How To Use Coffee Capsules Without A Coffee Maker




How To Use Coffee Capsules Without A Coffee Maker

Coffee is something that most of us cannot live without. Whether it is an iced coffee on a summer’s day or a steaming cup of coffee in the morning, as a society we are obsessed with it. 

The great news is that there are countless ways to make good coffee. We no longer have to rely on going to a coffee shop to get our fix. For those who identify as coffee lovers, there is a simple way to make coffee at home. A coffee machine or coffee maker. 

Coffee makers have changed the game for coffee lovers everywhere. They can now get the perfect brew from the comfort of their own homes, with the push of a few buttons and a coffee capsule. 

However, all technology can fail at some point and so can your coffee maker. So instead of skipping the morning coffee, there is a way to use coffee capsules without a coffee maker.

In this guide, we are going to walk you through the different methods for using a coffee capsule without a coffee maker. 

What Are Coffee Capsules?

Before we look at the methods for using coffee capsules, we need to make sure we have a good understanding of what they are and how they are used. This is important because coffee capsules are often mixed up with coffee pods. 

Coffee capsules are distinguishable as the coffee is inside a vacuum-packed container. The shape of these containers is usually a cylindrical shape.

However, the shape may vary depending on the brand and the coffee machine it is used for. The material of the coffee capsule is usually plastic or aluminium. Whereas coffee pods are made from a cloth filter. 

As mentioned above, the shape of the coffee capsule depends on the brand of the machine it is made for. Coffee capsules are made for a specific machine so they are not able to be used in all types of machines.

On the other hand, coffee pods are much more similar to tea bags. In fact, coffee pods and tea bags work the same way. 

How Do Coffee Capsules Work?

Coffee Capsules are basically an easier version of espresso machines. This is because it removes steps such as grinding the coffee beans, weighing the ground coffee, and compressing the puck of coffee so it is level. 

Essentially, a coffee capsule has already done all of these steps so all you have to do is extract the coffee. These steps can be incredibly difficult to master and they are important for ensuring that your coffee tastes great.

So, with coffee capsules removing these steps, even beginners can enjoy great-tasting coffee. 

Some coffee capsule machines are different in terms of how they work. However, the basic way they work is a stream of water is pumped through the capsule, and the coffee is extracted into a cup. 

Why Would You Want To Use A Coffee Capsule With A Coffee Machine?

Why Would You Want To Use A Coffee Capsule With A Coffee Machine

Using coffee capsules without a coffee machine might seem a little strange as they are made to be used in a coffee maker. However, there are plenty of reasons as to why, one might need to use coffee capsules without a machine. 

One of the reasons that comes to mind is something most coffee maker owners are familiar with. Sometimes when we purchase coffee capsules online or from a store they can come with dents in them. Coffee capsules can even become dented when we store them in our homes. 

Coffee capsules that have physical deformities such as being dented or crushed are not able to be used in the coffee machines.

This is because they can actually damage the coffee machine capsule chamber if the coffee capsule has changed shape.

However, it would be a waste to throw these pods away, especially if they were expensive. 

Another reason you might want to use coffee capsules without a machine is if you accidentally purchased the wrong type of coffee capsules. Although there is always the option to buy a capsule adapter, you might not want to make that purchase. 

Some people want to try different types of coffee capsules and since they are brand-based, one variety of coffee might not be available in the coffee capsules you purchase. So instead of being limited to one brand, you might try to use the coffee capsule without a machine. 

Now let us look at how to use coffee capsules without a coffee maker. 

Method One: Coffee Bags Or Tea Bags

The first method involves using coffee or tea bags to use the capsule coffee. 

What Are Coffee Bags?

Coffee bags are exactly what the name suggests. They are bags that are filled with coffee that you put into water. Essentially, they are tea bags but with coffee inside instead of tea.

For this method, you need a sachet that is similar to a teabag in order to store the coffee inside of it. It is best that it is made from a similar material to tea bags as this will allow for the coffee to be extracted properly. This method is very inexpensive. 

Step One

The first step is to make sure the coffee bag or tea bag you are using is empty and there is an opening to put the coffee in it. 

Step Two

Next, open the coffee capsule by peeling the lid of the capsule. Then, pour the coffee into the bag and seal the bag tightly. It is vital that the bag is sealed shut, otherwise, you will end up with coffee grounds in your coffee.

Step Three

Put the coffee bag into a cup and pour the water over the bag. You need to stir the coffee for around two minutes before leaving it to rest for a minute. 

Step Four

Take the coffee bag out of the cup and your coffee is ready to enjoy. 

Method Two 

This method uses a French press to make the coffee

What Is A French Press?

A French press is a coffee-making device that immerses the coffee with the water and then presses down on the mixture to separate the coffee and coffee grounds. The mesh filter on the French press is what traps the coffee grounds. 

This method is quick and easy but is also a very clean method.

Step One

The first step is to open the capsule and pour the coffee from the capsule into the French press. 

Step Two

Add hot water to the French press and place the lid of the French press on. It is important you wait at least two minutes so the coffee can brew.

Step Three

Press the piston down very slowly until the coffee grounds are trapped at the bottom and the coffee is extracted. Then pour in a cup and enjoy. 

What Does Capsule Coffee Without A Machine Taste Like?

As coffee lovers, we always want to know that the coffee we are going to make tastes good. So, it was only right that we included what the coffee would taste like. Since all of the methods are gently extracting the coffee without any pressure, the coffee will not taste like an espresso. 

As a result, this coffee will taste good as it has been evenly infused. In terms of the actual taste, this depends on the variety of coffee used. 

Final Thoughts

Coffee capsules can be used in many different ways without a coffee maker but the ones listed are the best. There is the option to use a Moka pot but this is less efficient. So don’t waste those coffee capsules anymore. 

We hope that this guide has helped you find a method that works for you. Please share this with others who might be interested.Thank you for reading!

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