Milk frothing thermometer

9.95 out of 10
9.95 out of 10

This milk frothing thermometer will deliver a completely different coffee experience and make a big difference to the overall quality and flavour of your coffee.

It comes with a clip so that it will stay attached to the side of your jug without moving around and allow you to concentrate on getting the frothing level just how you like it and it comes with a segment of red to show you when your milk has reached the perfect temperature for coffee.

How can a simple thermometer make such a difference to a cup of coffee?

If your milk is not hot enough then you are just going to get a lukewarm coffee that does not give you time to enjoy it and within a few minutes it will be going cold.

In some coffee shops they have been trained to judge it by hand and if you do that you will never get your coffee at the correct temperature.

The idea is to hold the base of the jug and when it gets too hot to hold then it is ready.

The sweet spot for heating milk for a cappuccino or latte is 65-70 degrees and at those temperatures it will be far too hot to hold and it won’t be heated up to the right temperature.

If you ever see them without a thermometer in a coffee shop ask for it extra hot or you are almost guaranteed to get a lukewarm coffee.

If your milk is too hot then it is just as bad because once it goes over 75 degrees then the milk can start to burn and there is nothing worse than a burnt taste to your coffee.

The milk will be too hot to hold the base of the jug at around 50 degrees and so you will be judging it yourself to get to 65 degrees and if you misjudge it then you may burn it.

You can avoid all of that hassle if you get yourself a thermometer.

If you have a milk jug already then you will not be able to gauge the temperature without a milk thermometer and if your milk is not at the correct temperature then your coffee will be sub-standard. For the sake of a few pounds, it is highly recommended that you get it just right and this milk thermometer will do the job perfectly.

If you don’t already have a milk jug then the best way to go is to get a milk frothing jug with a thermometer already built-in so that you can kill two birds with one stone. Here is the best value for money milk frothing jug with built in thermometer that we could find and for the price, it is worth considering just swapping an existing milk jug for this one so that you can monitor the temperature in the jug at all times without bothering with a separate thermometer.

Both ways will work. The choice is yours but importantly don’t just try and judge it by hand.

For the price this is a no brainer for something that will improve the overall quality of your daily cup of coffee.