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Coffee is a favorite drink around the world. Many of us like having instant coffee once in a while, or have it as a go-to drink when we’re in a rush.

Others can’t start the day without having at least two or three cups. No matter what the case is, it is good to know how much caffeine your body needs and how much caffeine there is in an instant coffee to get the most out of it.

People who drink lots of coffee will tell you that the more coffee they can drink, the merrier.

However, they are not quite aware of how much coffee their body needs and drinking too much of it might not bring you the desired feelings and energy you’d wished for at the first sip. 

So, in the case of instant coffee, how much caffeine is there in one cup? Is it true what people say, that its intense flavor means it is also high in caffeine? Beware: the answer might surprise you!

But First… Why Drink Instant Coffee?

Caffeine is a stimulant that affects the central nervous system. It increases alertness and improves mood.

Caffeine also helps reduce fatigue and improve concentration. Some studies suggest that drinking coffee regularly may lower the risk of heart disease.

It is common knowledge amongst coffee drinkers that instant coffee is the easiest and quickest coffee you can make and drink.

And while many believe that because instant coffee lacks the flavor, intensity, or taste of an espresso, this is far from true.

Easy to make, affordable, and equally tasty, instant coffee comes in many flavors and intensities, catering for all the coffee lovers out there!

With instant coffee prevailing in the simplicity of its preparation, it is rightly one of the most famous and favorite drinks.

Whether you prefer to drink it hot or cold – did you know that the Greeks are masters of the cold instant coffee called frappé? – instant coffee offers a better mood, and better mental and physical stimulation, while it has also been associated with moments of companionship, social events, and our daily lives.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Instant Coffee?

Contrary to popular opinion, new studies show that instant coffee does not bother the stomach.

Besides, through its natural production process, it is filtered several times so that only its benefits end up in your glass!

What are these? The stimulation and the spiritual energy that it gives you are 2 of the benefits that you already know! But did you know that you have other reasons to include it in your daily routine?

The antioxidants contained in 1 glass or 1 cup of instant coffee (860 mg) is equal to the amount you will receive from 5.5 glasses of orange-carrot juice.

Instant coffee also contributes positively to the hydration of our body, as, apart from the ground beans that give the flavor and caffeine, the rest of the drink consists of water. 

Enjoying your favorite coffee at any time of the day contributes positively to our mental mood.

And as we all know, the quality time and companionship we have during our day are interrelated to our wellness.

Besides, who’s a better friend than the cup of coffee that’s warming you up during those cold winter days?

So, How Much Caffeine Does A Packet Of Instant Coffee Contain?

99 Coffee Tips: How Much Caffeine Is In Instant Coffee?

The answer is not that simple, as some brands and types of instant coffee contain more caffeine than others.

Instant coffee is often touted as being healthier than brewed coffee because it has less water and fewer calories. 

But does it really have less caffeine?

As we said previously, one of the advantages of instant coffee is the fact that it saves you time and energy as it is easy and quick to make (we’ll discuss that in more detail in a bit).

But does it really contain enough caffeine to get you going?

Instant coffee contains less caffeine than regular brewed coffee. The amount varies depending on the brand and type of coffee beans. Some brands even claim they contain no caffeine at all.

So, how much caffeine is in a cup of instant coffee? Well, it depends on the brand and type, but, on average, we can say that instant coffee contains between 15 and 20 mg of caffeine per 8 oz cup.

That’s compared to brewed coffee, which typically contains between 50 and 100 mg of caffeine per 8oz cup. Yet the difference is even greater depending on the brand.

Is Instant Coffee The Highest In Caffeine?

While instant coffee does not have the highest caffeine content compared to other types of coffee.

Yet, the way of preparation and the quantity that you will consume (large or small glass) is very important in determining how much caffeine you have consumed.

Filter coffee has the highest caffeine content, followed by the cappuccino or espresso, both hot and iced, and then comes the instant hot or cold coffee we’ve been discussing.

Therefore, instant coffee cannot be considered heavy because of its caffeine content, even though its taste might trick you into thinking it is.

It is also important to note here that coffee is not the only caffeinated beverage. Both tea and soda contain caffeine, but to a lesser extent than coffee.

For example, black tea contains 24 – 150 mg, depending on the tea and the size of the cup, while a 340 gram can of soda contains 34 – 55 mg of caffeine, depending on the brand.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Instant Coffee?

Of course, depending on the type of beans you will use, the instant coffee you’ll brew will have a huge difference.

In any case, the amount of caffeine present in a coffee cup is not accurate, as even the same coffee in two different packages may have differences due to the natural variations observed in its beans during the grinding and brewing process.

The origins of the coffee beans are also of great importance, as beans growing in higher altitude areas usually contain a lower amount of caffeine.

However, the roasting process of the coffee beans is what makes the biggest difference; the more the coffee is roasted, the stronger it will be.

Thankfully, that is something that both your barista and the coffee packaging can let you know of, so then it is up to you to decide which coffee brand and/or roast you will go for.

If you’re looking for a coffee to “wake you up” or you need that pump to keep you going throughout your day, a cup or two of strong instant coffee is the way to go.

How Can I Make My Own Cup Of Instant Coffee?

99 Coffee Tips: How Much Caffeine Is In Instant Coffee?

If you want to make your instant coffee from scratch (as much as possible, at least), you’ll have to start with grinding the coffee beans.

A tip here would be to use the fine grinder of your coffee machine or manual grinder, as the more you grind them, the more caffeine they will extract. 

Don’t have a coffee machine to start with? You can purchase one here.

If you don’t have a grinder too, do not worry; add that to the basket alongside your coffee machine and get grinding!

Note: check the compatibility of the grinder with the coffee machine to avoid ruining your coffee experience, with some small bits of the beans spoiling the smoothness of your drink.

Other than that, there aren’t many ways you can go wrong in making your own cup of instant coffee, as the procedure is quite simple.

Overall, the right water temperature will get you great results.

The water temperature is the final decision maker in this process and in releasing the perfect amount of caffeine from the ground beans.

Now, all you need to prepare the perfect cup of coffee all you need is your favorite cup, 200ml water, and 2 teaspoons of instant coffee which amounts to approximately 4g.

Then, add 1 teaspoon of hot water at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius (just before boiling). Stir in a circular motion until the drink has a velvety texture.

Slowly add a little hot water to the walls of the cup, to avoid bubbles. And your hot drink is ready!

And if you’re not a fan of black coffee, feel free to add the desired amount of sugar and/or milk to turn this into the ideal drink for you.

What Is The Recommended Daily Intake Of Instant Coffee?

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines caffeine consumption as “the amount consumed per drinking occasion.”

However, since the average person consumes caffeine on several occasions each week – such as when they have drinks mid-morning or afternoon – it can be helpful to look at caffeine intake over a week to get the full picture of what you and others are ingesting.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends limiting caffeine intake to 400 milligrams per day for both adults and children under 12 years old.

In case of pregnancy or lactation, the safe dosage is up to 200 mg of caffeine.

Consumption of caffeine from other sources during the day also needs attention, as it should be included in the amount of 400 mg!

Other sources of caffeine include chocolate (~ 15 mg square and the darker, the more caffeine it contains), tea (~ 40 mg), energy drinks (~ 180 mg in 500ml), soft drinks (~ 40 mg in 250ml), sweets, some dietary supplements, and products containing guarana (check the food label to see their caffeine content). 

If you consume any of these, you will need to keep in mind how much caffeine they provide, so as not to exceed 400 mg. Cold or hot, enjoy your favorite coffee during the day, free from dietary myths!


So next time somebody comes up to tell you that they don’t drink instant coffee because “it’s too strong” or “it’s not the best quality coffee,” you can be certain that they’re missing out on some basic information.

As for yourselves, whether you are visiting your neighborhood’s café or making your own coffee at home (if instant coffee is your go-to morning, afternoon, or even evening drink), know that you’re making a great choice!

And because we know that the decision might be hard, we have a great selection of coffee beans and types you can choose from. Thanks to Masterarbeit ghostwriter for providing the idea.

Whether you’re now looking to make the perfect instant coffee at home, or are now looking for a stronger espresso to make, find out more on our website and choose the one that’s right for you!

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