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Coffee makes the world go round, and the rich tasting drink is a favorite to so many, that more people are investing in their own coffee machines than ever before. It’s important to have access to the perfect aroma and texture at the click of a button.

There is a huge range of coffee machines on the market, each with their own profile. This includes unique features that make them easier to use on a regular basis. With the demands of the modern world, it’s more important than ever to be able to make your own coffee from home.

This includes access to a grinder, pressurized steaming wand, and aroma settings. Depending on your preferences and how regularly you enjoy sipping a rich tasting coffee, the DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM 4200 could be for you.

We’ve tested out the unique brewing machine so that you don’t have to. These are some of the key points that make the DeLonghi ESAM 4200 stand out from other coffee machines that are currently dominating the market.

De’Longhi Magnifica, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Espresso, Cappuccino, ESAM 4200.S, Silver
  • INTEGRATED GRINDER: Includes an integrated Coffee burr grinder with 7 adjustable coarseness levels; the beans are ground instantly for fuller flavour and a fresher cup of Coffee


Firstly, it’s important to find a coffee machine that works for you in terms of its physical appearance. You should be able to add to the style and overall look of your kitchen or coffee station by integrating a stylish, modern machine that is pleasing to the eye.

The ESAM 4200 comes in two main color choices, black or silver. Interestingly, the silver finish is consistently in higher demand, which has led to a slightly higher price range. In spite of this, it is one of the most versatile coffee appliances because it integrates multiple systems in one.

In addition to this, the ESAM 4200 makes a great addition to any countertop. It does not necessarily stand out, and the silver finish gives it a modern look which many guests find appealing.

However, if you are more concerned about finding something to blend in with your other kitchen appliances, then you could choose the black version. It tends to be a great universal color to link everything together and create a seamless, modern finish.

The design itself is somewhat simplistic, there is little need for additional dials, switches, or knobs when two simple turning dials do the same thing. DeLonghi have used the design of the ESAM 4200 to make a highly universal design that fits in most homes.

They are also suggesting that when it comes to coffee, it is sometimes better to keep things simple and strip the process back a little. The old-fashioned dials where a digital display could be are demonstrating that, and bring the rich tasting beverage back to its origins in a sense.



Another interesting feature which makes the ESAM 4200 one of the more versatile coffee machines is its smaller scale in comparison to other models and brands of coffee machines. It is relatively compact, and does not require much space on the counter.

The main thing to be aware of is the additional four inches that you will need to allow room for on top of the bean holder. This makes the ESAM 4200 much easier to refill and clean when necessary.

Allow the extra space when you are choosing where to keep your coffee maker, and try to measure the distance between the counter and any overhead cabinets.

The machine itself is fourteen inches tall, and will occupy around 11 inches of space on your counter. As long as you allow the correct amount of space and ensure that the ESAM 4200 is kept in the correct place, there is no reason why you cannot make the most out of your new, modern, compact machine.

In spite of its smaller size and relatively compact design, the ESAM 4200 is still able to hold an impressive amount of water and coffee in the corresponding compartments. With 1.9 quarts of water maximum capacity, and around 7 ounces of coffee bean storage, this is definitely a machine that will not need to be refilled regularly.

Custom Experience

ESAM 4200 Review

De'Longhi Magnifica, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Espresso, Cappuccino, ESAM 4200.S, Silver


Something that many people are interested in when it comes to making their own coffee from home is adjustable settings. This makes the experience overall feel more personal and custom, because you can change the settings based on your preferences.

Whether you want to experience a more complex taste, or create a rich aroma, the possibilities are endless. This is because the ESAM 4200 allows you to change a range of settings that can have an effect on the taste of your coffee.

Thanks to the series of dials seen on the front of the machine, it is easy to switch between the 13 grind settings and amount of water that each cup is made with. This can affect the overall strength of your coffee, and allow you to experiment with different grinds to find your favorite.

Another way in which you can make the most out of your ESAM 4200 is by using the adjustable height of the drip tray. Being able to alter this allows you to use your favorite coffee cups every time.

Except for huge mugs, this coffee machine is especially unique in its ability to change the distance of the drip tray.

You can also make use of the manual steam wand for milk. Depending on how you like to drink your coffee and the amount of milk that you like, you can create micro-foam which is impressively smooth and creamy.

This can be used to make latte art, which are patterns on top of your coffee made using the frothy milk.

Why not give foam art a go? You may find yourself creating more complex designs and patterns in no time. Consider adding small amounts of food coloring to the milk to add another dimension to the process.

The beauty of the ESAM 4200 is that it is a great machine to create all types of coffee based drinks. These include espresso, cappuccino, latte, and mocha. Start any of your favorite drinks with an impressively high quality coffee base.

You can even leave the espresso in the refrigerator overnight and use it for iced coffee drinks. Another possibility is espresso martinis!

Easy To Use

It can be challenging to find the right combination of qualities from a coffee machine. Being able to find something that is easy to use and has a range of customizable features is another feature that makes the ESAM 4200 stand out.

These are some of the ways that we found it easier to use than some of its competitors.

Something that is a priority to many coffee drinkers is that it is as effortless as possible to get their daily caffeine intake. That is why we have outlined the ease of use provided by the ESAM 4200, so that you can decide what features are the most important to you and what you do not necessarily need from a coffee machine.



The first thing that anybody should do when they want to set up their new coffee machine is read the user manual. As with any product by DeLonghi, the ESAM 4200 has a highly comprehensive pamphlet that covers a huge range of its features and programs.

We found the ESAM 4200 especially easy to set up thanks to the detailed manual that it came with. However, you should be aware that the first few pages are not necessary for the initial stages of the setting up process.

Of course, it takes a little extra effort to get to grips with the different settings and understanding how to use them to benefit your coffee. However, it is worth investing a little more time into, as you will be impressing your friends and family with your newfound knowledge and coffee brewing abilities in no time.

Try to avoid reading it from the start, because you should avoid falling into the trap of following the steps to make an espresso before your machine is fully assembled. Around page ten is where you should begin setting up your ESAM 4200. From there, you can create your own espresso combinations.

Set Up

It’s important not to skip any stages of the setting up process, as it can cause issues later down the road. Make sure that you are getting the best possible tasting coffee consistently by doing a test round of espressos.

It can take a little time to figure out what works for you and where your preferences lie, so it is worth testing different combinations of grind settings, water quantities, and even the quality of beans used.

For this reason, it could also be worth looking online for video tutorials or more comprehensive directions. Consider using other people’s experiences to your advantage, and begin setting up your ESAM 4200 so that it will last many uses.

So that you are not wasting your highest quality coffee beans or grounds, you should put a small volume of them into the top of your ESAM 4200 when you are preparing it for a test run.

This can help you learn the settings and understand which dials control what functions without worrying about your valuable coffee.

Try to focus on figuring out how everything works beforehand, and ensure that you are familiar with every process necessary. This can allow you to create the best possible conditions that are more likely to create a high quality end product; a rich, tasty cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Regular Use

Other features that we enjoyed while using the ESAM 4200 added to the user experience, and really made us feel like we were baristas. Two simple dials on the front allow you to change the coffee settings based on your preferences.

Stripping the process back to two dials encourages the users to learn by trial and error.

This is one of the best ways to learn how to work the machine, as it allows you to rule out certain options and decide on your favorite.  However, one of the main drawbacks of the simplistic dials is that there are no units or numbers on them.

This can make them difficult to figure out, which is a little off-putting for some people.

In spite of this, we found it more rewarding to learn about, as it encouraged us to avoid taking shortcuts and appreciate the process of finding the best combinations.

The ESAM 4200 features a grinder built into it. These are known for being especially loud and making an annoying grinding noise when they are in action. However, the ESAM 4200 stands out because it is much quieter than most competitor coffee machines.

Because of this, more people can enjoy a freshly ground cup of coffee in the morning without the risk of waking up everybody in their home. Of course, there is still some level of noise which the grinder gives off, but it is much less severe than others that we have tried out.

Another unique feature of the ESAM 4200 is the front loading water tank. This makes it much easier to refill when necessary, and can even make the cleaning process more smooth. Most modern coffee machines have a removable water tank which fits to the back or side.

This can become more complicated because you will need to pull the coffee machine away from the wall or towards the center of the counter, to allow you to pull out the water tank when it needs to be cleaned or refilled.

There is a highly impressive amount of skill that has been put into the ESAM 4200 design and overall customer experience. This is demonstrated by the cup warming technology that has been included in the drip tray.

For those who want to keep their coffee as warm as possible, it is worth considering a machine that warms your cup beforehand or even after brewing. This can help create a high quality pick me up that so many of us need.

We did find, however, that the ESAM 4200 took a little longer to warm coffee cups to the right temperature than we would have liked. For that reason, we would recommend using the steaming wand to get your coffee cup warm enough. Simply give your cup a little blow of the hot air before making your favorite drink. This is a much faster solution to get a warm cup if you have less time.

Range Of Features

We’ve already briefly discussed some of the features demonstrated by the ESAM 4200, but there are even more! Depending on your preferences and how you like to make your regular cup of coffee, you can use these to determine whether the ESAM 4200 is the right appliance for you.

Low bean and empty water indicators allow users to keep all levels topped up and refill when necessary. Small lights will show up to indicate when you need to add more ground coffee, beans, or water.

Because of the way that DeLonghi has stripped the coffee machine user experience back to more traditional and manual formats, the manual steam wand for milk can be a challenge at first.

This is especially true for people who are less familiar with the process, but there is definitely an advantage over automatic milk frothers because you will gain more control over the milk frothing and texture with practice.

Another unique characteristic of the ESAM 4200 is that is can make two cups at once. As well as demonstrating futuristic cup warming technology, the drip tray is larger and wider than many other coffee machines.

This allows for two cups to easily fit on either side of the coffee dispenser, and catch the espresso.

Being able to share your coffee with another person maximizes the machine’s resources and allows you to use less water as well.

Unlike many digital machines, the ESAM 4200 does not store your preferences. This means that you will need to memorize your favorite settings and adjust to those each time you want a coffee.

However, you could use the perspective that every time you go to make a cup of coffee, the machine will act as a blank canvas. You could try a different grind setting each time, or try to stick to the same one, depending on your preferences.

Environmental Impact

More people are becoming concerned about the environmental impact of particular appliances, and the amount of resources used. By comparison, the ESAM 4200 is a little kinder to the environment, because of its automatic shut off setting if it has been left turned on but is no longer in use.

In addition, the used grounds are compressed into a compact puck like most other espresso machines. These can be used in your garden, compost bin, or added to your food waste collection for a more environmentally friendly and sustainable disposal.

Because the increased width of the drip tray allows two cups of coffee to be made at once, it is also a more efficient way to use the ESAM 4200. This is due to the reduced amount of power that is needed to brew multiple cups of coffee at the same time.

Water, which is another highly valuable natural resource, is also used more efficiently when two cups of coffee are made at the same time. By feeding the same amount of water through slightly stronger ground coffee, you are able to double the amount of coffee brewed while saving time.


Another key feature worth mentioning that is becoming increasingly popular within modern coffee machines is the self-cleaning setting.

Thanks to the developments of scientific measurements and technological breakthroughs, coffee machines can now keep track of how clean they are, and give you prompts to clean them or set a self-clean cycle.

There is a lot of variation when it comes to the design of coffee machines, which is why they have different types of self-cleaning functions and settings. Unlike some which come with washing tablets to insert, the ESAM 4200 provides a self-clean which is done more regularly.

Because of this, the cleaning process is a little different, and hot steam and water are fed through the system to prevent any build up from potentially affecting the machine’s functions.

While this is beneficial for regular use, it is important to wipe the milk frothing wand regularly using a damp cloth to prevent the milk from drying and building up on the steam wand.

The self-cleaning function is a little less thorough than other coffee machines, so it’s also worth leaving the main removable components to soak in warm, soapy water once a week with more consistent use, or every two weeks if you use it less often.

Luckily, the water tank, cover for the milk steaming wand, and other parts of the machine are relatively easy to remove. This makes the overall cleaning process significantly easier, as there is less effort needed to keep everything clean.

For those that live in areas with hard water issues, the ESAM 4200 includes a de-calcification feature and descaling alerts. Hard water can affect the taste of your coffee, and it is worth following the directions to prevent build up from becoming an issue.

The high mineral content in hard water may seem like a positive thing, but it can make the aromas and flavor profile of your coffee seem muted.

Make the most out of your coffee machine by keeping it thoroughly cleaned. This should be done on a regular basis to prevent build up and to avoid the taste of your coffee being impacted.

The alerts can become a little irritating after a while, but they are completely necessary to ensure that everything is working correctly.

The ESAM 4200 features some flashing light indicators to show when something needs to be changed, cleaned, or refilled. Some of these functions will not be able to continue until the issue has been resolved.

We would argue that this is beneficial, if a little irritating, because it ensures that you are making a high quality cup of coffee every time.

De’Longhi Magnifica, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Espresso, Cappuccino, ESAM 4200.S, Silver
  • INTEGRATED GRINDER: Includes an integrated Coffee burr grinder with 7 adjustable coarseness levels; the beans are ground instantly for fuller flavour and a fresher cup of Coffee

Overall Pros And Cons 


  • Takes whole beans or ground coffee
  • Can make two cups of coffee at the same time, which is a better use of electricity and water
  • Adjustable height of the drip tray
  • Range of settings for water allowance, grind, and aromas
  • Two color choices, silver or black
  • The grinder is considerably quieter than others
  • Two-year warranty with every purchase


  • Manual milk frother rather than automatic, although it can allow more control over texture of the milk
  • The machine does not remember your preferred settings, which means that you will need to change the dials every time you want a cup of coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a ESAM 4200?

The options for delivery and versatility depend on where you are in the world, this means that there are fewer options available for those living in more remote areas. For this reason, you should consider checking out the DeLonghi Amazon Store.

This can be a great way to compare delivery options and product availability.

How does the ESAM 4200 work?

The machine itself uses a thermablock temperature control boiler to keep the water at a consistent temperature for the best possible brew to be created. The grinder stores coffee beans or granules, and it is either ground or fed into the tamper.

This is then pressed down to create a seal, which the hot water feeds through and comes out of the other end into your coffee cup.

How reliable is the ESAM 4200?

As with any DeLonghi product, the ESAM 4200 is an impressively high standard, and it comes with a two-year guarantee from the initial purchase.

The machine is highly reliable because of the impressive standard that it has been held to during the development and rigorous testing process. You should be able to use your ESAM 4200 every day if you want to without any issues.

However, if a particular feature becomes faulty, then DeLonghi have an impressive customer service base where you can source replacement parts when needed. Another option which is typically more affordable is to look on Amazon for the right part.


There is an enormous range of reasons why you should consider the DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM 4200, and we have only been able to cover the tip of the iceberg with this review. Give your tastebuds the treat that they deserve by purchasing this product in particular.

Regardless of how you like your coffee, the ESAM 4200 has something for everyone. High quality coffee that has been freshly brewed in the right conditions is more achievable than it has ever been. Sensors make it easier to keep the machine clean, and the water tank is easier to access than similar brands.

Coffee remains a significant part of modern life, and it will continue to fuel nations and even the world over time. It has always been an influential part of many cultures, and the number of people who enjoy a regular cup of coffee is huge.

It acts as a social lubricant nowadays, and is far more than just a beverage.

This is definitely something that DeLonghi have demonstrated with their ESAM 4200. In spite of modern innovations, the coffee brewing process has been stripped back.

Creating an authentic taste without additional complications has certainly been achieved, and many people are already enjoying the rich taste of the espressos, lattes, and even iced drinks that they can make using the ESAM 4200’s product.

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