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Bodum is firmly established as the number one Cafetiere brand in the UK with millions of individual units sold over the years and The Chambord is a classic design that remains unchanged since it was first available in the 1950’s.

This is a high-quality product that will last you for years.

We have specifically underlined the word years because this is not a cheap coffee maker but you have to take into account the use that you will get from it for the price that you pay. There are many cheaper Chinese alternatives that you can pick up for half the price and at first glance, they look the same but we can absolutely guarantee that you will buy 5 of the cheaper version long before you ever have to replace this one.

There are very few products that stand the test of time for more than 70 years like the and if they do it is for very good reason. In the case of the Bodum Chambord Cafetiere its very simple:

  • It looks great
  • It does the job it is supposed to
  • Its lasts a very long time (years)


The lower-priced alternatives are made of the cheapest glass possible which means that it won’t be long before it breaks for one reason or the other. This Bodum Cafetiere is made of borosilicate glass which is much tougher than standard glass and is specifically used for products that will be subjected to heat variation.

It means that this coffee maker has been specifically made with glass that is resistant to extreme temperature change and ensures that when you add boiling water time and time again even in the winter when the kitchen and your glassware may be even colder than other times of the year it will not crack or break.

 Borosilicate glass also resists chemical degradation so you never need to be concerned about any kind of decay or any kind of contamination of your coffee or anything affecting the flavour.

You won’t find a lid like this one on any other type of French press or cafetiere because Bodum has patented it so no-one else can copy it. Once on, it fits extremely tightly so that if you accidentally knock it over or tip it too much the wrong way it will not spill your coffee everywhere.

If you are not a fan of “Made in China” then you will be pleased to hear that this is made in Europe with the same level of craftsmanship used when this first went into production over 70 years ago. It’s a great example of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

It also has a three mesh filtration system that will further enhance your coffee experience by ensuring you do not get any loose coffee grounds making their way through into your cup. The filter is also permanent which makes it more environmentally friendly than some filter coffee machines that require paper filters.

The high quality of the stainless steel frame makes it completely dishwasher safe and will not fade over time like some of the cheaper options.

The Chambord is a very compact coffee maker and despite its 1000ml capacity it measures in at 17.5cm wide and 25.0cm tall making it easy to fit into any cupboard for storage.

To get the best possible flavour from your French press try and use it in conjunction with fresh whole beans and a coffee bean grinder. You can spend more than the cost of this cafetiere on a grinder alone but it is more than possible to pick one up for around a tenner if you go for a blade coffee grinder. Grinding the beans yourself is always better than using pre-ground coffee.

Making a coffee with this type of coffee maker is super easy as well which is why it is such a popular and cost-effective alternative to instant coffee. Simply add approximately one heaped tablespoon of ground coffee into the cafetiere for each cup of coffee required and add water that is just off the boil.

You can tweak the amount of water and coffee to suit your taste and after a few go’s you’ll have it just right.

Make sure the coffee is ground coarsely to extract maximum flavour and also avoid very finely ground coffee because it will make it much harder to force the water through the filter and into your cup and it won’t taste as nice as coffee ground less finely.

Give it a stir and leave for 4 minutes to brew before pressing down the plunger and pouring yourself a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

With a Cafetiere you also get to control how you like your coffee in a way that you don’t get with say a filter coffee machine which just pours water over the coffee and it drips into a jug. If you like a really hot cup of coffee then you can put boiling water in but if you prefer something less hot then add water before it boils.

You also get to choose the brewing time with a cafetiere before you pour so you can make it stronger or milder according to taste.

Without a paper filter, all of the coffee beans oils and natural flavours will flow through into your cup. With a paper filter, some of the flavours can get trapped during the filtering process.

The Chambord also comes in a smaller 350ml version but the smaller one is more suited for if you are just making one cup or mug of coffee at a time. This 1000ml size can also be used to make a single cup if you prefer so you get the best of both worlds with the bigger one.

The cafetiere has been around as a method of making coffee for over a hundred years and based on the quality of coffee that it produces and how easy it is to make, it seems sure to be around for at least another hundred.

This is a highly recommended Cafetiere that is worth spending a few pounds more on and will work out the cheapest in the end when you are still using it in 5-10 years time.

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