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If you are concerned about the amount of space that a reusable coffee cup will take up then this collapsible cup solves that problem.

There are many benefits from using a reusable coffee cup but maybe the biggest benefit with this one is that it collapses down to 6cm when not being used which pretty much allows you to bring it anywhere you want and easily keep it on your person.

 What makes this one of the best collapsible coffee cups we could find is that it reduces in height to 6.5cm when compressed yet still holds 450ml of liquid when at full size.

If you are going to use this cup to take advantage of the discount that most coffee shops offer when you use your own cup then it will work particularly well for you if you like a large latte but you don’t want to carry around a super large cup that will hold that amount of liquid.

Just increase it to maximum size when you buy your drink and then fold it down to 6.5cm and put it in your pocket when you are done.

The material that it is made from also provides an element of insulation and we found that it keeps drinks warm and drinkable for at least 30 minutes after your coffee or tea goes in which works particularly well if you are walking from the coffee shop to work and still want a nice hot drink when you get there.

It’s 100% leak-proof and has a really good lid on it that will prevent any spillages as long as you don’t turn it upside down and start shaking it.

Be sure to check that whatever reusable cup you decide to buy is BPA free. BPA is a chemical that has been used to make plastic for decades and studies have shown that over time it is possible for it to leak into food or drink.

Studies have shown that very small levels of leakage are safe but why risk it if you don’t have to. This cup is BPA free so no issues there.

It’s made from a hardwearing silicone, ensuring that it’s not going to break or split if you drop it and will be durable and resilient over time.

It’s also a no-risk purchase because they offer a complete 100% money-back guarantee so if you don’t like it for any reason simply return for a full refund.

It also helps to know that you are contributing to a better environment with billions of single-use coffee cups being thrown away every year and needlessly so. They go into landfills and take hundreds of years to disintegrate. If everyone used reusable cups it wouldn’t need to happen.

If you are a regular visitor to the coffee shops then you will basically very quickly end up with this cup for free because most give a 25p or 30p discount if you bring your own cup so it won’t be long before it has paid for itself.

If size is important to you then it doesn’t need to be a barrier anymore with this multi-size reusable coffee cup that reduces down to just 6.5cm in size and can be increased in size to hold as much as 450ml of coffee or tea.

It also weighs in at 187g which is about the weight of an average smartphone so you will hardly even notice it in your pocket or bag and it takes up hardly any space due to the fold down design.

This is one of the top 3 collapsible cups available on the market today and is highly recommended as a personal treat and will also work well as a coffee gift.


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