Godmorn Espresso Maker 6 Cup

9.6 out of 10
9.6 out of 10

If you are not interested in spending hundreds of pounds on a bean to cup coffee machine and you want to enjoy a decent cup of coffee without having to take out a loan to get it then the Godmorn Espresso Maker could well be the answer.

Bialetti are the original creators of this method of brewing coffee and their original design espresso maker is still in production today and still works as good as it did when it was first put into production over 70 years ago.

However, the original design is very traditional and you could argue that it is a bit dated and you do also pay a bit of a premium for the Bialeti brand so if you want something cheaper and more modern looking then this is a very good alternative.

Overall Score 9.6/10

Design 9/10

There are a lot of cheap wannabe stovetop espresso makers out there that should be avoided but this one certainly ticks the boxes from a design perspective.

A nice cylindrical shape that expands outwards as you move down towards the base gives this appliance a modern look and feel without being over the top contemporary making it overall neutral and suitable for all tastes except the very traditional.

Finished in a shiny chrome food grade stainless steel with a black handle and a black lid opener the manufacturer has certainly paid a lot of attention to making sure this is an aesthetically pleasing product.

Functionality 10/10

One of the best things about this type of coffee maker is that you are left to the laws of nature to provide the beverage for us.

This should last a good couple of years or more because there are no man-made electronic parts that can break.

This will work on all heating surfaces including induction so no matter how you choose to heat it up you don’t need to be concerned if it is suitable or not.

The coffee maker is made of just 3 individual pieces:

  • The base where the water goes
  • A basket for the coffee
  • The top which effectively becomes the pot where the coffee is delivered from the base and through the basket.


If you are looking for a dead easy non-electronic way to make a coffee it doesn’t get much easier than this.

One thing to note is that although this is touted as a “6 cup” it’s based on an espresso sized cup which will hold around 50ml of coffee which does not reflect the average cup size for most people which is around 150ml.

This will make around 2 proper cups of coffee so avoid anything smaller than a six cup unless it’s mainly going to be used for one person. If you want 3 or 4 cups from each brew you can also take a look at the “10 cup”.

Ease of use 10/10

This is a very easy coffee maker to use but it is also easy to get it wrong so by applying a few simple tips will make sure that you get a smooth, rich, satisfying, delicious espresso every time.

Use coarsely ground coffee to get the best flavour from using this type of brewing method. If you buy pre-ground coffee it will be too finely ground and the water will struggle to push up through the coffee producing a bitter taste that you can avoid if you grind the beans yourself just before brewing.

Combining the Godmorn Espresso maker with a cheap blade coffee grinder will produce the best results. Chopping the beans for around 10 seconds in the grinder will give you the level of coarseness required. Add the coffee to the top of the basket but keep it loose and do not pack it down.

Add water to the base but not above the valve that you will see on the inside of the base. Insert the basket with the coffee into the base and screw the top onto the base.

Place on a low to medium heat and wait for the coffee to start flowing into the pot on top. If you have any bubbling or spurting then the heat is too high. A slow steady flow of coffee and you have it just right.

Try and heat on the edge of the stove ring if possible to avoid the handle getting very hot and remove it from the heat when it’s about 80% done. You will quickly get a feel for it after a few tries.

From brand new it will take a few brews before you will start to get the true coffee flavour coming through so you may wish to make a few without drinking in order to “bed it in”

Keep it clean by rinsing and cleaning with a small amount of soap as any coffee residues will make the coffee taste bitter. Avoid the dishwasher as it only takes a few seconds to rinse by hand after each use.

Quality of coffee 9/10

As with all coffee machines regardless of the price the number one most important thing is the quality of coffee that you use. The best coffee machine will not make a good cup of coffee if you don’t use great coffee in the first place.

Use the freshest coffee you can get and by that we mean most recently roasted. Check out M&S or Waitrose for some really good whole bean coffee’s that you won’t find in the other large supermarket chains.

You will pay more but with coffee it’s worth it. If you can see the roasted on date don’t buy it and try and get beans roasted in the last month – you will notice the difference.

Value For Money 10/10

This is not going to give you quite the quality of coffee that you will get from an expensive espresso machine in one of the high street coffee chains but for a product that costs less than the price of a couple of cinema tickets it’s hard to beat for value for money.

If you use this with good coffee then for the money it’s a very good proposition.