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Nespresso Citiz Automatic Pod Coffee Machine for Espresso, Lungo by Magimix in White
  • URBAN SMART DESIGN – An intuitive, user-friendly and award-winning compact design, which both Nespresso coffee drinkers and design addicts will love

Nespresso do a large number of different coffee machines that take the small coffee pods loved my millions of people worldwide.

Each coffee machine is designed slightly differently and has different functionality, both of which increase the price accordingly.

Something that not everyone knows however is that all Nespresso coffee machines come with a 19 bar pump which means that regardless of how much you spend, each machine produces exactly the same cup of coffee.

So when considering a Nespresso coffee machine you need to ask yourself how important design and functionality is in relation to how much you are willing to pay.

Here are all of the best Nespresso coffee machines reviewed in one place.

They cover a range of different prices but they all produce the same coffee in the cup.

The Nespresso Citiz coffee machine is one of the cheapest machines in the Nespresso range with basic functionality but the same high quality coffee taste.

Overall Score 9.6/10

Design 10/10

The pure simplicity of the design of this machine is what we love about it the most.

There is almost nothing to it. This particular review is for the white colour and if you have a white kitchen this coffee machine will almost camouflage itself and go completely unnoticed sitting on the worktop.

It is so small that it will fit in virtually any space and this is a great example of what can be done if you take away all the bells and whistles. You simply get something that produces great coffee.

It’s just 13cm wide which is one of the smallest width measurements we have seen, 27.8cm deep and 37.2cm tall.

The chrome lid, chrome coffee outlet and chrome drip tray all blend in beautifully with the white and black of the rest of the machine to create an appliance that is understated and classy.

Functionality 9/10

If you are looking for a low-cost Nespresso machine option with no frills then this is well worth considering.

There are only two buttons. One for Espresso (short coffee) and one for Lungo (long coffee)

You turn the machine on by pressing either one of those buttons.

Both buttons will flash for 25 seconds to allow the machine to heat up to the correct temperature. When the buttons remain a constant green you are good to go.

Tip – Each button is programmed to deliver the correct amount of water for the capsule type that you have inserted. It’s important to choose the correct option because otherwise you could adversely affect the flavour of your coffee.

For example, if you use an espresso capsule but use the lungo button then a lot more coffee will be delivered into the cup. This will cause over extraction of the coffee and will weaken the flavour of the espresso.

Conversely, if you use the espresso button with a lungo coffee pod then you won’t get enough water so be sure to select the correct button for the capsule that you are using.

Simply lift the lid and insert the capsule of your choice. Close the lid and press the correct button according to the coffee capsule you have chosen.

About 20 seconds later you will have the drink of your choice beautifully prepared. No hassle, no mess, just done.

That’s the main reason you go for a coffee pod machine in the first place. The convenience for a good cup of coffee cannot be beaten.

If you do want to alter the amount of water that goes into each cup then it is ultra simple to change the default. When you press one of the buttons, keep your finger on it until you are happy with the coffee quantity then release. That’s it. From now on you will get that amount of coffee in every cup just by pressing once.

All Nespresso machines come with a 19 bar pump ensuring a perfect coffee extraction for optimum flavour.

The water tank holds up to 1 litre of water which is not huge but you should always keep the water as fresh as possible anyway so in our opinion this is a good thing.

No need to worry about turning it off either as it will automatically power off after 9 minutes.

Basically, the only thing you have to remember to do is empty the used capsules container which holds up to 11 capsules before you need to empty it.

Ease of use 10/10

This is as good as it gets. Put the coffee pod in and press one button.

Coffee delivery will begin and stop automatically.

This is the ultimate easy to use appliance. You pay a bit more for the coffee in a capsule than you do for bean to cup machines that grind fresh coffee beans but if time is always at a premium and hassle free is important then this is the way to go.

Quality of coffee 9/10

You get to choose from 25 different blends which are classified according to drink type and intensity.

Where you like a long drink like a latte or a short sharp blast like an espresso then Nespresso have it covered.

Whether your preference is strong or mild, they basically have something to suit every taste.

Nespresso understands that the coffee is more important than the coffee machine. You can have a machine that costs thousands but if you don’t combine that with great coffee it is for nothing.

Having owned a Nespresso machine for years, we can personally vouch for the fact that Nespresso does really good coffee.

Value For Money 10/10

This coffee machine is excellent value for money. It is low cost and delivers the same quality of coffee as machines twice the price or more

When you buy a Nespresso coffee machine it is not really the cost of the machine that should be the biggest consideration but the cost of the capsules.

You will pay more if you do it this way but millions of people do because the time and convenience saving makes it worth it.

Nespresso Citiz Automatic Pod Coffee Machine for Espresso, Lungo by Magimix in White
  • URBAN SMART DESIGN – An intuitive, user-friendly and award-winning compact design, which both Nespresso coffee drinkers and design addicts will love

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