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Coffee Cake Recipes

Do you need a new coffee cake recipe? Maybe you want to try making a coffee cake but don’t know where to start? Or are you curious about coffee cake and want to know more?

Whatever the question is that brought you here, we have the answer for you!

Finding a coffee cake recipe that works for you can be tricky, especially if you aren’t the most experienced baker (see also ‘Coffee And Walnut Cake Recipes‘). You head online for some advice and a simple recipe but are met by pages and pages of confusing and conflicting recipes.

Frustrated and overwhelmed, you are unsure what to do next. How will you ever master coffee cake with so much unhelpful and hard-to-read information out there?

Well, that is where we come swooping in to save the day! Keep reading to find the best and easiest coffee cake recipes. No matter your experience level, we are sure to have a recipe that will allow you to create the coffee cake of your dreams!

Let’s not waste any more time and take a look at these recipes now. 

1. BBC Coffee Cake Recipe

No one does a recipe quite like the BBC! Their coffee cake recipe is simple and easy to follow. Plus, it takes under an hour to prep and cook the cake!

It also guides you through the process of decorating the cake, so you can present your coffee cake with some coffee icing, fruit, and walnuts. 

The two sponges are sandwiched together by this thick and delicious buttercream icing. And by using instant coffee, you can make this cake at an affordable price!

We love that you can freeze the sponges, allowing you to make extra mixture and have a cake on hand whenever you fancy a caffeine and cake hit! 

2. Easy Coffee Cake

Any recipe that has easy in the title always intrigues us, and this easy coffee cake recipe was super easy to follow!

It can be made in any size tin, so you don’t need to worry about heading to the shops and spending more money on a tin that will be used once. 

There is plenty of flavour in both the cake and buttercream, so if you love a strong coffee, this is the cake for you! The coffee flavour comes from instant powder or granules, delivering intense flavour with minimal effort from yourself. 

The instructions are clear and easy to read too, so no matter your baking experience, you can make this delicious cake with ease! 

3. Mary Berry Coffee Hazelnut Praline Cake

May Berry’s cake recipes are always a hit in our house. And this one is no different! It is the perfect cake for anyone that loves hazelnut-flavoured coffee. The recipe has just six steps for you to follow.

None of them are overly complex, so you can make this cake as a beginner! 

Sure, making a praline might sound complex, but it’s quite simple! Just make sure you work with a low heat and stir slowly. It is best to work slowly here to ensure that the praline is made correctly rather than quickly. 

4. Coffee And Walnut Whip Cake

Coffee and walnut cake is a classic bake, but by adding a walnut whip to each slice, you get a funky cake that is sure to fly off the cake stand!

Whether this is for dessert on a Sunday afternoon or a charity bake sale, we bet this will be a firm favourite! 

The espresso spike icing, rich coffee sponge, and walnut whip on top make this a coffee cake like no other|! Plus, it is super easy to make. We also recommend adding some chopped walnuts or chocolate buttons to the top of the cake too.

It adds more richness to the cake and makes the top look full and inviting too. 

5. Best Ever Gluten-Free Coffee Cake

We know, best ever is a bold claim, but this gluten-free coffee cake really is the best ever! Taking just under an hour to prepare and cook, this coffee and walnut cake is perfect for anyone with limited time on their hands. 

Simply use gluten-free baking powder and gluten-free flour and you can enjoy a coffee cake without the worry of any allergies or intolerances.

The recipe also has guidance on how to make the cake dairy-free, allowing you to tailor the cake to suit you with ease. 

We do recommend buying chopped walnuts as it can be hard to chop the whole ones yourself. Why not make the job easier and buy a bag of chopped or halved walnuts?

6. Vegan Coffee Cake

Coffee cake is one of the easiest cakes to make vegan, with this recipe giving you step-by-step guidance on how to do it!

Soy milk, oil, and apple cider vinegar replace the egg and milk usually used in cake to give you a light and fluffy consistency. You can use lemon juice if you don’t have apple cider vinegar to hand.

The cake is super moist and packed full of flavour. There is an intense coffee taste in the buttercream thanks to coffee liqueur (see also ‘Coffee Liqueur Recipes‘). You could swap this for a non-alcoholic version too if you prefer.

Just make sure there is no added milk in the liqueur that would make it unsuitable for vegans!

7. Coffee Cake Banana Bread

Why not use up any ripe bananas you have and make this delicious coffee cake banana bread? It also gives your loaf tin another fantastic use! This cake does take longer to cook than the others but trust us, it is worth the wait. 

Espresso powder is used to give the cake an intense and rich flavour, without it overpowering the bananas too much. Make sure you use ripe bananas as they will mash easily and offer a wonderful flavour.

The browner the banana, the better it is for baking! 

Most of the ingredients are cheap and easy to find too, the chances are most of it will be lurking in your cupboards, allowing you to whip this cake up with ease! 

8. Bailey’s Chocolate Coffee Cake

This is the perfect coffee cake to make this festive season. The boozy dessert is the perfect blend of coffee, cake, and Baileys. It is one of the longest to bake, but it is worth it!

The espresso powder gives this cake a rich flavour that is enhanced by the chocolate and Baileys! 

There is the perfect level of creaminess here too. The cake isn’t so rich that you feel sick after a slice (or two), which is always the marker of a good cake in our books!

The steps are easy to follow, allowing you to create a dessert that your friends and family will love! 

9. Authentic Italian Tiramisu

We couldn’t write a list of coffee cake recipes without including a delicious tiramisu one! While it doesn’t look like a cake, the Italian dessert is a staple for coffee lovers around the world. 

The ladyfingers are soaked in coffee before being added to layers of a mascarpone-based cream. The boozy dessert is the perfect end to a dinner party (especially one with an Italian theme).

You can omit the booze too if you want, the coffee gives the dessert plenty of flavour anyways! 

The only thing is it can be hard to serve. For dinner parties, it is better to spoon the mixture into individual pots, allowing you to serve it easily and stylishly! 

10. Carrot Coffee Cake

Why not mix two wonderful cakes together and create this delicious carrot coffee cake? It’s the perfect cake to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, or a dessert. It’s super versatile and packed full of spices and flavours. 

The recipe is easy to follow and takes just over an hour, making it the perfect recipe to follow on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Nothing will warm you up quite like a slice of this and a hot cup of coffee! 

11. Coffee Cupcakes With Mocha Buttercream Icing

Finally, we have these delicious coffee cupcakes for you to make. Sometimes a cake is just too big, but these cupcakes are the perfect size for you to enjoy! This egg-free recipe is ideal for anyone avoiding eggs or with allergies. 

The recipe tells you clearly how to make the egg replacement, so nothing is left to chance! Plus, the rest of the recipe can be made vegan easily too, so the cake can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their allergies or diets. 

The mocha buttercream offers plenty of flavour, plus a chocolatey hit that you are sure to love. Whether these are for a party or to satisfy your sweet tooth, these are the perfect coffee cupcakes to make! 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, 11 coffee cake recipes you are sure to love. Whether you want a rich and spicy cake, a chocolatey hit, or a creamy and boozy coffee cake, we are sure to have the cake that you need! 

Happy baking! 

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