Tassimo Rechargeable Coffee Capsules Are They Worth It?





Tassimo coffee capsules are great for those who want to enjoy their favorite beverage without having to worry about the mess or hassle of brewing coffee at home.

They’re also ideal for those who want to be more environmentally conscious.

Non-refillable coffee capsules have a devastating impact on the environment.

Using refillable coffee capsules is one method of enjoying coffee in an environmentally friendly manner.

Who Is Tassimo?

Tassimo is a coffee brand that has been around since 2004. They’re world-class experts in producing incredible coffee machines and coffee pods.

The coffee machines are called Bosch, and they’re outstanding quality.

Tassimo offers coffee capsules designed to deliver a consistent taste every time. They work with a range of brands to create this coffee. S

ome of the brands they work with are Costa, but they’ve also worked with Milka and L’or. In fact, Tassimo works with over 40 brands to produce unbelievable coffee pods of the highest quality.

Tassimo does not sell bags of ground coffee. All the coffee that Tassimo sells is in the form of pods. They also tend to work primarily with brands.

They do, however, sell their own brand black coffee, and creamer for milk.

If you’re a fan of coffee, then you’ll know that coffee pods are not sustainable.

They have a single use life. This adds to plastic waste, and is incredibly detrimental to the environment.

Instead, more and more people are choosing to use refillable coffee pods.

Refillable coffee pods have been on the market for a good couple of years, they’re not a new item.

However, until now, no refillable coffee pod has been compatible with Tassimo’s Bosch machine.

Yup, dozens of people across the globe have tried and failed to use refillable coffee pods in Tassimo Bosch machines.

It’s been quite a big issue within the coffee pod community, but now, Tassimo has created an environmentally friendly solution.

Why Do Most Refillable Coffee Pods Not Work With Tassimo’s Bosch Machine?

For years, the coffee community has tried to find refillable coffee pods that are compatible with Tassimo’s Bosch machine.

While experts have stated many times that this is impossible, the coffee community sure kept trying to find the solution.

Well, they never did find the solution, but it no longer matters — because Tassimo has finally provided a solution.

Tassimo have launched their own version of refillable coffee pods. They’ve branded the coffee pods as rechargeable coffee pods, but it’s the same difference.

While most people are incredibly happy about this launch, a lot of people are still confused as to why non-branded refillable coffee pods will not work.

The answer is quite simple, and it’s just down to the type of technology that Tassimo uses.

Tassimo is a closed patent system. Tassimo also has a unique range of coffee pods, which are called T-Discs.

Due to the fact that Tassimo is a closed patent system, it meant that no other coffee company, or even brand, could access the barcodes which show what system the T-Discs use. This means that they could not replicate the coffee pods.

In a capitalist sense, it’s pretty smart. Tassimo is just making sure that no one can mimic their products.

The issue was, the public wanted more sustainable options for their coffee. Other brands had already created refillable coffee pods, but Tassimo had not.

While this might not seem like a huge deal, it’s incredibly annoying for those who have bought Tassimo’s Bosch machine.

This is because no other coffee pod will work with the machine.

Their only option was to buy a new coffee machine, or to keep using coffee pods that were not sustainable. Both options are not ideal for an environmentalist.

What Are Tassimo’s Rechargeable Coffee Capsules?

In a bid to be more environmentally friendly, and most likely to avoid a decline in sales, Tassimo created their brand of refillable coffee pods.

This is under the name Rechargeable Coffee Capsules. This occurred in 2021, and has been incredibly popular with the public.

Now, the Tassimo Rechargeable Coffee Capsules do have some pretty unique features.

Firstly, the Rechargeable Coffee Capsules come with a free mini cleaning brush. It’s a great item to have to ensure that the coffee is perfectly leveled.

The better feature of the Rechargeable Coffee Capsules is the digital measuring spoon. It’s pretty much exactly what it seems like, a spoon that works as a measure.

This means that customers can perfectly weigh out the exact amount of coffee, with only the spoon.

It makes using a refillable coffee much easier, and it seems like quite a reliable measurement.

While you can definitely buy one of these on the market, quality and accuracy matters. It seems like Tassimo has done a pretty good job on this, which coffee lovers across the globe will appreciate.

What Do The Tassimo Rechargeable Coffee Capsules Look Like?

When it comes to the size of the Rechargeable Coffee Capsules, they’re identical to Tassimo’s regular coffee pods.

The Rechargeable Coffee Capsules have to have the same measurement as the regular pods, otherwise the capsules would not be compatible with any of Tassimo’s machines.

You can, however, buy the Rechargeable Coffee Capsules in two different sizes. This is pretty standard, and it’s just for normal coffees and long coffees.

For normal coffees, Tassimo offers 60ml. For long coffees, Tassimo offers 180ml.

The Rechargeable Coffee Capsule contains a silicone lid. The purpose of the lid is to seal the coffee capsule, so that no coffee spills when the machine adds water.

There’s a small barcode on the lid too, which the Tassimo machine will read.

Now, the color of the Rechargeable Coffee Capsule’s silicone lid is pretty bright orange, which can be an eyesore.

If you like oranges, however, you’ll be very happy about the news. It’s a very bold orange color, which is popular with most of the Tassimo fan base.

Orange is actually a pretty good color for the silicone lid, because it’s pretty difficult to lose a lid this bright and colorful!

Lastly, inside the coffee capsule is a stainless steel filter. This can be removed, so that it can be washed after use. This filter should be washed after every coffee.

How To Use Tassimo’s Rechargeable Coffee Capsules

Tassimo Rechargeable Coffee Capsules

Tassimo’s Rechargeable Coffee Capsules are pretty easy to use. They also can be prepared in less than three minutes, so it’s really not time-consuming to use them.

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to use the Rechargeable Coffee Capsules.

  1. Make sure that the coffee capsules have been washed, and that the silicone lid is removed. Select a type of ground coffee. Using the measuring spoon, place the ground coffee in the coffee capsule. There is a stop mark inside the coffee capsule, do not place coffee above that line.
  2. To close the coffee capsule, put the silicone lid on top of the capsules. The lid should be sealed. Make sure that there are no gaps, as otherwise, the coffee will leak.
  3. Place the coffee capsule into the Tassimo machine. Then, fill the coffee capsule with the correct amount of water. The amount of water used depends on the size of the capsule. For normal coffees, it’s 60ml of water. For long coffees, it’s 180ml.
  4. Switch on the Tassimo machine, and watch your environmentally friendly coffee being made! Extra Step:
  5. It is crucial that the coffee capsule is washed after use. They also need to be dried after use, before it will be ready to reuse again.

What’s The Advantage Of Using A Refillable Coffee Pod?

One advantage of using reusable coffee capsules is eco-friendliness. Since these coffee capsules are reusable, they won’t end up in landfills.

Single plastic use is a huge problem in society, and it is having a negative impact on the environment.

There are dozens of coffee pods in landfills. While there are some coffee pods that are recyclable, many coffee pods are either non-recyclable, or do not end up being recycled.

By using a refillable coffee pod, it means that far less plastic will be used on a global basis.

Another advantage is that it’s also more cost-effective, since you don’t have to purchase new coffee capsules every time you make a cup of coffee.

It’s far cheaper to purchase a bag of ground coffee than it is to purchase a box of coffee capsules.

Plus, ground coffee can be used in other coffee equipment, like a cafetière, not just coffee machines.

Coffee pods are really niche, and because they are expensive, some people do not drink coffee as much as they would like. Ground coffee is a much more affordable option.

What’s The Disadvantage Of Using A Refillable Coffee Pod?

The main disadvantage of using a refillable coffee capsule is that it takes longer to prepare the coffee.

Especially if you’re making multiple cups of coffee at once, this could take quite a while.

It’s fine to use a refillable coffee pod if you’re just making one cup of coffee, but if you wanted to make two or three cups of coffee, you would have to wash the coffee pod each time.

Now, one way around this issue is to purchase extra refillable coffee pods. The thing is, Tassimo Rechargeable Coffee Capsules are not that cheap.

Plus, you can only use the Tassimo brand. You cannot use any generic refillable coffee pods in a Tassimo coffee machine.

This means that it can end up costing a fair bit of money to own just a couple of Rechargeable Coffee Capsules.

If money is not an issue, then it’s fine. However, for most people, they’re on a budget.

They can’t really afford to buy three, or four, refillable coffee pods — just for the sake of using a coffee machine in the morning.

Plus, all of these refillable coffee pods still have to be washed, and over time, it can get quite annoying.

With that said, it is an environmental cause. If someone is committed to making environmentally friendly changes in their life, for the best of the planet, then buying a couple of refillable coffee pods might just be the way to go. That’s because the global impact is massive.

The only concern would be water waste. If someone is washing their coffee capsule five times a day, then that’s an excess of water, which is not at all environmental.

This means it might be better to buy a couple of refillable coffee pods, and then wash these pods when there is extra washing up to do.

However, this is not the life of many people. Most people are too busy to spend this much time worrying about coffee, and cleaning a coffee capsule.

Are The Tassimo Rechargeable Coffee Capsules Worth Buying?

Overall, the Tassimo Rechargeable Coffee Capsules are worth buying, if you have a Tassimo coffee machine.

If you own a Tassimo machine, then opting for a refillable coffee capsule is an excellent choice.

Even if you only use the refillable coffee capsules half the time, and then disposable coffee capsules the other half of the time, you will still be reducing the amount of plastic waste in the world.

Plus, Tassimo is known for its quality. So, if you’re looking for a coffee maker that works well, and does its job properly, then the Tassimo brand is definitely worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Tassimo Rechargeable Coffee Capsules Offer A Range Of Colors?


Currently, the only color that Tassimo offers for their refillable coffee capsules is orange.

This may change in the future, but orange is the only color that Tassimo are currently selling.

Can I Use Any Refillable Coffee Pod In The Tassimo Coffee Machine?

Nope, Tassimo are a closed patent company, which means no other brands, or companies, have access to the barcodes of the system used for T-Discs, which are Tassimo coffee pods.

Do Every Rechargeable Coffee Capsule Include The Digital Spoon?

No, not every Rechargeable Coffee Capsule includes the digital spoon. This is an extra that people pay for. It’s not necessary, but it is a nice gadget.


The Tassimo Rechargeable coffee capsules are great refillable coffee pods. They’re much better for the environment than single use coffee pods, and they are easy to clean.

Plus, they’re the only refillable coffee pods that are compatible with Tassimo coffee machines.

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