Milk Frothing Jug with Latte Art Pen Stainless Steel 350ml/600ml/900ml

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

Having taken the step to buy your own coffee machine which promises to provide you with a cappuccino to rival the best you can get in the local high street coffee shop, you have realised that whatever you have in the cupboard just isn’t up to the task of frothing your milk.

A quick search on Amazon for milk frothing jug literally returns hundreds of results so how on earth do you decide which one to go with?

We will help you to choose one that represents value for money and one that is recommended by many happy customers as well.

Milk frothing jugs are not expensive items so the first piece of advice is to avoid the cheapest ones as they tend to be a false economy because corners have been cut on the thickness of the steel and the construction could be poor causing the handle to come loose.

You can avoid the risk of all of this by spending just a few pounds more on something that is strong, durable and will last.

Available in three different sizes, this milk frothing jug with latte art will provide you with years of coffee heaven.

First off it looks good which is not that important for a jug but the matt sheen silver finish certainly creates a good first impression.

It feels well built and sturdy in your hand with a nicely shaped handle that feels comfortable to hold.

It comes in three different sizes. 350ml, 600ml and 900ml. If you are looking to heat milk and produce a good amount of froth for a couple of cappuccinos or latte’s then thee 350ml is probably going to be too small.

Bear in mind that the volume of milk that you use initially is going to roughly double in volume when heated with a steam wand so we would recommend going for the 600ml or 900ml version depending on your needs.

A nice little touch with this jug is the liquid volume indicator on the inside of the jug so once you have worked out the correct amount for the drink of your choice you can get it right every time.

Because it is stainless steel you will find that it won’t stain or rust and as long as you don’t smash it with a hammer should be pretty unbreakable as well.

It also comes with a “Latte art pen” which doubles up as a scoop to help get the froth out of the jug and into your cup.

You can then have many happy hours creating designs worthy of a professional barista.

An excellent value for money jug with the added bonus of a scoop/art pen to go with it.

This is perfect for everyday use and will work brilliantly as a gift for any household with a coffee machine