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Smeg Coffee Machine Review

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We all love a cup of coffee in the early hours of the morning, especially if we need our daily cup to keep us energized and alert throughout the day. So if you are a hardcore coffee enthusiast, then chances are you have probably considered buying a coffee machine for your kitchen.

But with so many varieties currently available to you, which brand of coffee machine should you choose? 

Currently, Smeg is widely considered one of the leading brands in the coffee industry, with the company producing a variety of cutting-edge appliances designed to enhance your coffee experience.

Known for their vibrant and retro-chic designs, Smeg coffee machines do not only deliver a delicious cup of joe, but they also look attractive in almost any kitchen environment. 

Today, we are going to take a look at the Smeg Drip Coffee Maker, which is a dependable and efficient machine with the potential to make a selection of hot and delicious drinks.

Although this coffee machine may be pricier than others, it is still a popular choice among coffee lovers and promises to deliver a strong performance. 


Distinguished by its smooth enamel finish, the Smeg Drip Coffee Maker features a rather simple yet elegant design, with the distinctive shape and structure being reminiscent of the company’s iconic 1950’s aesthetic.

Ideal for all kinds of kitchen environments, the coffee machine also comes complete with the traditional Smeg trickle espresso maker style, which promises to deliver a delicious cup of coffee any time throughout the day. 

Although the coffee machine’s attractive appearance is incentive enough to purchase this amazing product, some buyers have questioned its durability and benefits.

So if you are wondering what features this chic coffee machine can offer, then we have reviewed it to outline its various pros and cons. Just take a look down below and see exactly what this appliance can do for you. 

Detailed Look

Before we take a more critical look at the coffee machine, we believe it is important to outline its various features, so that you can understand exactly what this appliance can offer. To begin, let’s take a look at the machine’s body.

Like most Smeg products, the Drip Coffee Maker is made using high-quality steel, which features a powder-coat polish and enamel finish. The coffee machine also comes complete with a glass carafe for catching and serving the coffee expression. 

Overall, the Smeg Drip Coffee Maker comes with a rather basic display, which only features 4 handy buttons and an oval-shaped centrepiece. You can use each of these buttons to control most settings and features on the machine and they are relatively easy to operate. 

Here is a list of some other specifications that we have chosen to highlight about the machine: 

  • The coffee machine features two blending settings, which range from sensitive to serious. You can alter these settings to pick your preferred espresso concentration. 
  • The coffee machine’s tank is capable of holding a 1.5 quart limit of water and comes with a decent and visible water level marker. 
  • The coffee machine features an auto-start setting, which allows you to mix and prepare your espresso at a pre-established time. 
  • The coffee machine comes with a useful keep-warm plate, which can be used to retain the temperature of your coffee for up to an hour. 
  • The coffee machine features three water hardness settings which can be used to adjust the machine to your home’s water type. 
  • The coffee machine comes with a Smeg espresso producer, which can be programmed to descale the channel. 
  • The coffee machine comes complete with a 10-cup carafe, which you can fill to full capacity. Otherwise, the overall cup size of the machine allows you to blend only one to four cups at a time. 
  • The coffee machine also features non-slip feet on its base, which are particularly useful for households with children and pets. 


Smeg appliances are often highly regarded for their overall appearance and design, which often utilizes a classic and retro aesthetic. The Smeg Drip Coffee Maker is no exception to that rule and is particularly attractive and dazzling to look at.

Because of its vibrant energy, the coffee machine is capable of inhabiting any kitchen space and will give your home a fashionable and timeless look. You can also currently purchase the machine in a range of different colours, with the appliance being available in shades of red, blue, green, cream and black.


Because of the coffee machine’s retro design and shape, the Smeg Drip Coffee Maker is significantly larger than most other espresso machines on the market and will require a dedicated amount of kitchen space if you intend to buy one. 

However, if you are concerned about the amount of space the coffee machine needs, then we recommend measuring the space you intend to use. If it is still too small for this particular machine, then you may have to consider buying a different coffee machine, or preferably a smaller model from the same brand. 


If you are a passionate coffee drinker, then another important element you will want to consider is the taste of the espresso that the machine produces.

Unlike other coffee machine brands on the market, the Smeg Drip Coffee Maker is not made from plastic, which means it is incapable of giving your finished coffee an artificial and unobtrusive taste. 

Instead, this specific model has been designed to brew trickle espresso, which means it utilizes ground coffee beans to their fullest potential. The final result is a pot of perfectly brewed coffee that packs a powerful punch but without the addition of any unwanted or lingering flavours. 


If you were to take a look at the coffee machine, you would notice that the Smeg Drip Coffee Maker features computerized express-making technology, which is relatively easy to use and understand.

All data you need to know is made visible on the coffee machine’s LED display, which has a useful backdrop to prevent glare or miscommunication. 

When it comes to the overall presentation, the display will also relay any important data that you may need to know, especially information concerning the productivity of your coffee machine and its well-being. 

Is The Smeg Coffee Machine Worth The Money?

Although it may seem that the coffee machine’s benefits are only on a surface level, this is not entirely true. One of the primary benefits of the Smeg Drip Coffee Maker is its reliability and comfortable nature, which we believe is more than enough to justify the product’s overall sticker price.

Not only are the machine’s controls easy to use, but they can adjust fundamental elements of the machine, such as the mix size, coffee strength and temperature levels. 

Buyers have also reacted positively to the coffee machine’s durable design, which makes it the perfect appliance for a large household with a high population of children and animals.

Featuring a weighty shape and non-slip feet, the machine feels more reliable and sturdier than most common espresso machines and is said to have no long-term issues or negative effects. 

Of course, another primary incentive to purchase the machine is its attractive appearance, which features a retro-chic design and modern bundling for current usage.

Available in a range of colours, the machine can be installed in a variety of kitchen environments and will help to give your home a touch of much-needed vibrancy. 

What We Didn’t Like

Although our review for the Smeg Drip Coffee Maker has so far been positive, this does not mean that the product does not come with any negative attributes.

One of the primary issues many dedicated coffee drinkers have had with the machine is its programmed clean update, which is meant to alert you to the cleanliness of the overall appliance. 

Now there have been some people who have found this feature to be particularly useful, while others have found it both exhausting and frustrating. This is because when the light shows on the display, you are unable to use the machine until it has been fully cleaned.

Although for some people this is no issue, for others with busy schedules it could mean missing their morning cup of coffee to get to work on time. 

Another primary disadvantage associated with the machine is its cost, which can often range between £150-300 depending on where you have purchased it. Although we personally believe that this price range is suitable for the machine and its various features, other buyers may take issue with the overall price. 

Final Thoughts

Known for its unique and stylish appearance, the Smeg Drip Coffee Maker is more than just a pretty face, as the machine is also capable of producing a smooth and delicious coffee that will satisfy even the pickiest of coffee drinkers. 

Smeg ECF01BLUK 50’s retro style espresso coffee machine, stainless steel filter holder, an anti-drip system, 1L, Black
  • AUTHENTIC ITALIAN ESPRESSO: The aroma of a real espresso, the taste of a creamy cappuccino or a delicious latte macchiato, like those prepared in coffee shops, can now be prepared from the comfort of your home

With its array of special features and easy-to-use display, the coffee machine is relatively simple to understand and will quickly become a popular appliance in your home. Featuring a sturdy and durable design, the machine is also perfect for large households and promises to deliver a strong performance and long life. 

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