieties.

Folded metal column design. Each column is moulded specifically to accommodate Dolce Gusto capsules in such a way that you can clearly identify what each one is but at the same time ensuring that there is no way one is going to unexpectedly slip out and fall onto the worksurface.

Rotating base. One of the main benefits of this holder is the convenience of not having to rummage through the cupboards to find the capsule that you need. It comes with a full swivel base that rotates through 360 degrees making sure that even if you have this tucked away in the corner you can easily spin it round to get the capsule you need.

Well Made. This manufacturer produces a number of different types of pod holders and all of them are highly recommended by thousands of customers. They know how to make good quality, functional capsule holders.

There is a reason why 96% of the people that have bought one of these recommend it for Dolce Gusto coffee pods. It looks good, it works and it’s ultra-convenient to grab the capsule you need within a few seconds.