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An astounding fact is that as recent as 1950 the average life expectancy across the world was just 48 years old.

By 2017 that average had jumped to 72. One of the reasons for this incredible increase in life expectancy is our recent obsession (over the last 100 years) to understand what is good for us and what is bad.

The average age of human beings is increasing as time goes on and we certainly cannot attribute drinking coffee every day as the sole reason for longer life but it certainly plays it part.

There are many reasons why you should drink coffee every day and overwhelming evidence to support drinking coffee on a daily basis is better than not drinking it at all.

How often do you get to do something you like doing and have the knowledge that you are benefitting from it as well?

Welcome to the world of coffee. We are not just talking about the health benefits that may exist but a range of things that enhance and improve the quality of everyday life.

What are the reasons to drink coffee?

1.Coffee really is good for you

Coffee is the worlds second most consumed beverage sitting just behind tea.

Due to our obsession with scientifically studying everything that we consume on a daily basis and the fact that coffee is one of the most consumed products in the world it won’t come as a surprise that there have been huge, extensive studies over decades to establish the effects of drinking multiple cups of coffee every day.

Before I conducted extensive research into this myself, I used to limit the amount of coffee that I drunk to 2 cups a day, 1 in the morning and 1 mid-afternoon.

For whatever reason, I had decided that drinking coffee in moderation was important and that any more could have a detrimental impact over time.

I think this is something that just gets programmed into us over time when it comes to things we put into our body.

Fizzy drinks? Fatty foods? they are ok every now and then but too much and your health will be affected.

So you just apply that rule to stuff you consume on a daily basis and coffee seemed to me to be one of those things that you just shouldn’t drink too much of.

After I looked into it (deeply and for a long time) it became apparent that the more coffee you drink the better it can be for you.

I’m obviously not talking about drinking 20 cups of coffee a day but it seems pretty clear cut that from a long-term scientific study perspective, drinking up to 8 cups of coffee a day is fine.

There are links to credible studies on the benefits of coffee in this article that asks Is Coffee Good For You?

2.The smell

Who doesn’t like the smell of freshly brewed coffee? When you wake up in the morning and that unmistakable aroma hits your senses, you instantly perk up even before that first sip passes across your lips.

When you smell that scent it sends signals to the brain that tells it that caffeine is on the way and you feel better straight away.

The well-known phrase “wake up and smell the coffee” is an idiom that has a meaning of “you’d better come to your senses before it all goes wrong”

The unmistakable smell of coffee certainly brings me round every morning as I prepare my first cup of the day.

3.The energy and the caffeine

This is another reason why you can easily be fooled into thinking that drinking too much coffee is bad for you. The caffeine.

I used to take the view that anything that artificially stimulates the brain and temporarily gives you more energy must be bad for you but there is absolutely no evidence at all to support this.

When you drink coffee, you get the benefit of the caffeine that is contained within all coffee beans (unless they have been decaffeinated) through the stimulation it provides to the brain and provides you with more energy and higher levels of concentration during the day.

To this day I still don’t drink any coffee after 4 pm for the fear that the caffeine may stop me getting to sleep but there now seems to be some evidence to suggest that caffeine does not suppress sleep anywhere near as much as we think it is and a lot of it is psychological.

I can testify to that in a small way myself. For many years I used to enjoy an after-dinner coffee whenever we were out eating in a restaurant and it would be common for me to have a cappuccino at 9 pm or even 10 pm and I would happily go home and go straight to sleep.

One day a friend of mine said “I don’t know how you can drink coffee at this time, I would never be able to get to sleep”.

That night I went home and didn’t get to sleep till 3 am. Since that day many years ago I haven’t drunk a coffee after 4 pm.

Before I was aware of the possibility that drinking coffee late at night may keep me up it never did keep me up. As soon as I knew that it might, it did.

I’m not saying it does or it doesn’t, but it’s interesting that the brain can play tricks on you.

4.The taste

The incredible variety that coffee provides is one of the true joys of this drink.

If you drink instant coffee and you stick to the same brand then you are seriously missing out.

There is a world of discovery out there and you may be surprised to know that you can recreate a coffee shop experience for a lot less than you think.

You can pick up a coffee maker or a coffee machine for just a few pounds and it will massively improve the overall taste of a drink that you probably drink every single day.

Here is an article that explains all of your options for choosing the best coffee machine for your needs and budget.

Grinding your own coffee beans is the best way to get the best flavour. It’s much easier and cheaper than you think.

Here is a detailed explanation on how to choose and buy coffee beans

If you buy a cheap coffee maker and make your coffee fresh the taste will blow you away compared to instant.

5.The variety of drinks

If your drink of choice is a milky coffee then you should experiment with all of the different choices that coffee brings.

Cappuccino, Latte and flat white are some of the more popular drinks but there are many more and if you choose to invest in a cheap espresso machine you can tweak your drink of choice so that you can make it exactly how you like it.

This explains how to make a cappuccino or how to make a flat white.

If you invest a little bit of time working out how to make coffee the right way you can get as much enjoyment from a cup of coffee as you do from a fine glass of wine.

6.Coffee cups and glasses

Drinking coffee in the right glass or cup for the type of coffee drink you consume is important for the overall experience and we believe that it actually tastes better if you use the correct glass or cup.

I would liken it to Coca Cola. Coke tastes different if you drink it from a can compared to if you drink it from a plastic bottle. And it tastes better again if you drink it from one of those lovely glass bottles that you mainly get from restaurants.

The same Coke goes into each type of container (plastic bottle, can, glass bottle) but it somehow tastes better from a glass bottle.

How much of that is psychological I don’t know but the same thing applies to coffee.

You don’t drink espresso from a tall latte glass or vice versa and a cappuccino is served in a different sized glass from both an espresso and a latte.

You also get lots of different choices when it comes to choosing either a glass cup or a ceramic type of glass.

Making coffee yourself and using a glass is a good way to see the colour of your coffee so that you know it’s how you like it. Lighter in colour will lean more towards a latte and darker starts to move you towards a cappuccino or macchiato.

Here are some suggestions for the best coffee cups and glasses to drink your coffee from.

Coffee is one of the best drinks in the world and now you have even more reasons to drink coffee every day.

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