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JURA 15079 E6 Coffee Machine, Platinum
  • Fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine elegantly combines convenience, reliability and style

Jura are based in Switzerland. The Swiss are well known for their precision engineered products such as watches and the wonderful quality of their chocolate.

If you are looking for a coffee machine that lives up to the high standards that the Swiss are famous for then Jura may well be the brand you are looking for.

Jura’s bean to cup coffee machines are not for those looking for a budget option. This is high-quality swiss engineering and if you want one of these then you will have to pay for the privilege.

Jura has positioned themselves towards the top end of the home market and will appeal to those that understand that if you want the best then sometimes you have to pay a little bit more.

But in the highly competitive bean to cup marketplace do the features and performance justify the asking price?

Let’s find out

Overall Score 9.4/10

Design 9/10

This is a very understated design with a colour that moves away from the finish that you find on most coffee machines of this type which is chrome or brushed stainless steel.

This is a combination of matt platinum and black. It’s a really sleek look to it that kind of tells you that it is a quality appliance just from a visual alone.

It’s kind of like when you look at a Mercedes or BMW you just know that it’s a quality item before you even use it

The digital display provides you with the drink selections available which is part of the design because it’s cleverly done to show you everything you need with just 4 selections available.

At first glance, you think that it’s very limited but nothing could be further from the truth which we will explain within the functionality.

A very well built good looking machine worthy of any kitchen surface

At 35cm tall, 44cm deep and just 28cm wide this is not the smallest bean to cup coffee machine we have seen but by no me

Functionality 10/10

What we love about this machine is its simplicity combined with the large variety of personalisation options.

Initially you get 3 options to choose from. Espresso, Coffee and Cappuccino. The coffee option is basically Americano.

What sets this machine apart from others is that the simplicity of tailoring a drink to how you like it.

Once you press one of the buttons the strength indicator will appear and you simply press one button to increase or decrease the strength within a range of 1-8. You can change the default to whatever you want if you don’t want to do that every time but it takes literally 1 second. Excellent.

The next part is the best. The machine actually tells you the amount of water that will be delivered into the cup and you can choose whatever works for you.

For Espresso its 15ml – 80ml

For Coffee (Americano) its 25ml – 240ml

For Cappuccino its 25ml – 240ml

And it gets better still. When you select Cappuccino you then get to choose the amount of for the milk foam delivery into the cup so you can tailor the strength exactly as you like.

Milk foam time is from 3 seconds to 120 seconds.

So regardless of whether you like a super strong espresso or a weak latte, this machine does it all and it does it all in a very simple and easy way.

Not all bean to cup coffee machines are this simple and allow you to bespoke your drink to this level of detail so top marks for functionality.

Ease of use 10/10

This coffee machine is an absolute pleasure. Just chose one of the 3 options and personalise as you please.

If it’s mainly being used by just one person then program the drink of your choice and its one-touch operation

This is a really good coffee machine.

Quality of coffee 10/10

Not only is the functionality on this coffee machine excellent but Jura also has a unique way of delivering the coffee into the cup by “pulsing” the water through the coffee to get the perfect extraction.

As long as you get  good coffee beans then you can’t really go wrong with this machine

Remember that a good bean to cup coffee machine is useless without good coffee.

Value For Money 9/10

This is not a cheap bean to cup coffee machine BUT this is definitely one of those time where you can evaluate this product as “you get what you pay for”. 

The simplicity with which you can specify exactly what you want

JURA 15079 E6 Coffee Machine, Platinum
  • Fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine elegantly combines convenience, reliability and style

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