Moccamaster Review




Moccamaster Review


Moccamasters are pretty intense looking coffee machines. But they will be a statement piece of any kitchen and suit many different aesthetics. Moccamasters come in a wide range of colors and have enough features to be impressive and make a great cup of coffee.

But not so many that it is an overly complex machine with more buttons and settings than you could ever use. 

This is a great coffee maker if you enjoy a simple cup of coffee, but don’t want to mess around with frothing milk or grinding your own beans. This is a straightforward coffee maker, but it is not at all boring. It will make an excellent cup of coffee at the perfect temperature and a speed that is efficient but not rushed. 

So, what else can the Moccamaster coffee maker do? It is simple but in the best way possible. Here are some of the main features and capabilities of the Moccamaster to consider before buying. 


Moccamaster CD Red Overflow Coffee Maker KBG 741 Select-Metallic


The Moccamaster might look like a piece of equipment you would find in a lab, but it is actually pretty simple. It features a 10-cup carafe that sits on a hot plate.

Above this is a filter into which the coffee grounds are placed. Behind these features is another carafe into which water is poured and then heated using a copper heating element.

The copper heating element also ensures that the water remains at a constant temperature of 196°F to 205°F. The copper directly heats the water above it, and also maintains the heat of the coffee when brewed inside the carafe. Ensuring that you always have a hot cup of coffee available.

The hot plate keeps the coffee at a constant temperature of 175°F to 185°F. Not so hot that it will burn the coffee, but hot enough to retain the flavor. 

One of the most striking things about this coffee maker is its simplicity. It only makes one type of coffee and doesn’t have any complicated features. But this definitely isn’t a bad thing. Especially if you prefer to drink black coffee, or perhaps add in a little creamer.

This is the kind of coffee machine for someone who drinks coffee mainly for the energy kick, but still cares about the flavor and the brewing quality. This will be coffee brewed at the perfect temperature and filtered well through a hard plastic funnel.

The funnel will further ensure that the water maintains its temperature as it feeds into the carafe.


  • Copper Heating Element – Ensures a constant temperature in both the water and the brewed coffee.
  • 10-Cup Carafe – Perfect for an office or big family.
  • Pump-Free – No need to tamp down the coffee grounds and the water is poured in when at exactly the right temperature. 


  • Simplistic – This coffee maker only makes one type of coffee.


As mentioned above, this is a very simplistic coffee machine. It is a drip coffee maker, so it will take a little while to fill up the 10-cup carafe. But this definitely isn’t a bad thing. You can easily switch it on when you wake up, and have fresh coffee ready for when you get out of the shower.

This is a very easy coffee maker to use. You simply fill up the plastic jug with as much water as you need, place a filter inside the plastic funnel, pour in your favorite coffee, and press start. The coffee will slowly drip down in the glass carafe.

You will be able to easily pour from this carafe into a standard-size coffee cup, and still have plenty left over for top-ups throughout the day.

The size of the carafe is pretty large, but this won’t be an issue with the heated plate. This is a great option for a medium size office or for your own home. You will only need to make coffee once at the start of every day, and top up as you go. This will save you time and energy throughout your busy work day.

Another reason why this is a great office coffee maker is how quiet it is. A problem with a lot of coffee makers, especially ones with built-in grinders or which feature pumps, is that they are very noisy.

This coffee maker will be barely noticeable, and you will only be able to hear the gentle whir of electricity and drip of the coffee.

This is also a safe coffee maker as it switches off after 100 minutes. So you won’t have to worry about it overheating or trying to make extra coffee when there isn’t actually any water left. The automatic switch-off might seem counterintuitive when you consider the hot plate.

But you can easily switch it back on. So, you can have coffee available throughout your slow Saturday, and then head off to work Monday morning without worrying if you switched it off or not. 

Despite having multiple parts, this is a very easy coffee maker to clean. Some coffee makers are complex and require a lot of scrubbing with small, specially designed brushes to get the last bits of coffee out. But that isn’t the case with a Moccamaster.

This coffee maker can be easily dismantled. Every piece slots easily into its place, and simply needs to be lifted up to be removed. That said, the parts of this coffee maker are hand-wash only. They might be sturdy and well-made, but they are not suitable for a dishwasher. 


  • Easy to Use – There are only a couple of buttons which are easy and obvious to use.
  • Automatic Switch Off  – This adds extra levels of safety, so it won’t overheat. 
  • Well-Paced – This coffee machine will brew 10 cups of coffee in 4 to 6 minutes. 


  • Not suitable for a dishwater.


The look of this coffee maker won’t be for everyone. It has a modern and almost industrial style. But that’s only when it’s in the more neutral colors of black and brushed silver. It is available in an impressive range of twenty-six colors. Ranging from bright green to deep navy and bold yellow.

Despite its modern style, this coffee maker comes in so many colors that it will be near impossible to find a kitchen that it doesn’t suit. 

The Moccamaster manages to find a great balance between clean modern lines and retro aesthetics. This coffee maker wouldn’t look out of place in a kitchen in 2021 or 1971. This is ideal as it won’t go out of style, but nor would you want it to.

With its excellent coffee brewing capabilities, you won’t want to get rid of this coffee maker before it breaks down completely (many years later). This is great as the Moccamaster comes with a 5-year warranty. Which is impressive considering its affordable price.

Compared to some other drip coffee makers, it is a little more expensive (but worth it for a great cup of coffee). But when compared to the vast majority of overly complex and high-end coffee machines, the Moccamaster is a bargain that you shouldn’t miss.

One feature which is both practical and stylish is the choice of carafe. Depending on the version you choose, the Moccamaster is available with either a glass carafe, a brushed stainless steel insulated carafe, or you could even buy both. The insulated carafe will, of course, retain heat for longer.

Which would be ideal for an office environment. It would suit any high-end office environment due to its clean lines and smart appearance. That said, the glass carafe is also well-molded and modern. It is almost square in its overall shape which adds to its modern style. 


  • Wide Range of Colors – With twenty-six different colors available, the Moccamaster can suit almost any kitchen or office space.
  • Sharp Lines – This is a squared, sharp, and well put together piece of machinery.
  • Choice of Carafe – Either an insulated brushed stainless steel or glass carafe is available.


  • Unique Style – Despite the wide range of colors, this is a coffee maker that would be best suited to a very modern kitchen, or one with a 1960s or 1970s aesthetic. This would not suit a rustic nor traditional kitchen. 

Moccamaster CD Red Overflow Coffee Maker KBG 741 Select-Metallic
  • Coffee brewing temperature 92 ° – 96 ° C and maintaining temperature 80 ° – 85 ° C – in accordance with ECBC / SCAE / SCAA requirements. Automatic switch off.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a great coffee maker. It is simple but will make a fantastic cup of coffee and is incredibly user friendly. You won’t have to worry about your coffee going cold, nor will it be brewed too quickly.

Whereas some other coffee makers have complex additional features, these are often at the expense of the coffee brewing process itself. With this coffee maker, the minute details of brewing coffee have been carefully considered and crafted.

The coffee is brewed at the perfect temperature with the perfect amount of water. The temperature is also maintained for at least 100 minutes, before it automatically switches off for safety. 

The style of the Moccamaster might not be for everyone, but with the wide range of colors and expert brewing offered, there is plenty on offer. 

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