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If you are not bothered about a brand name and don’t care too much about design but you do want something functional that does what it is supposed to at a very good price then this unbranded large capacity but low-cost cafetière will be exactly what you are looking for.

You need to be careful when going low in price because if you go too low then it becomes a false economy as the quality means that it will not last and you will be buying another one before you know it because the cheap one broke.

We have researched hundreds of low-cost cafetière’s and most don’t last so if you step up above the very cheapest and pay a few pounds more that is where the best value for money is because you are not paying for a brand name but you will get something that has been made to last.

A cafetière should be lasting you around 3-5 years at least so it’s not really worth saving £3-£5 on one that will break in the first 12 months.

You might as well get one that will last the distance and that way you save in the long run.

This budget cafetière is not the absolute cheapest you can get but it is the best value for money because the component parts are made to a similar standard as the branded equivalent products like the Bodum Chambord cafetière and it will likely last as long but is an awful lot cheaper.

It doesn’t look as good and it doesn’t have Bodum written on the box when it arrives but it is made of the same borosilicate glass that all Bodum cafetières are made of which is better quality than standard glass.

Borosilicate glass is toughened glass that is more expensive because it is more resistant to sudden changes in temperature which is important for a product like a cafetière because you will often be going from cold to very hot all the time and because of this cheaper products are more likely to crack or break.

Bodum may be the market leader and the brand that everyone knows but this cafetière will make the same cup of coffee that the Bodum product does but you will save a packet on this one compared to the Bodum and this one will last you for a number of years as well.

Buying the right Cafetiere is a wonderfully cost-effective way to make a flavoursome coffee that you will enjoy for the same price as it will cost to make a cup of instant that most of the time tastes like cardboard.

If you are used to drinking instant then you won’t believe the difference until you try something else and the cheapest way to do that is with a cafetiere.

If you are going to get the very best out of your cafetière then we would recommend combining it with a coffee grinder so that you can grind your own beans just before brewing.

Most people just go for ground coffee because it is easier but it makes a massive difference if you grind the coffee beans yourself.

All of the flavour you taste in your coffee is locked into the bean and it starts to deteriorate the minute that the beans get ground which is why you will never see ground coffee in a coffee shop. They always grind the beans just before your coffee is made because that’s the way to get the best flavour.

To get the best flavour with coffee made with a cafetière it is also important to grind your coffee at the correct level of fineness.

For espresso machines, you need a super fine grind because the water is forced through the coffee at high pressure but with a cafetière, the water is left to brew inside the glass container for around 4 minutes before you are ready to pour your coffee so it is important to have a coarser grind to allow all of the coffee flavour to permeate the water and create maximum flavour so if you grind the beans yourself you will have control over how finely they are chopped and how therefore how good your coffee will taste.

Grinding your own beans is actually super simple and you can pick up a grinder for as little as a tenner. We have fully researched all of the best coffee grinders for you to take a look through.

The large 1000ml capacity of this cafetière will produce around 4 mugs of coffee or 6 cups which is plenty for a whole family or you can just brew a couple of cups if it’s just for yourself.

Use around one heaped tablespoon of ground coffee for each cup and then add near boiling water (but not boiling) and stir. After about 4 minutes plunge down and enjoy.

Where some of the other cheaper products fail is with the quality of the mesh filter which can be flimsy and don’t filter out all of the ground coffee so you get left with bits in your cup.

This one has a strong, fine mesh that is made to last and will ensure that all of the unwanted ground coffee is completely filtered out during the plunging process.

We would recommend always going for a cafetière that has a capacity of 1000ml because you will see them advertised as 3 cup or 6 cup or 10 cup but everyone has different cup sizes and preferences in their home so if you get a 3 cup it will most likely only make 1 or 2 and a 6 cup 2 or 3 so you might as cover all the bases because a 1 litre capacity cafetière can make from 1 to 8 cups and you will always be able to make as many cups as you need in one brew without coming up short.

This is an excellent value for money alternative to the more expensive Bodum branded cafetière and is highly recommended by many happy customers.

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