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Coffee literally tastes 10 times better if you drink it within 30 days of the beans being roasted. The absolute best flavour from coffee beans is achieved if you drink it within 10 days of roasting.

Any beans you buy from a supermarket will have been roasted months ago and the truth is you have no idea when they were roasted because they don’t have the roasting date on the pack.

What if you could drink a coffee within 30 minutes of the beans being roasted? With this ceramic coffee bean roaster, you can do exactly that, roast your own coffee at home and take your coffee drinking experience to an entirely new level.

If you know someone that loves their coffee and they grind their own beans, this is going to be a gift that they never saw coming and one that they will not only love but will produce the best possible coffee straight from their own personal coffee roaster.

Not only that but it is super easy. It goes straight onto the hob and in 10-15 minutes you have the freshest possible coffee ready to be ground and brewed.

This is a really classy looking product that has been designed to create the ideal conditions for roasting coffee. This is not a cheap copy from China, it’s a high quality 100% ceramic product made in South Korea with a genuine Cowhide handle that will protect your hands from the heat and it looks really cool as well. It has the look and feel of something out of the Wild West but a build quality from the 21st century.

Although the roasting process is quick you do need to give the beans a shake while they are roasting and the shape ensures that they will stay inside the roaster and not go all over the floor. This is a much easier and better way to roast your beans compared to trying to do it in the oven and will produce a significantly better result.

It is suitable for all hobs, whether gas, electric or induction and will hold up to 70g of raw coffee beans ready for roasting. Unroasted beans tend to be cheaper as well because you are taking the roasting process out of the equation.

It would be easy to assume that roasting coffee is some kind of mystical art form where lots of science is used to perfect the process. If you are roasting hundreds of tonnes of coffee then it can be but if you are roasting enough for 6 double espressos at a time then it should be nothing more than a fun and rewarding experience.

Raw coffee beans are green in colour so you need to understand the different stages that the beans will go through during the 10-15 minute roasting process.

Colour – There will be no noticeable change in colour for the first few minutes then you will start to see the beans change to a light yellow colour and then a more pronounced yellow almost golden colour.

“The Crack” – In a similar way to popcorn, each bean will crack in a way that is audible. When you hear the beans cracking you are nearing the stage that can be considered a light roast and at this point you can happily take them off the heat and after allowing them to cool you are good to go.

One of the great things about roasting your own coffee beans is that you don’t have to settle for any particular type of roast, you can choose your own!

After a little bit of experimenting, you will know whether you prefer a light, medium or dark roast. the less time you roast a bean for the more of the caffeine it retains so you will definitely get a bigger hit from a lightly roasted bean.

Medium roasted beans will be sweeter in flavour whereas a darker roast has more bitterness.

When you are finished roasting, the beans will be extremely hot so pour them into a sieve and give them a good shake and a blow followed by some time to cool down and then you are good to go.

For the best possible flavour grind and drink within 5-7 days but if stored in an airtight container they will be good for up to 6 weeks but now you have a speciality coffee beans roaster you can roast 5 days worth at a time and drink super fresh coffee every day.

The great thing is that although you should really be drinking the coffee you have roasted with 7 days for the best flavour the unroasted green beans are good for about six months so you can safely buy a batch and only roast what you need for a week each time without any fear of the coffee going stale or off its best.

This coffee roaster is a brilliant gift for anyone that grinds their own coffee beans or you could even treat yourself.

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