Krups Arabica Manual Bean to Cup Coffee Machine EA811040 Review





Krups Arabica Manual Bean to Cup Coffee Machine EA811040.

Krups have fallen by the wayside in recent years at the expense of Delonghi who have dominated the market in bean to cup coffee machines but this entry-level machine is worthy of consideration when compared to Delonghi bean to cup coffee machines at this price point.

If you want a coffee machine that is extremely simple to set up for the coffee of your choice and once set it’s a one-button press each time you want a coffee then keep reading because you will want to add this to your shortlist.

All Krups coffee machines of this type are made in France so you can expect a strong and sturdy build quality and if you are not a fan of “Made in China” then you can purchase this in the safe knowledge that it has been nowhere near the far east during the manufacturing process.

Krups are a class act when it comes to coffee-related products and have become underrated since Delonghi and the likes of Sage have come on the scene and that means that you can pick a really well made European manufactured product for a very good price due to the extremely competitive nature of these type of bean to cup coffee machines.

It’s cut-throat at this price level resulting in really good value for money due to the fierce competition.

A few years ago you could easily expect to pay double for the same quality that this machine offers.

If you want a freshly ground coffee every time and you want the added convenience of a one-button operation but you weren’t sure if your budget could stretch to this kind of indulgence then you might be pleasantly surprised.

Overall Score 9.9/10

Design 10/10

The big thing here is size. It’s really small for a bean to cup coffee machine and they have somehow packed all of that technology into a very compact 36.5cm x 24cm x 29.5cm.

If the size is important to you and you don’t want your coffee machine to dominate the kitchen then this machine will work for you. They don’t come much smaller than this.

Some of the less expensive bean to cup machines can look cheap and plasticky but the Krups Arabica Manual EA811040 comes across as the opposite of that.

Most likely due to the fact this is manufactured in France it comes across as a machine that is worth a lot more than the entry-level price this is selling for.

The glossy piano black finish from head to toe looks mighty impressive and will look good sitting on any work surface.

Functionality 10/10

There are 4 buttons and a dial to make it do everything that you need whether it be an espresso, americano, cappuccino, latte or anything in between.

The spout that delivers the coffee moves up and down to accommodate different glass sizes between 6.5cm and 10.5cm which will be good for all types of drinks except a tall latte glass.

If that is your drink of choice you can just deliver an espresso and pour it into a larger glass ready for the milk to be added which is exactly how they do it in a coffee shop.

The steam wand is activated by pressing the steam button and has good power that will allow you to create and drink form heated textured milk for a flat white through to lots of froth if you prefer a cappuccino. Check out how to froth milk properly and then you will get it just right every time.

It comes with a 1.7 litre water tank that like most bean to cup coffee machines sits at the rear and is easily refillable without removing it.

Although Krups does not supply a water filter with this machine one can be fitted inside the water tank and that’s something we would always recommend because your coffee will taste better and the machine will last longer with less maintenance required during its life especially in hard water areas as almost all the limescale will be captured by the filter.

The “hopper” that holds the beans is an above-average size at 260g and with most decent beans coming in bags of 200g or 250g it’s a very convenient size.

There are multiple different grind sizes to choose from that can be accessed from a dial inside the bean hopper and we would recommend setting that to the lowest setting for the finest grind which is best for espresso based drinks.

Two buttons will determine how strong your coffee will be. Depending on which button you press between 6 grams and 9 grams of coffee will be ground which is the correct amount for a single espresso so if you want a double espresso you will need to run the cycle twice.

There are also 3 settings for water temperature which is a great feature normally only available on bean to cup machines at a much higher price.

The machine will tell you when it’s time to run a cleaning cycle and there is no faffing about which is also a really good aspect of this machine. There is a slot beneath the cup holder that takes a cleaning tablet and then with the push of a few buttons, it will make sure the insides are cleaned through and ready for another couple of months of use before you have to run it again.

Ease of use 10/10

The biggest selling point of this coffee machine is how easy it is to use. Just use the dial in the middle to choose how much water you want to be delivered through the freshly ground coffee and press one button to have your coffee delivered.

Steam operation is also very easy to heat your milk and convert any espresso into a cappuccino or latte in a couple of minutes.

Quality of coffee 9/10

Buy the best beans that you can afford and because this has a large bean hopper its probably best to only keep it half full at any one time so that you can keep the remaining beans sealed in their bag to retain the freshness which is key to achieving the optimum flavour.

As long as you match up the water volume with the correct strength of coffee selection this machine will deliver a high-quality cup of coffee each and every time.

Value For Money 10/10

It’s very easy to spend a lot more on a different bean to cup coffee machine that isn’t going to deliver better results.

If you want a cup of coffee delivered and be able to set the amount of water you want delivered by twisting one dial and then press one button and have your coffee delivered in under 60 seconds then this is well worth consideration.

If you are not into programming and personalisation and digital LCD displays that’s another reason to put this into the mix.

A simple, straightforward and most importantly really good value for money bean to cup coffee machine.

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