Topelek Cafetiere 1000ml

10 out of 10
10 out of 10

If you buy the right Cafetiere it will last you anywhere from 3-5 years or more. This Topelek Cafetiere may cost a few pounds more than the cheaper ones but it will work out the cheapest in the end when it is still brewing delicious coffee 5 years from now. In our opinion, it is worth spending an extra few pounds to get something that will last.

 The simplest, easiest and most cost-effective way to make a good cup of coffee is with a Cafetiere.

  • Add coffee to the bottom of the Cafetiere (around 1 heaped tablespoon per cup)
  • Add boiling water and wait 3 minutes
  • Stir and wait another 3 minutes
  • Plunge and serve after 6 minutes when the water has cooled to around 90 degrees


It’s not going to work for you if you want to grab a coffee on your way out to work in the morning but if you have 10 minutes available for the preparation and you use good coffee then you can produce a wonderful cup of coffee that will cost very similar to a cup of instant but once you try a Cafetiere coffee you will never return to instant again.

To get the maximum flavour possible, grind whole beans yourself just before you add the ground coffee to the cafetiere. Coffee starts to lose its flavour within 20 minutes after being ground so do it yourself for the best flavour.

It’s very simple and a blade coffee grinder is much cheaper than you think. For a small cost, you get a big taste difference.

If the styling of the traditional glass cylinder type of cafetiere is not your taste and you want something that does the same job but has a more modern look to it then this Topelek full body stainless steel version could be exactly what you are looking for.

On Amazon alone, you have over 500 to choose from so how do you choose from a seemingly endless list of cafetiere’s that all look like they do the same thing?

This particular one has been tested and reviewed by us and already has hundreds of happy owners. What do you get with this cafetiere that ensures you are getting the very best possible value for money?

First of all, we would definitely recommend going for the 1000ml version. It also comes in a smaller 500ml but its nowhere near half the price and with the 1000ml one you don’t need to fill it to full capacity if you are just making coffee for yourself or for two people.

If it’s only ever going to be used by one or two people then the 500ml one may work but the bigger one gives you the option for more coffee if you have guests.

It’s also good to know what the capacity is in ml because everyone has a different idea of what a “cup” is. Most cafetiere’s will state the number of cups but if you have cups that hold 100ml then you will get 10 cups of the big one but is you like a mug of coffee that holds 250ml then you will only get 4 so ignore the cup size and use your own judgement based on the normal cup size that you use on a daily basis.

Construction matters. Cheap glass and cheap plastic will wear quicker over time. Just by holding this in your hand you can tell that is solidly made and it just feels good as well as looks good.

You will pay maybe a tenner more for this one than some of the cheaper lookalikes but you will end up buying 3 of those before you replace this one.

If you are brewing a full 1000ml pot its worth knowing that this has a double-wall stainless steel construction that will keep the coffee hotter for longer. It won’t act like a flask and keep it warm for hours but it will keep it drinkable for a good half hour and certainly longer than any glass construction cafetiere.

You can safely put this in the dishwasher without fear of corrosion but most of the time a simple rinse under the tap with a touch of washing up liquid will do the trick for super easy maintenance.

The main part of any cafetiere that will need replacing is the filter mesh. The cheaper alternatives come with just the one. When you buy this one you get 3 – the one it comes with and 2 spares as well. You’ll be good for about 3 years with those 3.

Also, a finer filter mesh costs more and this cafetiere comes with a very fine filter mesh that will ensure no coffee grounds escape into your cup.

The spout has a good design ensure no drips even when you are pouring out the last cup and tipping it at an acute angle.

Unlike some of the cheaper products out there, you don’t need to guess how much water is being added because there are markings on the inside to show you exactly how much is in there.

In addition to the 2 x spare mesh, you also get 1 x coffee scoop and 2 x stainless steel spoons. On it own or combined with some suitable glasses this would make a brilliant gift to convert someone away from instant coffee and into the wonderful world where coffee can become an experience instead of just a drink.

If you want something that is more robust than the traditional glass alternatives and will last a lot longer then this modern take on a traditional classic coffee maker is well worth considering.