Organic Coffee Beans, 100% Arabica 1kg

10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the benefit that you get from buying organic produce because you have to pay more and does it really make that much difference?

With these organic coffee beans, as soon as you have tasted your first cup you will know why you paid a few pounds more as the wonderful pure depth of flavour ignites your senses and turns an ordinary cup of coffee into an experience to savour.

Mass-produced products including coffee are produced in such vast quantities that it is not possible to care for them in their natural environments without them being subjected all kinds of nasty things that would damage the crops and make everyday items less available.

Vast areas of crops have pesticides sprayed directly onto them to protect them from insects that like to munch away and bacteria in nature that damage the crops and increase the amount of waste.

The benefit is that huge quantities can be produced this way and prices can be kept as low as possible because it makes the production process as efficient as possible.

The downside, however, is that it affects the quality and the flavour of the final product for consumption so if you are looking to get the best possible flavour from your coffee then try organic.

What is organic coffee?

There are very specific rules that have to be adhered to when it comes to producing and labelling something as organic but some of the main criteria include no artificial fertilisers or pesticides and no artificial colours or preservatives.

It certainly requires more work to maintain an organic coffee farm as the trees require pruning more often to stave off the risk of bacteria and infection that is not being killed off by chemical pesticides.

A lot of organic coffee trees are shaded as it helps to stop the soil becoming eroded and eliminates the need for artificial chemicals and any leaves that fall from trees are less likely to be scorched by the sun and can act as a natural fertiliser.

Organic production needs to be in place for at least 2 years before organic status is granted so you know that you are getting a product that is as close to how nature intended it to be.

Does organic coffee taste better?

You can be assured that it is going to taste much better than non-organic coffee (of the same quality) because it is free of chemical pesticides and it has been cared for to a higher degree than non-organic coffee.

These coffee beans are certified organic so you know that they are fully compliant.

Is organic coffee healthier for you?

There have been many studies that have shown and proven that regular consumption of coffee has health benefits but it seems unlikely that specifically drinking organic coffee will benefit you more than non-organic but one thing is for sure, the flavour will be better.

Better for the environment

When you buy organic you know that you are not contributing to artificial chemicals being added to the soil which ultimately is unsustainable over the long term whereas organically grown coffee is being grown in a natural way with non-chemical based fertilisers and in a way that is sustainable for generations to come.

Organic and great value

With these coffee beans you are getting naturally grown coffee beans and they are also available at a really good price that is well worth paying a few extra pounds for compared to non-organic.

Organic coffee is not necessarily better quality than non-organic and you can pay a lot more for a non-organic coffee bean than you will pay for this organic variety but for us it is all about balancing quality and value and that is why these score so highly. It’s an organic product that tastes great and at a great price.

Available in three different varieties there are two single-origin options which means that they all come from the same country and not blended with beans from other parts of the world and one which is a blend of beans from three different countries.


Columbia is responsible for producing about 14% of the entire worlds coffee consumption so they know a thing or two about how to make good coffee and these beans are 100% arabica made without the use of chemicals.

Slow roasted for 20 minutes these are a medium roast that really brings out the best from the bean. A wonderful full flavour but smooth at the same time.

These are rated as a 4/7 level of intensity meaning you will be able to really taste the full flavour without being blown away by the power. A great balance.


Single-origin organic coffee beans from Mexico.

A similar intensity to the Fernando at 3/7 it is ever so slightly milder allowing the hazelnut aroma and flavours to come through with every sip.


This is a blend of beans from Colombia, Mexico and Brazil with an intensity level of 4/7 giving a subtle but full-flavoured taste.

Once you start buying whole coffee beans and grinding them yourself we always recommend that you try a number of different types before you settle down on a couple you like the most.

If you have never tried organic coffee beans before then these are a good place to start as they offer great flavour and great value for money for a chemical-free coffee treat.

Whichever variety you choose they all come in a very well presented bag with nice colourful packaging which is worth noting if you are considering this as a gift for someone.

The packet is also resealable allowing you to only use what you need for a few days at a time keeping the rest fresher for longer.

These beans are suitable for all types of coffee machines so it doesn’t matter if you are using a cafetière or a filter coffee machine or an espresso machine just make sure you grind your beans accordingly to get the best out of them.