Kingtop Blade Coffee Grinder

9.8 out of 10
9.8 out of 10

Coffee grinders come in three different types, Burr, Blade and Manual.

Manual requires elbow grease. Imagine a coffee grinder but bigger. The manual coffee grinders come with a handle which you will need to turn to push the beans in between two disks that will crush them into the coffee grounds you need for brewing.

If that sounds like too much hard work then you are left with blade grinders and burr grinders.

Burr grinders are the most expensive option as they will electronically grind the beans to a level of fineness that is pre-selected so that you get exactly what you want for whatever type of coffee machine you have.

If you have an espresso machine then you need a very fine grind but cafetiere coffee will taste better with a coarser grind.

A burr grinder will provide consistency of grind size but you will pay quite a bit more for the privilege.

If you are not that bothered about the nuances of exact grind fineness then the blade option is cheaper and may well provide for your needs perfectly well.

This grinder is in the middle of the pricing range for a blade grinder.

What does this one do that some of the cheaper one’s don’t?

Overall Score 9.6/10

Design 9/10

For a standard blade coffee grinder a reasonable amount of thought has gone into how it looks.

This is an unusual colour for a coffee appliance. Most are black or silver or a combination of the two.

This is a kind of brushed dark bronze matt stainless steel. That may sound a bit weird but, in the flesh, it actually looks quite tasteful.

A mesh bronze coloured square has been added directly beneath button that operates the grinder which makes it look more aesthetically pleasing as well as creating a better grip to hold the grinder.

It takes up very little space measuring in at 17cm tall and 9.6cm across.

Overall a good looking appliance that will happily sit out on the work top and does not need to be hidden away in a cupboard

Functionality 9/10

There are a number of things that we like about this grinder.

The first is that the company backs it with a 2 year guarantee. 1 year is standard in the small appliances world so that immediately tells us that they are confident in the quality of the product.

Next, with a blade grinder the power of the motor can range from 100 watts upwards. This grinder comes with a 200 watt motor which is right at the upper end of what you can expect from a product at this kind of price

The high speed motor will spin the stainless steel blades faster (around 20,000 spins per minute) which will result in a more even size of grind. You are less likely to get bits of whole bean with a 200w motor than you will with a 100w motor.

The capacity for holding beans is large for a grinder of this type. It holds up to 60g of whole beans. A double espresso should be around 20g so you are good for 3 cups of coffee with a single grind

This is a quieter than average machine which suggests good quality components.

The manufacturer claims that you can get 10,000 grinds out of this device which means that if you use it every day then it will last for 27 years. I think we’d all be happy with half that.

Another unusual benefit is that they include a spare set of blades which is excellent customer service and not something you get with other blade grinders at this price.

A cleaning brush is also included to brush out any excess coffee grounds from the interior.

Operation is dead simple. As you would expect there is a safety mechanism which will not allow the grinder to be switched on unless the lid is securely locked in place.

Once the lid is closed simply press down on the start button and the grinding begins.

The transparent lid lets you see how finely the beans are ground so we would suggest short “pulse” bursts in order to monitor where you are at and to make sure you don’t grind too finely.

Even the finest grind should take no more than about 20 seconds.

Ease of use 10/10

Throw some beans in the top and click the lid into place. You are not going to have any issues using this grinder.

Super simple operation.

Value For Money 10/10

For the money this is a very impressive piece of kit. A two year warranty gives you peace of mind as does the spare set of blades.

Superb value for the price.

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