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If you are looking to combine style with quality at an affordable price then this stainless steel cafetiere may be exactly what you are looking for.

There are thousands of different cafetiere’s available on the market and they all look similar but looks can be deceiving so you need to choose wisely and avoid the very cheap Chinese made lookalike’s that may seem like a bargain but will end up being the most expensive in the end because it won’t be long before something breaks or starts to corrode or wear out.

If you prefer to go with a branded option from a manufacturer that has been making coffee machines for the UK market for years and have proven themselves to consistently produce high-quality coffee makers then you can take a look at the Bodum Chambord Cafetiere. You will pay a little bit of a premium but it’s a proven winner over time.

Do a little be of digging though and you can find a comparable product that will work in the same way and last just as long and you will pay a bit less because it doesn’t have the brand name on it.

One of the first things we look for when it comes to a cafetiere is how much the manufacturer cares about customer satisfaction in terms of the longevity of the product.

One of the things that you will have to replace on all cafetieres over time is the mesh filter that stops the coffee grounds from passing through into your cup. Rinse it though after every wash and it will last for months but eventually it will start to stain and will become a little clogged making it harder for the coffee to pass through.

With cheaper cafetieres they don’t give you any spare mesh filters in order to keep the price down. With this one, they give you 3 spares!

That is a good initial indication that they care about the product you have bought and they want it to last.

A tip with cafetieres is to use coffee that is more coarsely ground than you would typically use for espresso machines and that’s hard to find in the shops because most pre-ground coffee has been ground too fine to get the maximum taste out of brewing it with a cafetiere.

A common misunderstanding is that it can be a pain to grind your own coffee but it really is quick and cheap and will give you a much better tasting cup of coffee.

Coffee grinders can be expensive if you go for a burr grinder but to grind up whole coffee beans into a grind size suitable for cafetieres you don’t really need anything fancier than a cheap blade grinder which you can pick up for around a tenner.

Buy your own beans and grind them up yourself just before brewing – you really will notice the difference.

Next is the build quality. the thinner the metal, the cheaper cafetiere will be. You need to choose one that has a strong sturdy solid feel and this certainly fits the bill.

It looks stylish in a combination of black and silver and is made in thick stainless steel that is made to last.

Unless you are making coffee for one person most of the time then we would always recommend buying a one litre capacity cafetiere because it gives you the flexibility to make coffee for up to 5 or 6 people in one go.

All of the 1 litre cafetieres get sold as “8 cup” but it’s best to ignore that because that assumes a cup is 125ml and that’s definitely on the low side with most people classifying a cup or a mug as 200ml – 250ml so an 8 cup is more like 5 cups in reality.

The final test is how happy are people that have already purchase the product and have used it for a period of time to make sure that it does what it is supposed to. This is a highly rated and highly recommended cafetiere that will work and last as long as the brand versions but will cost you less.

The 3 spare mesh filters are an added bonus that really does make this an excellent value for money coffee maker.

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