Taylors of Harrogate Lazy Sunday Ground Coffee 227g (Pack of 3)





This blend from one of the most recognised quality coffee producers in the UK has been aptly named Lazy Sunday for a reason.

Whereas you may opt for the Hot Lava Java blend to super charge you on Monday morning, Lazy Sunday is a much smoother milder coffee that will help to ease you into the weekend and is the type of coffee to sit down with and read the Sunday papers. Chilled, relaxed and easy going

The beauty of being able to buy your Taylors of Harrogate coffee online is that you get to choose from the entire range of which there are 15 different blends.

The supermarkets only have a limited amount of space available to display their product but online space is unlimited to you get to choose from the entire range.

You know that Taylors of Harrogate produce good coffee for the price because the supermarket chains give them shelf space in the first place. There are literally hundreds of different brands all vying for coveted space on the shelves of Tesco or Sainsburys but only a handful make it.

The specialist coffee buyers taste all of them but only the best make it into the range. You will find Taylors of Harrogate in most of the main supermarkets so you know just from that they are good.


Beans from Africa and Latin America are blended and roasted for a shorter than average amount of time to produce a light brown coffee bean at the lower end of the intensity level

Body & Aroma

Milk chocolate and citrusy fruits come out in this blend that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.


This blend is graded as a 3 by Taylors in a range of 3 to 7 so if you like to enjoy all the flavours without being hit with a huge kick then this smooth drinking coffee with suit.


This ground coffee will work best with filter coffee machines or cafetiere’s due to the coarseness of the grind.

Simply add around one tablespoon of coffee for each mug and you can adjust the amount of water to taste depending on how strong or mild you prefer your coffee.

As this is a mild blend anyway you can add a mug of boiling water to the catetiere or filter coffee machine for each tablespoon of coffee without fear of making it too strong. Add a little more water to make it milder.

Grinding the coffee beans just before brewing will give you the freshest and most flavoursome coffee possible and Taylors of Harrogate do this blend in bean form as well so if you are prepared to grind the beans yourself then it will enhance your coffee experience even further.

Take a look at the Lazy Sunday 1kg bag of beans to experience this coffee at its best.[affbtns]

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