Dualit Burr Coffee Grinder 75015

9.4 out of 10
9.4 out of 10

When it comes to choosing a coffee grinder it really does depend on how closely you want to replicate the process that is used in your local high street coffee shop.

In order to produce the best coffee, you first need to buy the best coffee that you can afford. Coffee is one of those items that you really do get what you pay before.

Despite the coffee shops charging extortionate prices, the reason that you think you are getting a really good coffee is that they are using the best equipment money can buy. They don’t actually use high-quality coffee because then they would have to charge even more.

If you stay away from the big chains like Starbucks and go into one that sells nice little pastries along with the coffee and its owned by the guy that runs the shop, he will happily sell you a bag of the beans that he uses for his coffee.

You will pay more than in the supermarket or from Starbucks but you will get a far superior quality of coffee bean and a much better tasting coffee.

Always buy fresh beans. This is the one product where you ignore the use-by date. Look for the roasting date or produced on date. This should be no more than 4 weeks before the date you make the purchase.

Once you have the best coffee, you then need a great coffee grinder to turn your fresh coffee beans into the perfect grind size with the perfect dose delivery ready to go straight into the coffee machine of your choice.

The Dualit Burr coffee grinder is a premium grinder that sits in a bracket where you have a relatively small choice. Coffee grinders in this price range are for a consumer that understands that a lot of the time you get what you pay for.

I have personally owned a Dualit toaster for over 20 years and it still works the same today as the day I got it. I think I paid over a hundred pounds for it at the time but it looked incredible and it toasted my bread beautifully. It still looks incredible today and it does the same job at toasting my bread.

The point here is that what was a very expensive purchase at the time actually worked out a cheap option over the long run. I don’t know how long a toaster is supposed to last because I haven’t bought one for 20 years but i’m guessing id probably have bought 5 or more by now, so it worked out cheap in the end!

And that is what Dualit is known for. Over decades they have produced high priced product that has become synonymous with top quality components part and longevity. You simply would not be able to charge so much for products that are available at half the price or less if yours wasn’t proven to be better over time.

Dualit is a British company through and through so if you are patriotic about such things then you will be even more inclined to consider this burr coffee grinder.

If you are looking at this end of the market then you don’t bother with a blade coffee grinder.

These are much cheaper but only chop up your beans into varying different sizes with fast-spinning blades whereas a burr grinder does a much better job of crushing your coffee beans into consistent grind size to suit whatever coffee machine you are using.

So how does the Dualit compare to other burr grinders at this end of the market?

Overall Score 9.4/10

Design 10/10

Dualit is one of very few brands that fall into the category of “timeless classic”

My toaster that I bought 20 years ago is still on the Dualit website for sale today. How many kitchen appliances still sell today that were available 20 years ago? Not many and it tells you something about why Dualit are held in such high regard

Dualit really cares about how their products look and ensure that the best component parts are used to ensure they outlast all the other brands on the market. They would be delighted if you did not go back to them for another grinder for 20 years.

This burr grinder is a simple design combining black with a shiny chrome front panel that emanates a look and feel of a high-quality product.

This is not something to hide away. This is a captivating appliance that will sit most agreeably on any worktop.

Functionality 8/10

The bean container at the top of the grinder (the hopper) holds up to 250g of fresh coffee beans. This more than big enough and is enough for 10 double shots or 20 singles if you are making espresso.

Only put in what you need for a few days and keep the rest in the bag in a cool dry place to retain maximum freshness.

The dial on the right-hand side of the grinder is for dose control. It is set in number of cups and will give you a rough idea as to how many cups of coffee you will grind for depending on the number selected

This is not perfect because if you grind your beans coarsely for a cafetiere then you will grind less coffee but if you grind finely for espresso then you will get more.

A little bit of trial and error and you will soon work out the idea for your particular grind preference

There are 10 different grind settings available to cater for all levels of grind fineness no matter what coffee machine you use.

The ground beans will go straight into the see-through plastic container so you will know exactly what you have at all times.

As you would expect from Dualit, this is a minimalist design and minimalist with functionality. You only get what you need, no unnecessary bells and whistles.

It only loses a few marks here because the numbers of cups that will be ground dial is only an average.

Ease of use 10/10

Once you have set the grind size you like, the beans are in and you have the dial set to how many cups you want to grind for then you only ever have to press one button.

It’s a great big button on the front of the machine and it will automatically stop when done. Very simple operation.

Value For Money 9/10

If you understand the Dualit brand then you will know that they only use the very part parts for all of their products and they are all built to last.

This is no exception. This will happily grind your coffee beans for many years to come.