Dualit Milk Frother 84135

9.0 out of 10
9.0 out of 10

When it comes to milk frothers they all come within a relatively tight price range and you will be looking at only around a £20 price gap from the cheapest Chinese produced frother to a brand that you know you can trust.

Sometimes it’s worth looking at cheaper alternatives that appear to offer similar features and performance but when it’s a name you have never heard of you can never be sure that you will get the life out of it that you hoped.

You need to weigh up and evaluate if the saving is worth taking the risk. Having looked through everything that is available and tested a fair amount of them we have concluded that the amount of money you will save with a cheaper Chinese frother is not worth it and here is why.

Dualit has been around for decades. They are a British company and they have values and the credibility of their brand to uphold.

They still manufacture their toasters in the UK to this day. That is an extremely difficult business model to uphold because it is a LOT more expensive to make something in the UK than it is to move manufacturing to the Far East.

The point is that it needs to be really good because all of the competition will be making it somewhere cheaper and be trying to undercut you.

I have personally owned a Dualit toaster for the last 20 years and it still works the same today as it did then – that’s how good it is. They use high-quality component parts on all of their products because they want them to last and they want customers to come back.

We have not had time to test this Dualit frother over the long term but if its anything like their toasters then it will probably outlive all the others by at least double which makes it an easy choice.

Maybe you have a Nespresso machine without a milk frother or a traditional espresso machine without a frothing nozzle or maybe you just want to heat up milk quickly for hot chocolate or milkshakes.


There are 3 settings – Heat milk, heat milk and froth and froth cold milk. Heating milk is perfect for a flat white or a latte. If cappuccino is your drink of choice then choose the heat and froth function.

We found both heating functions to produce a nice creamy texture that will perfectly compliment all coffee drinks.

It has a 500ml capacity that is larger than some of the other cheaper frothers and is plenty for 2 large latte’s in one “heating”

The cold frothing works well and is perfect for milkshakes.

Some people have found the lip on the jug can cause milk to spill but this is not something that we have experienced with the pouring process smooth and simple.

You can also take it straight off the base and bring it straight to the table for pouring – no need to treat it like a kettle.

It spins around 360 degrees on its base so works just as well for left-handers as right-handers

We found cleaning easy with the removable whisk and the non-stick coating on the base. You do need to make sure that you clean it after every use though to make sure you don’t get any milk residue left at the bottom.

The best way is to run it immediately under the cold water tap and wipe inside with a piece of kitchen towel. An entire clean takes about 20 seconds.

There have been a few complaints about reliability and considering the reputation that Dualit have for durability this is extremely surprising and it is definitely in the minority.

We would be very surprised if you didn’t get a good 3-5 years from this milk frother based on our overall experience with this brand but we will err on the side of caution and give it a 9/10.

Overall it works brilliantly well but we can’t be certain that it will have the same longevity as their other established products.