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If you are looking for a super cheap coffee bean grinder and you want to spend the absolute minimum but you also want it to do what it is supposed to then the Kabalo budget blade coffee grinder is the answer.

The problems that you get at the very budget end of the market tend to be related to the amount of time that you can use the grinder before it starts to overheat which in turn leads to the coffee beans not being ground fine enough before you have to stop and wait for it to cool down before you can continue and grind down to the level of fineness that you want.

Also, if the blades are not of the right quality or they do not spin fast enough then you will not get the level of grind fineness that you need.

Whatever type of coffee machine you use, the best flavour will always be achieved if you grind the coffee beans just before the coffee is made.

Coffee starts to lose its freshness and flavour the minute the beans are ground so if you can get a coffee grinder that does the job for a ridiculously low price like this one then you are much better off and will get a significantly better-tasting cup of coffee.

With electric grinders you get two different types. Burr grinders can be ruled out if you are looking for something cheap because they crush the beans instead of chopping them like this electric blade grinder does.

If you are not bothered whether your coffee beans get crushed or chopped and all you want is them ground down ready for your coffee machine then this will do fine.

You also get an added bonus that it will also grind down other food items such as nuts and spices so you are not just restricted to coffee beans like you are with burr grinders.

Overall Score 9.6/10

Design 8/10

At this price, it is amazing that they have been able to produce something that is not completely black plastic. They have actually given some thought to how it looks and the matt silver finish with the clear transparent lid looks nice and with the cord storing nicely in the base you get an appliance that looks good as well as being functional.

Functionality 10/10

The maximum capacity for coffee beans is 50g which will be plenty for 7 cups of coffee ensuring that you can grind enough in one grind for most situations without having to go back and repeat the process on the same day.

The performance was surprising for a grinder at this price. You can achieve a level of grind fineness that you do not get with some grinders at twice the price.

The best blade grinders come with a 200-watt motor which means the blades spin faster and they are bit quieter and although this grinder only has a 150-watt motor it is definitely not noisy and you can get a very fine grind perfect for espresso if you keep it going for around 40 seconds.

If you are using a cafetiere then 20 seconds and a coarser grind is ideal.

It has a safety feature that ensures you cannot turn it on unless the lid is firmly in place and because the lid is transparent you do small bursts of grinding and keep an eye on the grind at the same time without having to take the lid on and off.

Ease of use 10/10

A light push on the lid starts the grinding process. Simply release to stop grinding. The lid clips into place easily and comes of just as simply.

To clean you will need to take the whole thing over to the sink and rinse out the basket where you may have some coffee residue but that is to be expected at this price.

It’s quite rare for a blade grinder to have a removable basket that you can clean separately. For that privilege, you will have to pay quite a bit more with the likes of the Shardor blade coffee grinder.

Overall, very easy to use.

Value For Money 10/10

Considering that you will pay the price of a couple of sandwiches for this coffee grinder and should spend several happy years giving you a good quality grind fineness you can be assured that for what you are paying you are getting great value for money.

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