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If you love coffee and want to bring it wherever you go, you will love the Makita coffee maker because you won’t even have to plug it in – it’s cordless! It’s not delicate either, so you can put it among your tools in the garage, and it will hold its own against scrapes and bangs as it is made of durable materials and has no glass which is just asking to be shattered in such an environment. 

You may already be aware of the company Makita if you are a user of power tools as this is what they are most known for. Makita was established in 1915 in Japan and is one of the most well-known power tool companies out there today and since 1978 has been releasing cordless tools, making them experts. 

Since they have such a long history of making cordless equipment and have had lots of success with it, it is of no surprise that their cordless coffee maker is of high quality. 

To explain this further, we will go into more detail about the Makita coffee maker regarding things such as its design, how it’s used, and the advantages and disadvantages that you may face. This allows you to take into consideration all that this coffee maker has to offer when buying one.


The design of this portable coffee maker is very neat and compact and weighs just four pounds, making it hardly noticeable when carrying compared to the heavy power tools.

It comes in a lovely blue color that makes it fit in well in any workspace but is still sleek enough to be attractive to look at. On the outside, it is made from plastic which helps it stay light and portable, and you don’t have to worry about shattering or scratching it as much. 

The water tank is located just underneath a lid on top of the device which has a liquid capacity of 8oz (240ml) and for extra practicality, there is a measuring spoon attached to the lid. This spoon has been designed so that one scoop is the perfect amount of coffee for most people – but there’s nothing stopping you from adding more or less. 

This capacity allows you to brew up to three cups of coffee measuring 5oz at five minutes each which should be enough for most coffee drinkers but if you are “caffeinating” a big group of people, you may be waiting a while.

When brewing with ground coffee, it can be a bit of a pain having to mess around with a paper filter every time but with this Makita coffee maker, you don’t even have to use a filter as it has a permanent drip filter fitted in already. 

You can take the water tank in and out of the machine with its convenient handle and if all the water is gone from the tank, there is a boil dry protection feature which will stop the coffee machine from burning out.

The sensor will tell the machine when the water empties that will cut off the power automatically if the temperature increases, this gives you a lot of reassurance as it’s only human to be distracted in a workspace with lots of things going on. 

It comes with two attachments for making coffee, one for 60 mm pods and another for ground coffee which adds a lot of flexibility for when you run out of pods or just prefer to mix it up a bit. It can be a bit hard to find 60 mm coffee pods, but Senseo ones are compatible with the Makita coffee maker even though they measure 62 mm instead.

Senseo pods are also very affordable and are ready-to-use which is great when you are on the go and don’t have the time or patience for coffee grounds and finding a place to put them once you’re done.

You can also buy pods from websites such as Amazon which is especially good for when you are looking for cheaper pods but keep in mind that they may not taste as high quality as others. 

If you want the best of both worlds, you can even buy a reusable coffee pod that allows you to fill it with ground coffee. 

If you are wanting to use coffee grounds in your Makita coffee machine, keep in mind that it will not work the same as an espresso machine and instead will require coffee grounds that are coarser in order for the water to be able to pass through the coffee safely.

The best way to do this is to look for bags of coffee grounds that state they are medium, coarse, or suitable for cafetières.

It also comes with a 90 mm high stainless-steel mug with its own lid that fits perfectly into the machine, preventing splashes and scolding. The material that it is made from allows your coffee to stay hotter for longer. You also don’t have to worry if you drop the mug because it is very sturdy and will be very hard to break.

If you prefer, you can use your own coffee cup instead as long as it is around 90 mm high as this will prevent any accidents. 

There are two battery ports in this coffee maker, one for a 10.8-volt and 12-volt CXT battery and another one for a 14.4-volt and 18-volt LXT battery. These batteries are lithium-ion and unfortunately do not come with the coffee machine, so you will have to buy them separately.

However, if you have other Makita products lying around such as a cordless power tool that uses the same kind of battery, you should be able to take it out and put it into the coffee maker.

How It Is Used

Now that we have covered the specifications and how the Makita coffee machine works, it’s time to get into how you use it.

One of the many great things about this coffee maker is that it is easy to use, there are only a few steps that you have to go through before you are presented with a lovely cup of coffee. 

The first thing you have to do is open the lid which is located on top of the machine, and then take out the removable water tank. Pour water that is about room temperature into the tank and if you’re using a coffee pod, fill the water up until it reaches the 120ml mark on the side of the tank.

This will be slightly different if you are using coffee grounds as you will only fill it to the 160ml mark. Also keep in mind that the less water you add, the stronger the coffee will be as it is not as diluted which is a good idea if you intend to add milk, so you can also use your own preferences for this part of the process. 

If you are using a coffee pod, put it into the filter with the flat part facing up but if you are using coffee grounds you need to scoop it into the filter basket directly.

You are not just limited by coffee though as you can also make other hot drinks by simply making hot water and then adding a tea bag or hot chocolate powder to it afterward. 


There are many advantages that come with using the Makita coffee machine, one of the main ones is that it is powered by batteries which means you don’t have to worry about always having an outlet around when you want a cup of coffee. 

The use of batteries also makes it very portable, and it only reaches 16-inches tall with a weight of just four pounds. 

It is made from plastic with an /attractive blue color that makes it look quite neat and retro, fitting in well with the rest of the workspace.

This use of plastic is very forgiving if you accidentally scratch it or bump it, and it uses no glass in the design, making it practical and safe for using around potentially dangerous equipment. 

It comes with a stainless-steel mug that fits perfectly into the machine and has its own lid which helps to keep the coffee inside it nice and hot for longer periods of time. As well as this, stainless steel makes it durable.

It comes with a coffee spoon that has been designed to fit the perfect amount of coffee for most people in just one simple scoop and attaches neatly onto the lid when not in use. 

The coffee machine is very easy to use and gives you the option to use coffee pods or ground coffee and if you use the latter, you don’t have to worry about using a filter. 

Boil dry protection feature prevents the machine from burning out and damaging itself when it runs out of water.


Unfortunately, almost everything comes with its disadvantages and the Makita coffee maker is no exception, but it’s up to you if these disadvantages outweigh the advantages. 

The main disadvantage that comes with this coffee maker is that it’s not as powerful as other coffee makers as it relies on batteries instead of electrical power from an outlet, even it if makes it portable and more flexible. 

By having less power, it means that it will only be able to produce about three cups of coffee on a fully charged 18-volt battery and if you use a battery with a decreased voltage, you will get even less. It also takes a bit longer to heat up the water, so you may have to wait a few more minutes than you would have to normally with an electrical coffee maker. 

Most people aren’t aware of the fact that you should only use coarse coffee grounds with this machine as finer ones can cause the filter to get clogged which can also happen if you overfill it. 


To conclude, the Makita coffee maker is a great choice for those who love coffee and like to have a cup right there on the job. It’s also great for those who like a coffee machine to be easy to use and portable as well as able to make coffee from both pods and grounds. 

The most powerful battery can make you three cups of coffee on a full charge which is usually enough for most people to have in a single day. 

However, if multiple people are needing to use the coffee machine, it may be best to get one that isn’t powered by batteries so that it can keep up with the demand!

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