Homgeek Milk Frother

9.95 out of 10
9.95 out of 10

Using a milk frother is the easiest and most convenient way to heat milk and create the right texture for your milk-based coffee drinks such as Cappuccino or Latte…….. if you choose the right one.

The homgeek milk frother gives you everything you need at a very affordable price for the functionality on offer.

The area that you can be caught out on of you are not careful and the one thing you should probably pay the most attention to is the temperature that the milk heats up to.

A lot of frothers will not heat the milk up to a high enough temperature. A lot of European countries prefer their coffee warm rather than piping hot and a lot of frothers are manufactured to accommodate this.

In the UK we like our drinks hot and the ideal temperature to enjoy coffee at its best is 65 degrees. This milk frother has been manufactured to heat milk up to 65 degrees (with a few degrees of tolerance either way) so you will not find a lower than desired temperature when using this frother.

If you have a Nespresso coffee machine or are thinking about buying one then this milk frother would be a perfect addition with no need to buy Nespresso’s Aerocinno milk frother that will set you back about double the price of the Homgeek and it does the same thing.

Another recommendation is to use this with a Tassimo or Dolce Gusto coffee machine and don’t bother with the milk capsules as they are powdered milk and fresh milk always tastes better than powdered.

You are not restricted to just dairy milk with this frother, it will happily heat any type of milk you prefer such as soy or almond.

This looks and feels as strong and sturdy as any other electric milk heating product and the all black matt finish makes it look a lot more expensive than the price this is selling for.


You get two frothing or heating attachments that you simply insert into the base of the frother depending on whether you want your milk just heated or heated and frothed. The wired attachment will heat and froth and the all plastic attachment will just heat.

So if you prefer a flat white or just a milky coffee you can just heat the milk up but for a cappuccino or latte then you will want to froth as well.

Two buttons do everything that you need. The red button does the heating or frothing depending on which attachment you have in and the blue button will froth up your cold milk creating a really nice velvety texture that is perfect for milkshakes.

No need to worry about turning it off as it will automatically shut down when it gets to 65 degrees which normally takes about 2 minutes but can vary slightly depending on how cold the milk is and the volume of milk used to start with.

Milk will normally double in volume when being frother so you need to limit the amount of milk used for frothing to 150ml but if just heating you can use up to 300ml.

It doesn’t matter whether you are left-handed or right-handed as this frother will spin round 360 degrees on its base making it more flexible if you need to squeeze it into a small space up against a wall.

The jug is fully detachable from the base so you can lift it straight off and bring it over to a table and set it down if you are not ready to pour straight away.

Some frothers can be prone to drips of milk when pouring but we would classify this one as “non-drip” as we found all the milk going into the cup or glass regardless of the angle the jug is held and poured at.

This milk frother is not just limited to producing hot creamy milk for coffee. There are a number of other drinks that will taste significantly better with hot chocolate probably the number one most suited non-coffee drink as you can add the cocoa powder just as the frothing begins to have a hot, frothy, creamy chocolate beverage in under two minutes.

The cold milk frothing setting is particularly good for milkshakes but can also be used for more creative drinks such as cocktails.

Our favourite is an iced Kahlua Cappuccino. Kahlua is a coffee liqueur so it works brilliantly to spice up any coffee-based drink.

Prepare a double shot of espresso in the normal way and leave to cool for 5-10 minutes. Add 150ml of milk and hit the cold froth button. After about a minute add a shot of Kahlua to the frothing milk and wait for the frother to stop. Add the coffee liqueur milky mixture to the espresso and enjoy! Perfect for a summer’s day.

The secret to getting the milk as thickly frothed as possible is to use full fat milk. Semi-skimmed will still produce a good froth but not as thick as full fat milk and skimmed milk is best avoided if it’s a thick froth that you are after.

There are other types of milk frothing options that you could go for such as a manual milk frother that works by moving a plunger up and down quickly to generate the froth but it takes effort and you have to heat the milk up first before you start the frothing process. Its too much hard work for our liking and the Homgeek frother does it all for you at the touch of one button.

It’s made with an excellent non-stick base so you don’t have to clean it after every use but we would recommend that you do because otherwise over time you will get a milk film that sits at the bottom.

This can easily be avoided by just running it under some fast flowing water for about 5 seconds and then a quick wipe inside with a piece of kitchen towel will keep it in as new condition for several years.

Overall this is a really good value for money milk frother that does exactly the same as other branded frothers that do exactly the same thing.