How To Remove Coffee Stain On Carpet




remove coffee stain on carpet

remove coffee stain on carpet

All you need to remove coffee stains on carpet is a bottle of stain remover, a clean white cotton cloth and a steam iron. Most other ways don’t work but this method will suck up the coffee right into the cloth and in 10 minutes your stain will be gone.

Coffee stains are not permanent but it’s easy to believe that they are especially if you spilt coffee on the carpet and tried various methods that didn’t work.

Or maybe you moved into your home and inherited a coffee stain from a previous owner and have just been looking at it wondering if it’s even possible to tackle it because it looks like it’s been there for years and is ingrained into the fibres of the carpet.

If you have tried vinegar and baking soda and various other things that get banded about that don’t really work very well then you have nothing to lose by giving this a go and we are pretty sure that you are going to be very pleasantly surprised.

There is no need to make up your own cleaning solution with things like Hydrogen Peroxide and vinegar and washing up liquid and various other stuff that is a hassle to do and doesn’t do a better job than a bottle of stain remover.

Why bother making your own solution when massive companies have spent a fortune on developing and bottling their own that you can pick up cheaply in the supermarket.

You’ve probably already got a bottle in the kitchen cupboard already but if not then you can pick up a bottle of the supermarket own brand stain remover spray for about £2.

You can get a branded product like Vanish if you want but the cheaper supermarket stuff has the same ingredients and will do the same job.

The secret to permanently removing all traces of a coffee stain from your carpet is not the stain remover it’s an iron that is the item that will perform the magic.

You do need a steam iron for this to work so unfortunately if your iron does not have a steam function this won’t work for you but most do these days so hopefully you’ve already got one in the cupboard.

Finally, a clean white cotton cloth is essential for this to work properly. A cloth that is about twice the size of the base of your iron is ideal.

You can normally pick these up in a pound shop for £1 so if you don’t have a clean white cloth already then it’s worth buying a couple of these for best results.

Make sure it’s white as well because with the method we use the colour from any cloth that is not white could transfer onto the carpet and you’ll end up with the coffee coming out but the colour of the cloth transferring onto the carpet.

This is the best way to remove coffee stains from your carpet:

1. First of all spray or dampen the stain with water to just loosen up the carpet fibres. Make it nice and damp but not wet. Leave for 10 minutes.

2. Spray the stain with stain remover all over so that the stain is drenched in the stain remover. Not soaking wet but well covered. Leave for 10 minutes. When you spray the stain with water and then spray it with the stain remover you will be very tempted to try and give it a bit of a scrub or soak up some of the liquid with the cloth. Don’t do that because all you will do is spread the stain further across the carpet and make it worse. The secret is to suck up all of the coffee into the cloth and that’s where the iron comes in.

3. Wet the cloth under the tap until it is soaking wet and then rinse it out so that it is wet but no water is dripping from it and place the cloth over the stain. Its important that the cloth is wet because you don’t want the iron to burn the carpet.

4. Put the cloth on top of the stain and turn the iron to a low steam setting. You can always increase the intensity of the steam but start on low.

5. Place the iron on top of the cloth for 20-30 seconds. The steam will go through the cloth and the seal between the cloth and the carpet will suck up the coffee into the cloth like magic.

6. Depending on how big the stain is you can do it in batches across the stain.

7. Normally after 10 minutes all of the stain should be removed but if some remains repeat the process once more and the carpet will look like there has never been anything there.

Here is a short video showing you the entire process:

Does bleach remove coffee stains?

Never use bleach to remove a coffee stain from a carpet. It will take the stain out but it will also take the colour out of your carpet and leave a mark that was worse than the original coffee stain!

As a general rule you should never use bleach on fabric and never on carpet as it will irreversibly damage your carpet forever.

Bleach has it’s uses and is a highly effective cleaning agent on the right surfaces. Toilets, bathrooms and generally most hard surfaces will benefit from the disinfectant properties of bleach.

If you are frustrated by a coffee stain that you can’t get out no matter what you try, using the method described in this article will produce results that you didn’t think was possible.

Other methods to remove coffee stains from carpet

The secret to removing any stain effectively is to suck up the stain rather than rub it because if you rub or scrub then it spreads.

This is the best method we could find that doesn’t involve anything expensive but if you happen to have a carpet cleaner then that will do an equally good job.

Carpet cleaners have motorised brushes that apply water and cleaning solution to the stain and dig down into the carpet fibres all at the same time.

As well as that they have powerful suction that sucks up the dirt from stains at the same time as it is cleaning.

Carpet cleaners are great if you want to clean larger areas as well as specific stains but if your carpet is generally clean and you just have a few coffee stains the method with the iron will work just fine.

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