Reusable coffee cup – Thermal Insulated

9.9 out of 10
9.9 out of 10

This reusable coffee cup will not leak and it will keep your coffee or tea or any hot drink hot for hours and it is super easy to use.

Many reusable cups are awkward to hold, don’t hold much liquid, leak if not positioned upright and will not retain the heat of your drink.

These are all of the things that you need to consider when choosing a reusable cup for your coffee or tea.

There is also a huge worldwide problem with billions of single-use coffee cups going to landfill because they cannot be recycled.

When you buy a reusable coffee cup you are not only getting a range of benefits personally but you are also making a contribution to the environment.

As long as you choose wisely then you will never use a single-serve coffee cup again.

If you visit the likes of Starbucks or Costa on a regular basis then you will very quickly recover the cost of a reusable coffee cup because they offer a discount of 25p or more if you bring your own cup.

This coffee cup will last for years and within a few months you will have paid for it simply from the discount you get by bringing it with you when you buy a coffee.

However, you may have some distance to cover once you have bought your coffee to get to work or back home and you don’t want the hassle of having to hold it until you get to where you are going.

This insulated coffee cup is guaranteed to not leak. Once the lid is screwed on you can turn it upside down and no liquid will come out.

This is one of the highest capacities we have seen at this price and this size. It’s just 23cm tall so will fit comfortably into most bags. It will hold up to 480ml of liquid so if a large latte is your drink of choice then you will have no problem with this cup.

It has a very wide silicone band which makes it both easy to grip and most importantly makes it heat resistant so no matter how hot the liquid is inside it will remain cool to the touch.

Perhaps you want to make a coffee or tea in the morning and take it with you to drink at work? With most cups, the drink would be freezing cold by the time you got anywhere but with this insulated interior, the heat will be retained at the same temperature it was poured in at for 6 hours.

That applies to cold drinks as well as hot so this is perfect for the summer for picnics or camping or concerts. It will keep your ice-cold drinks ice cold for hours.

It’s also perfect for the car as you do not need to take your eyes off the road or the wheel to get a drink. You already know it’s not going to splash in your car because it is leak proof but it is also one hand operation.

Just press the button on top to open the lid and drink from any angle.

It feels solid and sturdy to hold and is a product that you can certainly expect to last for a number of years.

You can spend anything from £2 to £30 or more on a reusable coffee cup but what you are searching for is something that represents great value for money and will last.

It is very unusual to get a thermally insulated heavy-duty reusable cup at this kind of price.

For something that is leakproof, will keep your drink hot for hours and can be operated with one hand it represents fantastic value for money and is highly recommended.