Judge Double Walled Latte Glasses 275ml , Set of 2

9.9 out of 10
9.9 out of 10

If you have taken the decision to buy yourself an espresso machine or maybe you have allowed yourself the indulgence of a bean to cup coffee machine.

In you go to the cupboard and find the same old cups that have been there for years and realise that they simply do not do the coffee machine any justice.

For a start, when you are trying to do yourself a cappuccino or latte you can’t judge the right amount of milk to give the correct blend of milk and coffee because you can’t see the into the cup because its opaque.

All of your existing glasses are tumblers or tall glasses used for soft drinks and not even close to being suitable for coffee. What to do?

The Judge double walled latte glasses could be just the trick.

If you are looking for something that combines practicality with a real design presence then these certainly provide both.

These glasses are so aesthetically pleasing that it is entirely possible that they could bring more to the table than the liquid that sits inside them.

Other than looking incredible they have a number of other benefits:

Double-walled. This has the benefit of insulating the coffee so that it stays hotter for longer. It also means that you do not need coasters on the table because the outer wall is separated from the inner wall and stays cool so no danger of damage to the precious table beneath.

No two are exactly the same as each glass is individually mouth blown. Pretty cool.

They are scratch-resistant and heat resistant to 100 degrees as well as being dishwasher safe so you can look forward to a number of years of happy use where you can expect them to stay in pristine condition throughout.

Although touted as Latte glasses we would say that they can double up as cappuccino glasses. If you are going for cappuccino maybe go halfway with coffee and milk then top up with a good amount of milk froth.

Not only are they lightweight but they are durable as well. They are perfect for everyday use and for special occasions alike.

These will work equally well as a treat for yourself or as a gift for any coffee lover.